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  1. I would say he had a poor front 9, a few doubles and triples. But steady back 9, with a few birdies and eagle on 18.
  2. DT or OLB imo. Possibly CB. Wild guesses. Can someone make a contest!?
  3. If I could play one round with someone, he'd be top of the list.
  4. Sometimes you feel like a nut..
  5. I bet the over 7 wins for Buffalo. I was 2 for 2 last year on my NFL season total bets. That being said, I hope I didn't jinx it. Jinxes aren't real though.
  6. Dew Haddad, Keith Newman at Wegmans. Got a few autographs. Neat day it was.
  7. Prayers for the young man. Any possibility he could play with a prosthetic arm? If there were any position that would have a better chance to do so, I would guess it would be DL.
  8. I really like him on those end arounds. He's got a little sneakiness in his game. Beasley seems like he could be good in that capacity as well.
  9. I remember a lot of people hating on the Poyer signing because he was a late round pick and he came from Cleveland. I was concerned with his durability, but liked him as a player. I have enjoyed watching him on the field. He and Hyde are crucial.
  10. Just because you allowed to post your hearts feelings, it doesn't mean you should.
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