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  1. Yes there are, but man am I lovin' it!
  2. I rather see WR, pass rush/D line depth or O line be added in a trade.
  3. I think the most impactful position would be WR, that's my vote.
  4. I didn't have a chance to read the article but I think Josh has to do less forcing of the football to his receivers (with a free being an exception). Most of the interceptions have occurred because Josh was doing just that. Maybe the Pats* disguised a lot of coverages but it has looked like the receivers don't have adequate separation from the defensive players covering them. Of course Josh didn't get any help on two of the picks thrown Z Jones way.
  5. This is the musical Jay Z and his group suggested to the NFL?!? What a waste of money
  6. The cowboys...one of the bandwagon teams throughout the country
  7. Could have been worse if the Bills signed Antonio Brown 😳
  8. This, I'm pretty sure i noticed that the Giants lost a time out after play resumed.
  9. Are you ready for some football!?! This post is getting me excited for the season!
  10. I saw Cleveland was #1. Anyone care to fill in the other 4 teams ranked above the Bills?
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