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  1. all the coaches do it, i dont know why they keep doing the interviews
  2. Dolphins players have nothing to do with the stadium design in Miami
  3. Orlovsky and espn dont care if you agreee or not, they just want that click
  4. did the Court of Public Opinion act hastily again?
  5. i heard Trump called to terminate the Constitution so i took a look. hahhahahahahah, it never ends with you anti-Trumpers!
  6. the math is easy on this one, i dont need to vote
  7. can the thread title have a flag icon like the Ukraine thread does?
  8. you more of a Beth Mowins kinda guy or?
  9. i guess you got 2 years to sway me!
  10. you must want to watch, right? its your obsession.
  11. boo hoo, you are disappointed with the internet. get tougher skin.
  12. if Case starts and does 1 play then JA comes in the place will go nuts
  13. they must go by previous voting habits because in Virginia we do not register under a party. which most people here tend to forget. i found out when i tried to change my party.
  14. i only voted for 1 Republican today. (there was only 1 race on my ballot!)
  15. Bills lost because i thought Allen's mustache was funny.... now i realize it is not funny.
  16. meh, SNL just isnt my type of humor. i made it thru half the video and had to stop because it wasnt good.
  17. thats not really trash talk and he is right
  18. thats for players and staff. Fans, Vegas, media can look ahead all they want since they dont actually have a "next game."
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