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  1. I think flip flops are California mandatory. Don't wear them as much as I used too...faux pas'd and early on wore sneakers instead of flip flops. Legs got dark, feet have been Casper 👻 white...I can't go out like that.
  2. Frosted Raspberry, but cold or frozen. So good! Who actually heats these up?
  3. I see they have yet to refine the cooking methods for their new menu item....meth
  4. Glad all is good, but please keep those down there. Last one we had nearby was the 6.0 in Napa. I was in Sacramento for the '89 quake and didn't feel a thing. Just PO'd they were delaying the World Series for a measly little earthquake. Little did I know....😮
  5. Said the closet Rollermanic who probably has tartan stashed away in their closet. Just looking for something not cliche' like Pink Floyd, that nobody would ever say. BTW...if you've had a "Behind the Music" episode...you've made it 😆
  6. I hope that's the case. The people who have talked, had been in the marketing portion of Lagunitas. So I do hope the rest of the business is left alone. It's still the same atmosphere when you visit. Apparently the new CEO is letting them continue doing what they've been doing w/o too much interference. https://www.pressdemocrat.com/business/9199432-181/petalumas-lagunitas-brewing-co-goes
  7. Escape City Buffalo might be the best in the area. Whenever we visit, we go and try the latest room. If you've done escape rooms before, these are like no other.
  8. Can't ... a couple kids burned down house and ruined it for everyone else. Then again, it's probably best w/ all the fires we've had. Makes for a boring holiday nowadays.
  9. I'd like to think Heineken would just let Lagunitas to continue to do what they've been doing w/o too much interference, but it's a huge corporation and that's probably not reasonable to expect that to happen. There have been a few high level people who have left that have said it's not the same anymore (big corporate interference). It's no longer our little Sonoma County brewery, but as long as they keep pumping out good alternatives to their standard batches...I'm fine.
  10. This little gem? My fridge is stocked w/ them. We went tasting at the new RRB site and I didn't care for any of the beers I tasted (they weren't brewing STS at the new site yet). I believe both Death & Taxes and Reality Czeck are in cans at various locations.
  11. I live in the land of Pliny, but not a big fan of the Russian River brews...Moonlight Brewery is down the street from our house. Everyone has raved about this gem for some time, but it's dark nature scared me away (more of a Pils guy, Moonlight's Reality Czeck is outstanding)...but Death & Taxes, a black lager is an excellent brew.
  12. Gomez Addams Ray Barone Howard Cunningham
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