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  1. it was the crying about the obvious Offside for me
  2. he dropped the pen before signing tho
  3. i didnt judge the accused without evidence
  4. im not talking about the organization. the court of public opinion was the problem, were u one of them?
  5. i blame all of you with the pitchforks before we could hear any real evidence
  6. just put a new message at the back of the endzones, that'll fix it
  7. yikes, im not reading all that
  8. you have upset the fashionistas
  9. ive only seen 4 superbowls that the Bills werent in. im skipping this year again.
  10. i moved my Bills flag to the garage, im sorry
  11. if Nick Wright upsets you then he has done his job well.
  12. i agree with a penalty but we must define a fake slide first
  13. awesome read, but i think Taron Johnson was only 5 years old in 2001
  14. is it ok to book ahead for the parade in February or will that jinx it?
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