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  1. Not going to argue against this today... RIP
  2. wide right should have been included on this list
  3. I agree that he played the second half too conservatively, still, had one of the best units in football with only one All-pro. You could have argued that Daboll's play calling was too conservative most of the season.
  4. Would have thought he had would be considered for a vacancy before Daboll
  5. Great news to wake up to. Let’s Go Buffalo!
  6. It would amazing to have a completely healthy team going into the playoffs.
  7. In my house in South Buffalo, watching the game with my friends. I remember going outside after the kick was missed and noticing how eerily dead silent the neighborhood was
  8. I’ve liked his progress this season. Hope he takes more steps and can become a top 10-12 QB
  9. As much as we would agree that the offense needs to improve, they did play a stout Steelers D, leading the league in sacks and turnovers. Everyone knew it would be an offensive struggle.
  10. I was thinking the same thing.. but tried not to overact. The move was literally a punch, as opposed to ripping the ball out, that mostly missed the ball
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