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  1. Horowitz's DOJ IG Report

    That's just wrong They need Trump until 2020. They impeach Trump in 2019 then motivate GOP voters and lose 2020 They will use Trump not working with them to get Winfrey/Warren ticket pumped.
  2. Nunes Memo to be Released

    Now if you could just leave or stop being a child it'd be great.
  3. Forgot the archive. Which has over 3mm. And probably 1 or 2 mm lost in rosens and other things.
  4. A personal attack works when you're as God damn stupid as displayed. Propaganda has been distributed by the feds for a while. Mix this with the Obama legacy in the DOJ/IC. Mix this with what is happening today where his system was so flawed Trump is letting it cannibalize itself. There is no top you half-witted anus sucking sheep. You're buying a partisan line that CNN and MSNBC are saviors whilst whatever Fox airs these days is amazing. You throw stones from an imperfect house and you're going to get mocked. I don't have cable, I don't watch TV, so don't believe I watch either. And I listen to 4 radio stations (prime country, 80s on 8, Willie's Roadhouse, 98.1 classic country) so I don't do NPR or Fox News either. Calling names and making light of how stupid you are isn't a personal attack, especially when it's true. A personal attack is different, sorry snowflake
  5. Obama's Post Presidency

    Those middle states are almost always red. Go look at Ohio. It's a microcosm of the US. Just like the US it is mostly red. Then Lucas, Cuyahoga, Hamilton Athens, Franklin go blue. Then you get a few counties to go purple. They're fringe counties. Wood, Ottawa, Trumbull Low-rain. It's not the five powerhouse blues that win Ohio, or the overwhelming red everywhere else. It is everywhere else in the red that factors. From Cook county to Denver, Richland County to Milwaukee County, Little blue pockets are strong in the Midwest. Side topic: why does no one talk about the gerrymandering in Colorado going on? Where is the nobble @26CornerBlitz@26cornerbitch to tell us how racist it is? That little cocksucker needs to explain that one.
  6. Obama's Post Presidency

    Go ask people in downtown Chattanooga what they think about Trump. Then ask both groups what they know about the two subjects. Weak argument.
  7. Obama's Post Presidency

    @Juror#8. Good to have you back. You add a lot to the board to generate conversation @trannygreg. He's poppy because he helped kill JFK and was a player in the international trade of opium.
  8. Yes. I heard that as well, actually and was waiting to post that next time the song came up as referenced.
  9. Are you for or against abortion

    Not to be a complete dick but when you use the term baby doctor I essentially look at you as a moron. Do you get called baby daddy? Is baby called baby baby? Do you put her in the corner? Does beiber constantly say oooooh to her? Seriously, an ObGyn is the doctor. And knocking up tinder chicks. I looked in to this. Bad idea. I know a woman at 41 who got knocked up by a 19 yr old on a tinder 3rd date. Kept it. Dudes !@#$ed. I've only once had a girl plan b it. Condom broke. She wasn't ovulating. No chances taken disrespectful. But still, no kids I know of and I'm damn glad. I won't until they get foolproof tests because karma is going to give me a hand full when I have kids; I better marry a saint.
  10. BS Always Rises to The Top !!

    Bull **** doesn't float.
  11. Computer Security

    Suicide by this method is almost impossible. Or death by such method. Most drain pipes are PVC, for one, not to mention breakers tripping in the bathroom and to the breaker box. I read an article on it. That most people who've tried it end up with shocks and a few may get a burn. No death. More died by drowning than electrocution
  12. The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    Go look at your phone with a secondary app how much data messenger and Facebook consume in the background of your phone and then your computer just having the program open. Facebook needs to die and Zuckerberg's legacy will be hilariously different in 20-30 years when the new generation continues to avoid such societal errors as the millennial and younger. Theage of 12 and younger is an interesting generation. I stumbled across this from a post here about what generation I was. Then I googled it. Then it lead me to career building links and how to work with different generations. I read several papers comparing different generations youth under 24 and how they differed. The essential thought is that every 12-14 years society shifts, zigs or zags a slightly different way. Today's youth under 12 are far more skeptical, less trusting, more patient, more likely to invest their time with substance than situation and take a lot less chances. This is a reflection that many came in to this world during hardships of the 06-2012 era when Barrack Obama was the Presidential equivalent of Cam Newton, the worst QB in history.
  13. Alledge? I'm standing on alledge guessing spell check was off. But then, again, it's easy to just it on alledge with the other foot. My God you're a little B word. My whole klan group things so! Hot shower!
  14. Guess the QB from his old description.

    Tannehill or Dalton Just throwing names up.