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  1. Boyst62

    John Schattner out at Papa John’s.

    Papa/mama/LBGTHINGGOKnHGCFGUJjHH/pansexual John/Tom/Emily/Jim/Eric/Ashley... Would be a hell of a box
  2. Boyst62

    Anyone ever go through a divorce with a child?

    Do not do: - first right of refusal to watch the kid if you're unable to during your time. This allows the ex to know what's going on in your life and control your life to some degree if things go awry. - don't mandate stipulations on romantic interests and options. Word it that you're both to be single okce the papers are signed. - the child cannot get a passport or leave the state prior to age 1x without your involvement/knowledge. (do not say permission) - consenting to meet new romantic issues - face to face drops offs. Have them after school or somewhere that you won't see each other. - supply clothes or toys for the other. Be responsible and get clothes, toys, etc. - have excess alcohol in the house. If DSS gets involved as little as 3 beers can be flagged as a substance issue. The physical therapist I met was 5'6. 120 lbs. Built with curves you'd expect on a woman 150 lbs. And her tinder profile had her in a bikini holding a fish.
  3. Boyst62

    Anyone ever go through a divorce with a child?

    I met 3 women when I visited Atlanta from Tinder that I can pass along to you.
  4. Boyst62

    Anyone ever go through a divorce with a child?

    My girlfriend was not married to her ex. It was amicable until I showed up. They have a 3 yr old. It's been hell on her; he's making it a nightmare. But, we have learned a lot about the entire system and her attorney is great. Edit: the child is being manipulated and used by the ex bf. One thing I can't stress enough is looking for a family psychologist/counselor to gauge your kiddos. It won't have to be a long term deal, maybe a few sessions every couple.months. it was my idea for her to take their kid to counseling and it has helped her see ways to deal with his questions, statements and other things. Asking the wrong questions, saying the wrong reaction, or any such oddity will happen. This kid has said some silly things since all of this has been going down unsolicited which means it has affected him even if not fully noticable. If you need to chat, text me or PM me. I'm sorry you're going through this. If you want a ray of hope: My brother and his wife divorced for $300. Both paid $150 for fees. He kept the house and they divided the money paid in to it to pay her a lump s ($220k). Now he assumes all payments for the house. Insurance is through her for the kids, it's much better on her end as she is a federal employee. They are still friends and we still go see the entire side of her family for Thanksgiving often. The big kicker is that they can't change school districts until the kids graduate elementary school because they're top notch schools. For 3 years it's been great for them
  5. Yes, that was known. Eric wood was exposed as a poor leader for this, Cordy Glenn the bad influence, Dion Dawkins the impressionable misfit, and Ritchie Incognito just doing his damn job we're the reasons our line sucked. The only stable one, per my understanding is Vlad Ducasse. But, he's not that good though he is dependable to give effort and not bull ****
  6. John Miller is not an NFL grade lineman. He will be gone at the end of the year/replaced.
  7. Boyst62

    Liberal Protests

    LaEdgy Them folks are !@#$ing retarded.
  8. Boyst62

    Trump and Russia

    Don is the one who said he wants to !@#$ us. What a predator.
  9. Cordy Glenn is gone Eric wood is gone - he wasn't a great leader. Dion Dawkins was also one of the headaches
  10. Boyst62

    The 19th TBDAHOT

    Did you see merriman???
  11. Boyst62

    A retirement avalanche in the NFL.

    You're forgetting Fitzpatrick, ej Manuel and the gunslingers biding their time. I am right there with you. Dude has won a ton. Doesn't need more. Leads a queit life and will be good to ride off while the ride is smooth
  12. ....who... !@#$ing... ...cares... Let the dude play football. Let the courts do their job. And when it's found he is actually guilty let's chat. When it's found she liked, make an example of her and castrate her. We don't need more of her.
  13. Do you have no idea that this just keeps a narrative alive that racism is an issue? People will read this ****, especially the down state morons who slurp their paper straws gobbling down bio free whole range Thai chi latte mocha lameo. There will be nothing to investigate this piece by those who simply want to cry foul. There will be no second thought to those who want it to fit their agenda and prerogative. This will be the downstate Elites who really need to be thrown away believing that Upstate is just a bunch of inbred Hicks with a coach from the south. This journalism is entirely bull ****, it is damaging to society, and the author knows that only one thing two continue to divide and castigate those who he doesn't like as bigots, racists and other pathetic beings that become ironic because he is among the worst of all of those. This is a hit piece in a continuous theme to drop loads on middle America. To not be outraged that this is part of a political agenda is Grand proof that you do not understand the concept of the problem. I'll hope you get it one day, because this is dangerous and it is continuing.
  14. And those guys are gone now.