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  1. With Bobby Hart doing this, Josh Allen attacking back, and the players seemingly having some attitude I am curious if they're making up with what they lost with Feliciano, and Incognito and the other bullies along the way.
  2. I have seen bass hit 60 plus in practices that would have been good in a game with height over the line
  3. I did worse. I didn't check dates or anything and saw someone saying Howard is our number two and we might not be able to afford Knox I was thinking we were prepping for '23 draft. I was pumped to think we were looking at a #2 TE!
  4. Been on their bandwagon since last year. No respect for Hurts because of Prescott and the Giants clown show. Their schedule and their skill. Have them where we were in '19
  5. Why don't dudes ever say this to guys their own size or bigger?
  6. The most interesting point of advanced knowledge is when we lost Van Rotten and how it changed our gameplan. Even with Van Rotten it was a bad situation. Josh is best under center. Always has been. Van Roten was having several issues under center with Josh and it delayed Josh. Then when Van Roten went out we had to go to shotgun. No team spends much time on their backup Center. And old acquaintance of mine was a backup Center for several years and seldom got to practice with the starters. Relegated to scout team and the backup. And every QB likes the ball a certain way - a half inch off can be crucial.
  7. I don't like old Colts CBs. We don't have a good history there and he will retire mid game Anyway he is a thicccboi so maybe we can get him to cut some weight.
  8. I was like 12. That's how I remember it. Therefore that is how it must be. Michaelangelo and Raphael were traded to the Raiders that year, too!
  9. Nope. Justin armour. Back in the 90s. We were stacked at @ WR and didn't need him. Sent him to the Ravens
  10. Remember Justin armour leaving Buffalo to Baltimore. Gets like 10 years of success there? Also can't stand Baltimore. Didn't like them as the browns before. They took that weird ass pre-madonna attitude they had in Cleveland to Baltimore. In Cleveland with Moddell they thought they were more than some scrubs from a mistake by the lake. Moving to 3rd world Baltihell was a step down to everyone else but them.
  11. Make Jackson read and think he will stink. Let Jackson shuck and chuck and we will get *****. The dude doesn't read defenses. Doesn't see coverage zones. He can pass when the target is exploiting a zone seam because it's obvious. Short of that he can finesse the small ball into the window to get minimal gains until he decides to run. We run a very disciplined zone coverage with 2 safeties that are very smart. Having poyer back will be critical. I am not at all worried bout Jackson even though he is playing the position better than ever IMO. He has something to prove.
  12. That's the scariest part and weird emotional swings, depression and uncontrollably crying/sadness for no valid reason is *****in weird.
  13. That ***** pissed me off during broadcast. These guys can't hydrate ahead of time or do anything other than work on mobility for this.
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