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  1. Wow, just a great all around game for Buffalo. Loved seeing some big hits from both teams, without any flags. What a weapon Thurman was. His agility was off the charts. He could have easily had the top MNF rushing performance of all time, if he didn't come out early. Would still be standing. I wonder if he knew how close he was. I didn't realize how many carries Mueller got. I remember him just being a blocking back. After watching that game and seeing those huge holes by the OL and the constant pressure from the edges, I'm kind of wanting to draft OL and DL now haha.
  2. "I used to read you stories, then I stopped. Cuz I was like, this is boring. " 😅 also, his phone charger taped to his wrist haha.
  3. If he can improve against the blitz, he could feast. He was the most blitzed QB in the league last year in empty sets, because DC's know that's where he struggles the most. They know he loves the big play and will hang onto the ball. I'm sure this will be his biggest focus this offseason. He's got to get more automatic at processing the blitz and taking what's there. If he does that and gets rid of those WTF plays and he's a dangerous man, capable of some filthy things.
  4. Yeah, just odd how they ran right past him. Play was there for a big gain otherwise it looked like. #$%&* But that was one of the most exciting games I've ever seen.
  5. Yeah I was so bored, I ended up watching it as well. First time I've rewatched any part of it. It was a perfect storm of ***** that led to that L. Duke dropping that ball. Brown mistiming his jump a few drives before that, on a catch that would have given them 1st and goal from inside the 5. Siran Neal dropping an int that hit him right in the stomach, which might have been a pick 6. The "common sense" kickoff play where the guy "gave himself up", without actually "giving himself up". The "blindside block" that never was. The blatant delay of game, the refs conveniently missed. The blatant helmet to helmet on Allen, that was also missed. Daboll's decision to abandon the run late in the game, when DS was gashing them. The freak play, where Poyer and Milano simultaneously hit Watson, but their forces kept him perfectly upright. Every one of those things had to happen for Buffalo to lose that game or else Buffalo most likely holds on. And Every. Single. One. Happened. Craziest stuff I've ever seen. Of course it had to be a Buffalo / Houston game in the WC round. Wow deja vu.
  6. All depends on who's available when they pick. But if theres a DE and RB there, that they have rated similarly, I'd rather them go with DE. Drop off in pass rushing talent. Some good RBs will be there in rounds 3-5. I would say DE is the more glaring need for Buffalo. Finished top 10 in rushing. 26th in sacks. And that's with Singletary playing behind Gore most of the season.
  7. Not GLARING imo, but another back is needed. Would love Dobbins. But would rather go DE or OL I think. A deep RB draft this year.
  8. Happy Birthday Sir. Thanks for all you've done! 🍺
  9. I lost the under bet I had on that play haha. Still loved it though.
  10. Terrible era for Bills uniforms. The aways were so hideous that I'd actually like to see them once every other season or so. Kind of like Green Bays gray and blues, or Pitts bumble bees.
  11. OP is playing 5d chess. We're all playing mouse trap with our thoughts on EDGE ,RB and OL.
  12. We re-signed Croom. We're set!
  13. Can't wait to see that stadium half filled on Sundays again.
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