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  1. [Please Change Title]Marquise Goodwin

    I love how he had Olympic speed and was a !@#$ing long jumper. Dude wasn't even the fastest guy on the team. Graham was much faster which I find funny.
  2. The don of dunkirk

    It is "There's" ...
  3. More from obd

    A fish is right twice a day, hoss.
  4. 2017 NFL Maps Week 15

    What's between those states gives you the ability to live. What's between those states is everything that this country represents. If not for those wasteland states you'd not have one big of food. Not one big of goods from the other coast. You coastal elites and your schticklock is dumbfounding.
  5. The don of dunkirk

    Grow up, you insecure nut. Stop being so grandiose and being upset when called out on it.
  6. Have Fun with the NYT Playoff Machine

    I'm getting into the playoffs and losing is pointless
  7. I'm the last person in the world who cares about offending anyone. Hell, just for the lulz I set my location to the CSA.
  8. Former Chiefs' RB Larry Johnson Believes He Has CTE

    Well, he got a lot of money and blablabla No pity. Tough luck there hoss.
  9. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    I'm not saying he's right, but I definitely know that he is not wrong. There was talk of a separation in the office early in the season
  10. Dunkirk Don

    In case it wasn't clear, everything I've known has lined up pretty close to what he has been saying.
  11. Dunkirk Don

    He has some things that were rumored early in season A lot of the office doesn't care for McDermott. Reminds them too much of whatshisbameinjacksonville. Players think he is too committed to proving something about toughness. And he makes the guys work too hard. And Beane is very green at having full control, needs more support and people he trusts. If things have grown more tense than I imagine there being a right between Beane and McDermott
  12. [Vague Title]Breaking news

    The divide isn't just McDermott and Beane. It's inner office folks, established groups. This has been a conversation in a few PM's among some here.
  13. If you need a laugh...

    The dunkirk don name reminds me too much of Baghdad Bob.