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  1. Boyst62

    Summer Concert Roll Call

    My girlfriend and I should have left after REO. Their set list for their tour: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/chicago/2018/pnc-music-pavilion-charlotte-nc-63eb9af7.html There are 4 remaining members from the original band and their energy was good but the mix was ****, the energy was more a cover band, and the audience sat for almost the entire show. Aftee the rain delay we went right up to the stage and got to interact with the artists. Couples beside us paid over $400 for their tickets. We paid $96.πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  2. Boyst62

    Helsinki Summit

    100% !@#$ the FBI 100% the real FBI isn't in the beltway and those in the beltway can go to Hell. Mind you, I know what I'm talking about. Comey, the weasel, and trust me, if you've ever met him, you know it... Sold out the FBI but not as bad as McCabe, etc. Sorry, PTR, with all due respect you're not up to speed on this. Trump is a douchebag but he's doing a lot of good things and he didn't "sell out" Murika. There is just far too much here to wrap up easily. I'll go back in to hiding. Too many pussies reporting me for stuff and it's easier to observe or ignore the board while it melts down with snowflakes and egregious exaggerating bloviating on TSW... Deuces
  3. Boyst62

    Summer Concert Roll Call

    Chicago / REO Speedwagon tonight Bought lawn seats for $18/per this morning. Checked the LNExperience.com upgrade several times in the day and saw it would let me do so for $30 to get feature upgrade. So, for $48/seat I got a seat valued at $259/per; 3rd row stage left. Willie & Avett Bros., & Old Crow Medicine Show $180 30 seconds to Mars was amazing 18th row $40 David Allan Coe Get eral Admission two weeks ago $40 Diamond Rio front row last Saturday $80 Erasure general admission Wednesday $60 REO Speedwagon & Chicago tonight $96 Weezer & the Pixies next week front 10 rows $80 Marilyn Mason in 2 weeks $90 Enjoy your cover bands. I'll enjoy the real thing.
  4. Lord, are you really that dumb? He had purchased the tickets with and for a group of friends that reimbursed him for the tickets to come across the money. Just a civil servant with friends and pooling money for tickets. #outrage
  5. Well, the next move is that bones are often robbed from graves for tools and weapons to make more bodies for bones. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ But, 34 hasn't responded
  6. I'd steal the blanket. So would many other cold, hungry, and sick folks. Clearly, you don't know history. Cover the dead with rocks or dirt. Blankets get stolen with any other valuables.
  7. Boyst62

    Should Tomi Lahren be attacked

    She's right. I think it was Trump who said β€œthere was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.” Probably talking about the blacks, Mexicans and other folks, right?
  8. Boyst62

    You Won't Like This Gronk Spike 😞

    Oh yeah! Was he before or after OJ? Before, right?
  9. Boyst62

    Reid Ferguson Long Snapper to the Gods!

    We used to do stuff like this during special teams practice. It's a lot of fun.
  10. Boyst62

    You Won't Like This Gronk Spike 😞

    Is OJ the last player to fully transition to movies and Hollywood? I know there were a couple small time players who made it big. I remember mean joe green was in a Smokey and the bandit, but can't remember many others.
  11. You're getting smacked around a little on this by DR. But it's a good argument. Questions: 1) the separation of families: How are we determining who is a family unit and who is not? 2) the children coming across alone has skyrocketed in the last years making cases increase 3) why do you care that these children go to tent cities? Do you forget they come from a much hotter region, lacking AC, amenities, and such things that children complain about in the cold dorms? Also, do you care that 20+% of American children, amounting to more than 15mm, live in poverty? Many without health insurance, AC, Netflix, Amazon Prime or parents who can legally drive? Where is that outrage? 4) you realize that you look like a clown to start stomping your feet now because your [wo]man didn't win, right? These complaints were not made when Obama, Bush, Clinton and others were in office; though, Bush had us all looking at Iraq and we thought he was friendly with Mexico because he and Fox met up and being a Texas dude. Seriously, the temper tantrum look is all you hold when you just now start to come out and complain disirregardless of how factual any argument you may present or carry.
  12. I'm with a group of girlfriend's this evening and this has come up. All of been raped. 7 women. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ
  13. Going back to college, you just not might have been aware. There were two or 3 guys in my circle of friends whilst involved in athletics that had that reputation. And that guy is usually someone that is an interloper to the groups of friends and in and out. Small Town and hoity toity suburbs are a jungle. Hell, of the last 4 relationships I've had all we're raped. It wasn't until a few months ago that I realized with the girl I'm seeing when we were talking about it; every girl she's friends with has been taken advantage of to the point where it could be rape. I asked several female friends and they said "yep." Of course, I asked several male acquaintances if they ever went too far with a girl under the influence or taken liberties with a woman when she might not have been in favor. Surprisingly, several said yes and justified it as being something where they were both drunk or she wanted it and was playing hard to get/didn't make a big deal. Maybe more surprisingly, for all my ****, I've never once even come close to that line with a woman when it comes to saying "no." It's not always that easy. You just keep yourself at a distance and politely acknowledge to friends (women) that he is not an upstanding gentleman.
  14. For what it's worth nearly every woman I've ever known has been raped. It happens. A lot. And most of the time they don't go forward. And for what it's worth, many men I've known have been accused of it and done no such thing. The groups of friends I'd had throughout the years always has that one guy who the group knows is that guy. It's a sad state and I support his lawsuit if he was innocent.