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  1. Agree with the 2 previous posters.... 7-9 sacks sounds good
  2. Questionable HOF candidate. Definite WOF member, Biscuit first though .
  3. Voted Bills and Sabres. My guess is either Yankees or Giants will win.
  4. Make that man a tight end!! He can block at least as good as Lee Smith and has hands no worse than Lee Smith!
  5. Crossed my mind too! Now, Lets hope Josh shows the magic on the field
  6. I originally thought that Bills should have went a different position with that pick. But after hearing him and reading about him, I Can’t wait to see Moss do that to Gilmore or Chung or any of Pats secondary
  7. Count me in to let those who went undrafted go back to school.
  8. I have also shared the thought that Brady is a systems QB. He's great at reading the defense at the line of scrimmage and making those quick throws. He's very unlikely to improvise and make the throws that Brees, Rogers, Mahomes, etc can make. The reasons the Pats may be good this year: 1. Bellichek's coaching, arguably the greatest of all time 2. Their defense keeping them in games (directly related to my #1).
  9. Not sure how much term Mitch Morse has left on his contract but think they would upgrade at guard or tackle first.
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