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  1. 707BillsFan

    Traveling by Train

    I prefer Drive By - Train ...
  2. 707BillsFan

    Summer Concert Roll Call

    A summer concert, in theory, but in reality...no. I saw Randy Newman about a week ago (he's only playing two shows, one here in Santa Rosa and another in LA last time I checked). Awesome show! I know a handful of Randy Newman songs, some he didn't even play. Even the songs I didn't know, were dang good. Something about a piano, a gruff voice and I was mesmerized. I came away hooked on his songs, many are new to me. Excellent song writer, a bit of dark humor...if you ever get the chance, go for it.
  3. 707BillsFan

    Battery Fire

    What was the swing doing in the living room? 👍
  4. 707BillsFan

    Buffalo Bills Outdoor Curb Address Logo Decal

    We have a number of houses in our 'hood w/ SF Giants or 49ers logos on their curbside. I assumed the idiots painted them on...wow, now I can be one of those idiots, but w/ an original, better team to show off.
  5. 707BillsFan

    Prostitution arrests: South Carolina style

    I just returned from a trip to Charleston. Many, many beautiful women around...these were not any of them. Then again these are North Charleston "women," probably not allowed into Charleston city limits.
  6. 707BillsFan

    Favorite Mexican dish:

    Probably enchiladas ... usually carnitas. Can't go wrong w/ a huge super burrito though (thinking that might be my lunch today)...either carne asada or carnitas.
  7. Dick's CEO is also a St John Fisher grad....
  8. Not really interested in the bang for the buck, but instead a place I could enjoy living or spending time. We're still probably keeping our house here in California, but I can't seem to find that ideal other location. Arizona? South Carolina (coastal)? It pretty much depends on where the kids end up. If one comes back to California or stays back east? That's a huge factor. I've been to Florida enough to scratch it off the list. Snow - No! It is tough though, thinking of a big upheaval where you leave friends and family....that's why I'm thinking of a second home somewhere else. Somewhere we can go and hang out for a while, but always come back "home" to get that family / friend fix...and gather up more wine to take w/ me when we're away
  9. 707BillsFan

    Buffalo (WNY) vs. "Fair Weather" Areas

    I live about an hour north of San Francisco. I've traveled all over and I have to believe this is the best climate. No snow. No humidity. The winters are not too cold. It only rains in the winter (bad for fire season). If it ever gets too warm, don't worry...our built in air conditioner (the fog) will come back and cool things off, so there is no oppressive heat. If it gets too hot, I can also go to the coast (15 miles) and feel a 20-30 temp change. I can drive a bit north to say...Healdsburg and get a 10 degree uptick in summer, drive a little south (Petaluma or SF) and get a little cooler. If I want to deal w/ snow...I can drive to Tahoe. It's all about the microclimates.
  10. 707BillsFan

    What Is The Worst Bills Game You've Attended

    Also a West Coaster, that was my worst game too. Close second, a game in 95 vs the 49ers. Bills & 49ers both 8-4 going into the game, Bills could have took a lead in the 3rd, but Darick Holmes fumbled at the 1, ball was ran back 99yds by the 49ers for a TD to go up 17-10, instead of vice versa. At that point, all 49er fans wanted to fight. Wonderful experience. It was then I realized 49er fans were no better than Raider fans. Oh yeah, Bills lost 27-17, fumble killed the vibe of the game.
  11. 707BillsFan

    One more sign of getting old

    I work in a jail. I used to look at my HS graduation year as a barometer of my age. Now I see the 2000 kids come in and think to myself, dang...I was doing this job for nearly a decade when you were born. Job security...often times its the kid of a past "client"
  12. 707BillsFan

    World Cup 2018 Thread

    I think because Argentina was so heavily favored, a win was expected. I think a tie for Iceland is like a win for them.
  13. 707BillsFan

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    Same here. From the moment I first started watching him, I was mesmerized storytelling and way he carried himself. I read his first book, saw him on the lecture circuit when he came to our city. He was cool personified. Once again, proves we really don't know the demons people face on a daily basis. Mental Health issues don't discriminate.
  14. 707BillsFan

    Whats the worst car problem you ever had

    Mine was a Tahoe Turquoise 66 coupe. I loved that car, but yes...it was a money pit. I took care of all the cosmetic work, new paint job, reupholstered the seats, new carpet. I just couldn't keep up w/ everything that kept breaking on the damned thing. I garaged it for a number of years before I sold it to some guy he was going to fix it up and give it to his 16yr old daughter for her birthday. It wasn't fun for me anymore. I grew up.
  15. 707BillsFan

    Whats the worst car problem you ever had

    My 66 Mustang's heater core rusted out (back in 90?). Being a poor college student, I couldn't afford to fix it. No defrost, no heat. Winters and cool mornings were fun. Same car, all lights on the dash went out (beyond fuse replacement issue). So not only was I cold, had a frosty windshield...I had no idea how fast / slow I was going while driving at night. It looked good though!!