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  1. I would like to see bigger plays before considering him for more years
  2. Seriously?!? This is where the all homework should payoff
  3. The player numbers don't seem to affect college officiating.....I'm ok with it if it keeps the players happy.
  4. I'm not sure if Edmunds is the worst starter but I feel like he is over-rated and wouldn't mind seeing Beane trade him before Edmunds starts to discuss a big contract. To answer OP's question... Cody Ford has done the least so that is my vote
  5. This move should bump their projected win totals to 11 in Vegas
  6. Is this considered one of those advanced analytic stats being used today? Maybe The Bills FO can bring this to the bargaining table for Josh's contract talks
  7. I’m thinking the same thing. After the free agent signings, Bills can go multiple ways in the draft. Most pressing need IMO is pressure from the edge. I could also see an upgrade at CB or interior line with the draft. I think the FO wanted some speed in the backfield and think Breida may fill that role. All this in mind, I think the Bills are sneakily looking at taking a LB in first or second rounds. My 2 reasons, the trouble they had covering TE and the decision they have to make with Edmunds and a contract.
  8. A big time playmaker on the D and I think that comes from the edge/DE
  9. Agree, hope they allow full capacity. I’m keeping my two!
  10. I trust their evaluation of the free agents and expect they think they probably can get a productive player at a reasonable price.
  11. If you use winning as your metric, then yes Tom Brady is the GOAT. I don't see that being the best way to evaluate a QB. If you combine in stats and ability (extending plays, making throws, not being 1 dimensional, having some "wow" factor) then I don't think not Tom. While I acknowledge Tom also has good stats, I see Rogers or Marino (and can see Mahommes being in the discussion in about 5 years) as the GOATs. Brady has always been in a position to succeed, and has taken advantage of it
  12. I'm pretty sure physicist have proven home run throwback was a forward pass too!
  13. Tasker seems to get excited in the press box. FredEx has been shown with the other remote fans cheering. I bet a lot of others do to!
  14. advance analytics..don't always understand 'em but like to see when a Buffalo Bills is highly rated. In Josh's case, another argument that he is the MVP
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