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  1. 707BillsFan

    Buffalo area Collision/Body Shop

    I think this is where she might be going (Gabe's). What happened? She's actually moving over to Elmwood Village in a couple weeks, so if she procrastinates long enough it won't be too far (BNR).
  2. 707BillsFan

    Buffalo area Collision/Body Shop

    Which shops? It's owned
  3. He's from my hometown. Faced him a few times in high school / Babe Ruth ball, looked absolutely stupid in the batters box against him. I always remember when Cardinal Newman came to play, the scouts were there in droves to watch him. Sad to hear, a bit of a shock. If true, he's a 💩
  4. 707BillsFan

    Buffalo area Collision/Body Shop

    That's my opinion w/ chain shops. I tend to stay away from them when needed body work done, but that's based on one particular shop in our area. Thanks!
  5. 707BillsFan

    O Line and Special Teams Coaches Hiring Wait

    Playoffs are still going on. I'm not up to date on all new coaches, spots being filled, but I'm sure most new head coaches have pretty much filled their staff. Whoever is left, the Bills pretty much have their choice. I've heard a number of names being tossed about (coaches still out there w/o a job). We may be one of the last to fill their openings, but I don't think that's bad. We always rush to judge, have a certain guy we all want or think that'd be perfect for the Bills. We'll be fine 😨
  6. 707BillsFan

    Buffalo area Collision/Body Shop

    I saw them on Yelp, a few around the area .... reviews were very mixed (for what that's worth). I did think of them. Thanks
  7. 707BillsFan

    Dirtiest music videos

    Not sure if it fits the criteria, but Billy Idol's, Cradle of Love ... Classic, man lusting after jail bait as she's dancing seductively around him story 🤪
  8. 707BillsFan

    Buffalo area Collision/Body Shop

    Not sure this is appropriate to seek out businesses for service, but I'll give it a shot. My daughter was involved in an accident this morning on 90.. A big rigs breaks gave out and slammed into her Subaru. Seeing photos of the accident, the Subi stood up very well. I know the insurance company will give her some recommendations, but since I live 2700 miles away, I'm always leery of using places I don't know or haven't checked out (even here at home). I've Yelped body shops in the area, but not many had more then a couple reviews. So if you have any experience w/ any collision shops in the area, I'd be appreciative. She currently lives in Cheektowaga, works in Williamsville....so I'm guessing something in those areas / corridor (but not necessary). Thanks !
  9. I had a feeling when CB DM'd me something was up. Why would he put that out there (to a complete stranger), if he didn't know something was going on.
  10. Rick Stroud‏ @NFLSTROUD FollowFollow @NFLSTROUD More Bucs agreed to terms with U of Arizona OL coach Joe Gilbert, who will coach the offensive line.
  11. Interesting note...Not sure why he DM'd me on Twitter about this (I had asked him a question the other day about why the Bills didn't step up to get him)...but the Bills' Chris Brown just said -- "I just learned from a Tampa reporter that Kugler hasn’t officially been hired yet. FWIW." So could Kulger still be in play??? -- Can't get rid of the high-lighter, sorry.
  12. 707BillsFan

    Woodstock 50Th Anniversary at Watkins Glen Intl This Summer

    My neck of the woods, Stones and HA's are still around. Sounds like a reunion of all reunions.
  13. I got this response from my tweet to Chris Brown, so ties to Arians is the most likely scenario: It's hard to know all the ins and outs that were involved there. But Kugler has a prior working history with Arians. They worked as OL coach and OC in Pittsburgh together for 2 seasons (2010-2011). Kugler has never worked with McDermott. Familiarity tends to carry the day in coaching circles.
  14. So Denver blocks the Bills from talking to Kugler until they hire a new head coach. Coach hired, within a couple hours Tampa hires Kugler for their OL? Was Buffalo sleeping? Wondering how this went down.
  15. I think he'd give leeway to Kubiak to pick and chose who he wants. They have a lengthy working relationship, so I don't think Elway would make him keep staff he wouldn't want around.