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  1. We did that 5 years ago w/ my mother and uncle. Spent time in Warsaw & Krakow, but we visited the old family farm that was south of Lodz, that is still in use by family. My grandparents house was still on site (an old rustic cabin). My uncle remembered when the Germans came and gathered them up during WW2. Anyway, incredible visit. 5-6 course meal, homemade vodka & whiskey and many family members speaking a language I didn't understand...just speaking loud and slow like that'd help. Great memories! We were supposed to go back this summer, but everyone is 5 years older now and it would have been that much tougher for us to herd the old folks around.
  2. Another great day at the ballpark, watching my A's beat the Red Sox again. I'm not sure why more teams (teams like the A's) don't do what the A's have done w/ their tickets plans. They did away w/ all season tickets this season and started a new plan: A's Access. The plan has several game options. I bought a 10 game ticket package, but can go to each and every game I don't have tickets for, for free - if I want to hang out in the outfield bar (the Treehouse) area, there are seats. With the plan, you get 50% all food, drink (beer and mixed drinks included), 25% off merchandise and only $10 parking. If I want to buy tickets to other games, they're 25% off. I normally only go to a handful of games a year, but I've already been to two on this homestand, without using any from my 10 game allotment, at no extra cost to me. Great way to get people into the park and spend money.
  3. Get out of the MAC would be a start. Find a way into one one of the High Major's; A10 or Big East and see where that takes them. They've already lost one of their commitments due to Oats leaving, another wavering.
  4. But Gonzaga had to start somewhere. They are a decade+ into this strong program. What did you consider Gonzaga a decade ago? A cute story about a small Washington university who wins a game or two in the tournament. Now, they are a true perennial powerhouse. The coach hasn't left and he has no desire to leave....strange concept of someone willing to stay and build a perennial winner despite people constantly knocking at your door trying to lure you away.
  5. Were Harris, Caruthers, Perkins and Massinburg highly recruited players? No. We don't know what these kids will do at the collegiate level. There a lot of very good players that, for some reason, fly under the radar, mature later or have to go through the JC route first. You can have all the catered, 4 and 5 star recruits who are looking for one and done collegiate careers you want. How about some hungry players who want to prove the world everyone else they were wrong. I'll take a handful of those guys.
  6. Pre-season polls mean nothing. My UCLA Bruins were ranked 21 in a few polls, they're still wiping their bottoms after messing themselves all season. Alabama has the 5th best recruiting class behind KY, GA, FL, Auburn. https://247sports.com/Season/2019-Basketball/CompositeTeamRankings/?Conference=SEC - Can any recruits back out if they were Avery guys? I wish Oats the best, but I do think it'll be a tough ride for him. I'm sure he wanted the challenge as well.
  7. I get it. Their whole starting roster was senior laden. Not sure they had much back up beyond those guys, so it was probably a certainty there would be a downturn. It's just one of those situations where...Why can't we have / keep nice things?
  8. He'll also be going up against other SEC teams and powerhouses. Alabama has never been known as a basketball school, usually in the second tier of the SEC, so it's not a huge draw for recruits (better than Buffalo, yes). There was talk about Oats building a Gonzaga style program in Buffalo. Gonzaga isn't a well known school, with the exception of basketball. Spokane isn't a huge draw for any kid. How does Mark Few do it? Consistency. He always wins and he's not leaving. Is that the draw? I don't think I can remember any GU player in the NBA that succeeded...except maybe Sabonis.
  9. Believe what you want Skippy. Coaches haven't been fired yet. He could have held out for something better than....Alabama. What's the old adage...Location, Location, Location. Alabama doesn't even have one of those locations. Plus you''ll never get noticed because he'll always be overshadowed by the football program. Bad move on his part.
  10. I'd need at least $3 million if I had to live in Alabama, no thanks.
  11. Why even bother signing the extension if you plan on leaving w/ the first dog that comes sniffing your backside? Yes, it's a guarantee w/ money in your pocket, just in case that dog doesn't come sniffing. Mid-Major, state run school w/o deep pocketed boosters (compared to the likes of Alabama and ASU) can't compete. Then again, what's wrong w/ being a Mark Few type coach, happy to be a mid-major powerhouse your whole career w/o getting that high end salary attached. Maybe I'm just old school and prefer to honor my obligations.
  12. Poo is everywhere ... Don't you remember the Mythbuster's episode where they determined it's on your toothbrush if it's kept in the bathroom? Not Mythbusters, but the same conclusion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG_PnRCLe9A
  13. They haven't fixed the sewage issue at the Coliseum. I sure hope on more than one occasion, it backs up into the Raiders locker room and AB has to slosh through raw sewage to the field..I hope at that point, he really ponders his poor life decisions and nobody cares. I also hope the Vegas stadium is delayed, so he has to deal w/ this for two years. “The sewage just got backed up and started seeping up in places,” Veldheer recalled. “I didn’t see any of it. But you could smell it.”
  14. My only one I have plans for (or had plans for) was Train / Goo Goo Dolls here in the Bay Area. I hate when you buy tix several months in advance. My daughter and her BF were going w/ us, but she is now attending Country Summer (a huge 3-day concert here in town) and my other daughter is coming home from Buffalo that week. Not sure she'll be cool w/ going. Hell, I may have bought A's tickets for that night too. What a disaster! I hate trying to unload tickets. 😡 I would have loved to go though...there's hope!
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