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  1. As far as crowd noise, what if there was a way to cheer from our home and have it channeled to the speakers in the stadium? Like an app through our phones or something. It seems more authentic than pumping generic crowd noise. Neighbors might think we're nuts but oh well. And get about 50k of those advertising blow up / dancing figures and have the noise, when it gets to a certain decibel, inflate them and makes them go crazy. This, until we get the proper hologram tech to virtually put us in the seats. 😜
  2. I'm not advocating for him, but you would have to think, Buffalo would be superbowl FAVORITES if they acquired him. I could see 14-2 or 15-1 type season.
  3. I'm not sure. Bills had #1 passing D in the league in 99 with 167 /ypg. I get it the passing game was different back then but 2nd closest was 179 / ypg. Winfield, Schulz, Henry Jones were some bad dudes. Thomas Smith was not quite Tre White level, but he was definitely a lockdown guy. I love the this 20 defense, but that 99 D line. Bruce, Hansen, Marcellus Wiley with Ted Washington and Pat Williams on the inside. Sam Cowart imo was the best ILB that year, better than Ray Lewis. That 99 defense just played a very physical brand of defense. This 2020 defense has a lot of potential, but that 99 D was something special.
  4. I love the potential there with Knox and Sweeney but they're still relatively unproven and inexperienced. Wouldnt call it a hole but there's some opportunity there.
  5. I rarely ever dream of the Bills or Bills players in the offseason. But last night I had a dream Josh Allen was my bartender and he kicked me out bc I was wearing a Losman jersey. He said "it makes sense though. He only wears half my number, " as he slid his finger down the middle of his shirt. "Because he's half the player." I was like DAAMN haha. It was actually really funny, I woke up laughing. And yes, I do own a Losman jersey, sadly.
  6. LB or S is my way too early guess.
  7. I just remember Gus Johnson doing that game. It was awesome. Those uniforms though.. lol. I would like to see them once every other year just to throw people for a loop!
  8. It's funny when I watch him, he looks exactly like Barkley out there.
  9. I saw him mocked to the Bills at 22 in a few drafts when they had the pick, so... YEAh!
  10. Yeah it was on the wall. "first round" pick on Diggs. Follow up with D.
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