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  1. In a counter point I can easily believe that his first few years we're surrounded by less than experienced politicians and many idiots who did not see the end game that was coming Re the wall. When both sides said they'd continue to work with him finding the wall going forward if he consented to their needs and reneged he started to get doses of the reality. I can easily believe that it's 2 years in and he's just now catching stride but this gif sums up every other day of his stride when he does something stupid or the media makes him look sloppy and I just can't find the words.
  2. In the debates when she gets a chance to tell how she worked her way up from AG I know Trump will butt in... "We can just ask Willie Brown how hard you worked to get to the top." Or " yes, we all know what Willie Brown did to boost your career." It'll draw a lot of " oooooh's" and be called absurd that a president would bring up a candidates personal love life to slander her all the while completely hypocritical of his entire coverage I. 2015 between piss tapes and affairs.
  3. What Photoshop can't do these days... Amazing. ???
  4. The weak minded NPC must remain in their protected bubble to believe in this! #believeallaccussers #imwithher #nojusticenopeace #hedinduniffin
  5. I'd wager youre right. Tasker is a little B word. I own that slob.
  6. Remember when anything that wasn't cool was gay (homosexual) and anyone was annoying was a ***** (more homosexual)?
  7. TDS. Trump derangement syndrome NPC. Non playable character. Like those shaded out characters you can't use in videos games that just do what they're supposed to by the computer overlord. Predictable every time Pen15 - @TakeYouToTasker favorite club
  8. Flooding the threads with tags to his name filters his ***** out enough he can't respond. @WhitewalkerInPhilly
  9. Anyone ask what NPC @WhitewalkerInPhilly thinks of this?
  10. Of course not and as soon as the idiots and retards butthurt about the wall B word about it's cost the easiest question: You're upset about $5b for a real thing which can help the country in a wall being built to protect the rights of humans but you're okay with how much we have wasted on the Russia hoax that has and will yield not one desired or sought opportunity?
  11. This thread is full of retards. @Bob in Mich and @WhitewalkerInPhilly ate two of the biggest NPC retards available. So many easy ways to argue against this and they went straight off of the NPC Rachel Maddow teet.
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