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  1. Beane’s attempt to rebuild the OL and DL has been a failure. He handed out a lot of money, and got a poor return on his investment.
  2. I don't remember this at all. Take that Fireman Ed. 😂 After finishing 1-15 in 1996, the Jets were primed to select Peyton Manning with the No. 1 pick and team him up with the newly hired Bill Parcells and previous top pick and wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson. Then the future Hall of Famer Manning stunningly announced he would return to Tennessee for his senior season, creating one of the biggest what-ifs in Jets history.
  3. I'm going to be happy for either team. I was glad to see the cheaters get knocked out, and I like Atlanta, but Acuna is a bit too much of a hot dog for my liking. Huge payroll vs. small payroll. Hope it goes 7 exciting games. I'm going with the Dodgers!
  4. Can I answer your question with a question? If there was any news on this, don't you think there would be at least a 1/2 new threads related to this topic?
  5. A coach who refuses to change when something is clearly not right, is doomed to fail. That includes players, coaches and schemes.
  6. Has any team even brought him in for a workout? If the answer is no, that probably gives you an idea of the shape he is in.
  7. If this is a HC decision, he is a joke. If the decision is coming from the owner or GM, the HC is in a bad situation.
  8. I agree on this. While he may not be superstar material, he appears to be more than adequate.
  9. Is the problem lack of talent in terms of run blocking or blocking schemes? This needs to be corrected. They need to be able to run the ball to go anywhere this year.
  10. I said this in another thread last night. Watch Edmunds on Darrell Williams TD, unblocked, and takes himself out of the play by running through an OL gap that was nowhere near the ball carrier.
  11. Last year it was Star sucks, Star is overpaid, I never hear Star's name called, Star doesn't make any plays, etc... Fast forward to this year, the excuses for why the defense is in the bottom 1/3 of the league all seem to revolve around Star's absence. Is he really the difference between what what thought to be Top 5, or at least worst case Top 10, and one that is terrible.
  12. Clearly Beane, McD and Daboll are not on the same page. How else do you explain him being signed for two years, have struggling rookies in front of him on the depth chart, yet he sees little to no playing time.
  13. Aikman said something bad about Allen, so let’s compare two QB’s who played 25 years apart?
  14. So our GM has spent a 3rd and a 4th on RB’s and neither is the answer?
  15. The fact that KC’s patchwork OL dominated the Bills defense, makes that performance even worse.
  16. I didn’t know a player could get hurt on a play where he whiffed so badly. 😱
  17. Not only were they not getting any pressure, but also, too many times the DE went inside for the pass rush and Mahomes easily went outside the pocket for a throw or run. At the very least, keep him in the pocket.
  18. I just woke up and I’m still looking for Hyde? It is pretty bad when even your best players on defense are invisible.
  19. They were a long pass play away from a TD, and then an onside kick. There was a 1:30+ to go. The game was not over. No player should have to be talked to by the coaches about effort. If the coaches thought the game was over, the starters would be on the sideline. Maybe nothing...or maybe the sign of a player with issues.
  20. Very disappointed in Diggs at the end of the game. What the heck was he doing walking back to the line of scrimmage?
  21. Right now(after 6 games) they are no better than 5th in the AFC. KC BAL PIT TEN
  22. They’re the least of the Bills problems. Who cares about the announcing crew. Misdirected anger at its finest.
  23. McD was right next to Poyer when he got the personal foul on the late hit. Instead of getting in his face...he turns his back and walks away.
  24. Go back and watch the Darrell Williams TD, and you will see that Edmunds is a joke. While Williams runs off LT for a TD, Edmunds is untouched as he runs where the RG was and is in the backfield making a U-turn as Williams crosses the goal line. 😂😂😂
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