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  1. This is how most of the posts on Facebook's Bills Mafia start out....Makes them unreadable too. Unfortunately, you don't get to chose to open those...you get to see them all, open, in all their glory.
  2. 707BillsFan

    NFL worried about Chargers viability in LA

    Soldier was not a remodel. There is essentially nothing left of that stadium except the outer ring. The inside was gutted and a completely new stadium was built w/in its confines. Toured it this spring. Ugly!!
  3. 707BillsFan

    2018 MLB Playoffs

    It was a fun season. I figured they'd be a .500 team this season, moving toward the 2019 season where they'd contend. Solid base, but the future pitching (or lack there of) scares me a bit. We'll see. Id' like to say good luck, but the Astros are no longer that fun lovable team. If they keep the team intact. they might be a roadblock in the AL West for years to come.
  4. 707BillsFan

    Survey for new stadium location paper

    We've got a stadium here in Oakland you can have...I can probably get some tarps sewn together for roof coverage. I'm sure you can even have the dirt infield.
  5. 707BillsFan

    Hurricane Michael

    So does California, Texas, NC & SC ... After our fires, people thought the whole county burned down, tourism plummeted. After one year, it's still down w/ the misconception all the wineries and area was destroyed. Mikey...landfall @ 155 (1 mph short of a CAT 5), definitely not a yawn...especially to all those people who took precautions and still will be left dealing w/ disaster (insurance companies don't readily hand out money, as many found out here). I don't wish that upon anyone.
  6. 707BillsFan

    Snobby about chicken wings

    I'm curious about this as well. Apparently, I've lived in a cave for some time. I just opened a Kohl's ad and saw an air-fryer. I went to Youtube and checked out some videos. It seems legit, but I want some actual first hand opinions from experts. I used to love cooking wings at home, but I hated the mess afterwards. I figured I'm come here and find out. Unfortunately, I missed this by a month. Anyone?
  7. 707BillsFan

    Is Josh Allen just a taller Tyrod Taylor

    I think it's more of the church of we'll never be happy and we'll just keep running everyone out (rinse and repeat).
  8. 707BillsFan

    Toyota Tacoma or Chevy Colorado?

    Amen to that...A buddy of mine, driving along the coast swerved to avoid a deer (instinct) and went down a cliff toward the Pacific. A rock stopped him 100ft down. He paid $24k for it a few years ago...insurance company gave him $21k. Turned around and bought a new one for that same amount. My daughter went thru a truck phase a couple years back, bought a 05 Tacoma. That thing was still quite pricey. Definitely hold their value.
  9. 707BillsFan

    2018 MLB Playoffs

    A's fan here. Pretty much playing on house money at this point. Nobody expected us to be here. 97 wins later, we're in and hoping to wreak havoc.
  10. 707BillsFan

    First time visiting San Francisco

    Here's something to do. Last night we did a wine tasting bay cruise. Great scenery, wonderful time. Plenty of wine flowing. This was free for us, as we're members of a certain wine club, but if I was a tourist and wanted a fun evening checking out The City from the bay and drinking good wine...I'd do this. Small boat, only 20-24 other people on board. Not a drunken, party boat type of thing. https://sanfranciscobayboatcruise.com/
  11. 707BillsFan

    First time visiting San Francisco

    Definitely Iron Horse (Sebastopol), but you need to make reservations before you go,. I'll second Sonoma over Napa. Much nicer, plus we need the business. People think the whole area burned, so not true. I can give you several other wineries, but keep us updated if you plan on leaving The City. Point Reyes is great for nature hikes. So is Mt Tam in Marin.
  12. 707BillsFan


    Never really gave this much thought...my Godfather committed suicide when I was younger. We lived across the country from each other, after we moved from Buffalo, so there probably wasn't going to be a big influence from him anyway. I have no idea who my Godmother is. I may have to ask, if my parents still remember. I am the Godfather of maybe two of my nieces from my brother. He went off the deep end, became a born again "christian" and pushed all of the family aside. So I guess I'm off the hook there. Not out of the Uncle part though...but since he won't allow the girls to see us, I guess the point is moot.
  13. 707BillsFan

    Bills Looking Into Working Out DB Mike Cirino

    He's cheap...he's hungry. Seriously, he's probably out of work and wondering where his next meal is coming from. Bring him in, see what he can do...and give him a free meal.
  14. 707BillsFan

    Which new wave band is your favorite?

    I'll go with the English Beat / The Beat / General Public ... I think they were all pretty much the same band.
  15. 707BillsFan

    Forgotten Songs, Albums, and Groups

    I'm guessing you weren't around in the early 80's to watch MTV. I'll say not bad for a group w/ no cash on hand to make a video.