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  1. Boyst62

    SI Chronicles the Sad Saga of James Hardy

    It wont resonate. I'm too arrogant I have known enough good honest men who have suffered from mental health issues to commit suicide that someone like James Hardy is just a joke when compared to the likes of others.
  2. Boyst62

    Sessions Resigns as AG

    It's a fake video
  3. i've long since forgotten but palin actually did some pretty successful things during her tenure in alaska. still the most odd thing to have her chosen - derailing her career - to ride with mccain. maybe @Deranged Rhino has some tinfoil hat ***** on this.
  4. Boyst62

    SI Chronicles the Sad Saga of James Hardy

    wow, sarcasm, that's so witty. it's like you're saying something but it's like totally the opposite. this reminds me of a thought i had later in the day and i hope everyone gets a chance to realize this. ya know those times where a guy goes and kills someone in rage or has some ***** go down where he ***** people up then offs himself and ya think, jeez, if only that dude would have just sought help or just ended his life without victims then things would be a better option? kind of feel this at the moment. the guy had assaulted people in the last year, had shown violence and mental health issues and did not respond to help nor want it. probably better off that he didn't hurt anyone and ended up this way than anything else. but yeah, suicide is just ***** terrible. seen enoguh first hand not to need to see it again.
  5. thanks for bringing that up about the florida teacher. ***** terrifying and amazing we won't hear baout it in the popular news.
  6. I never understand the desire by folks to take someone and prop them up or establish the other through support to reach beyond their ability. Behind this woman there are dozens of people who have built her up far more intelligent than she is and far more capable but have no palatability and no optics to run. That's what should be obvious to the most stupid people out there and the ones who lack intelligence as mentally insufficient out there like billsfan89. How is it some 28 yr old derp got out there to lead the way in a huge town borrough over an entrenched Democrat to find her way to Washington when just a year ago she was living paycheck to paycheck because she had no ability to plan.
  7. Boyst62

    The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    Navy seals charged with killing the green beret. It'll come out laundering, drug running, gun running was part of what was going on ...
  8. Saw him last spring. Great show still. What retard puts tranny bathed usage in the same argument as guns? Wait. Nevermind. See above. A ***** fundamental right with no restrictions to wield my penis anywhere I want is equal to a semi automatic weapon This is my riffle this is my gun.
  9. Boyst62

    CA fires

    What's wrong with me being a homosexual?
  10. Boyst62

    The Thread For Greg's Stashes

    Y'all homos probably like yaio better
  11. Boyst62

    Marble Racing!

    Oddly soothing
  12. Boyst62

    Midterm Election Gameday Thread

    I love the one little deputy they have in there being a Barney ***** Fife using his cell phone to record the guy taking a picture. What a douche.
  13. Boyst62

    SI Chronicles the Sad Saga of James Hardy

    Voice to text
  14. Boyst62

    SI Chronicles the Sad Saga of James Hardy

    You wasted all that fingering than🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ Regardless, there are better men then James Hardy out there, and I have no doubt saying that I am one of them