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  1. I am not saying the Bills fanbase isn't top 5, just that GB is the tops when you consider... - a STH waiting list with 130,000+ names on it - all games sold out since 1960 AND - a pretty miserable quarter century from the late 1960's until Favre arrived.
  2. I don't think Marrone is going anywhere. He is their tank commander. I'll go with Gase.
  3. In all fairness, GB has the best and most loyal fanbase, and there is no close 2nd.
  4. According to todays BN Bills Preview section, only two Bills remain from 2016 or earlier... 2013 Jerry Hughes 2016 Reid Ferguson Hard to believe the rest of the roster has been kicked to the curb, and made into a competitive team in 3 years
  5. I'd rather topics like this are removed ASAP.
  6. WR’s in general are a bunch of primadonna’s. I bet there is a lot of grumbling around the league this morning at the position, that if Hopkins is worth 27, they are worth <fill in the amount>. How does one CB cover a 1/3 of the field? What if 3 WR’s all line up to his side?
  7. I’m going with all black. Black pants, black jerseys, black numbers and black helmets. Kim insists that this would be the ultimate BLM tribute.
  8. Kind of like a lot of money for a CB...who can easily be taken out of the game by throwing away from him.
  9. Actually I heard he loves playing second fiddle...that is what all rookies strive for. PS He is also adept at playing the jug, and one string bass
  10. Was a huge Cardinal fan as a little kid in the 60's. It still breaks my heart that Mickey Lolich beat the Cardinals 3 times in the '68 WS, and the Tigers won in 7 games. 🙁
  11. Is this what fandom has been reduced to in the already forgettable year 2020? 😂
  12. I agree. The consumer is the big loser every time another streaming service is launched....especially in regards to older content. Any of them can launch new content...good or bad.
  13. I was 100% correct, but one of the mods must have deleted my post. It always happens to me.
  14. Ummm...no. Not even for free.
  15. I thought this thread was about "notable" cuts? 😂
  16. ...and if they cut Shady, they instead will keep ALL of the unnamed RB’s you speak of?
  17. That is an awesome tribute to an all-time great. 👍 I’d like to think that passing away, is much better than living in an advanced state of dementia, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, etc... 😞😞😞
  18. Make sure to remember to ask Kelly about all those vendors/contractors he stiffed when closing up his downtown restaurant. I am sure his explantation will be fascinating.
  19. My interest in the Bills and the NFL slips a little every year. I can remember 25-30 years ago agonizing over every loss for a couple of days. Now it is just a form of entertainment. Win or lose, the game ends, and I move on to something else. I no longer watch or listen to any pre or post game nonsense. In fact if it wasn't for fantasy football, I'd probably never watch any NFL games other than the Bills.
  20. These athletes have an over inflated opinion of themselves. Nothing they do in terms of sitting out games, antics during the national anthems, etc... will make a damn bit of difference. They want to make a difference? Sit down with inner city leaders, police commissioners, and elected officials and demand change and ask what they can do to help? How often does this happen? I’d guess not very often, if at all.
  21. I rarely even drink one any more ? Not going to change my username after all these years.
  22. I’ve been on this bandwagon since this mafia nonsense started. It’s a joke.
  23. I will watch on TV and not support any of the local companies advertising during the game. They won’t see a nickel of my money for years to come(tickets or merchandise), and the same goes for the hockey franchise that Mr and Mrs Moneybags have ruined.
  24. ...and it would be the owners right to send them packing for breach of contract.
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