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  2. Wow. Wish I was smarter is all I can say! Crazy how this thing swings on momentum.
  3. Glad you saw he is on a 5 year contract. I couldn’t find that info. If that’s the case, then I think you nailed it.
  4. Fire everybody, no Super Bowl win, fire everybody again - the "informed fan's" mantra!
  5. Coaching staff seems to really like him as they value high character guys. Is useful if Daboll's game plan calls for power running depending on the matchup. Probably has a leg up on any of the RB's or TE's that might replace him in Daboll's offense on special teams. The Bills are probably more likely they keep him than not at this point.
  6. Plus Buffalo has a very small fan base concentrated around the Great Lakes and Northeast. Not sure how well UB will represent in the stands at road games in Florida or Texas vice Ohio and Michigan
  7. When I lived in the Cleveland area, I got to know the Special Teams Coordinator, Chris Tabor, and his family a little bit. (Our daughters swam together.) Not the HC, but still. I’ll tell you this, it seemed like every second he wasn’t working he was with his family. His wife was a stay at home mom. I was always impressed with the whole family, how respectful and happy the kids were. Heck, how happy and nice the whole family seemed to be. It was nice to see that with someone who had such a demanding job. As for the media guy, he actually didn’t say much (and he wasn’t wrong), but he shouldn’t have said anything at all. As a parent, I’m not surprised people would be upset. It’s a very short clip (<30) if you want to listen.
  8. https://www.rochesterjazz.com/artists?artist_id=555 The sons of Allman Bros band playing this Friday night in Rochester. I'll be going. It's my favorite kind of concert ..."Free"
  9. I suspect that was Dundon's plan all along. He knew the league would eventually fold but wanted intellectual property rights to their apps. But I don't think he anticipated just how quickly the league would fold and is trying to get his money back plus keep the IP Dude's trying to have his cake and eat it too, with a full refund
  10. Foxx

    Do You BitCoin?

    kissed $13K overnight.
  11. Get the ring my friend! I think it is happening.
  12. 'they expanded the number of people who had access to classified material at the beginning of the Trump administration so those people could then leak it'.
  13. Can I borrow someone's tape head cleaner?!
  14. ....LMAO!...the famous "Latrel Spreewell line"...............
  15. I disagree. If it is 74+ claps for TD and getting the turnover then that is good. If is 74+ claps for "well, you tried but fell short" then bring out the ax. In all seriousness, he aint getting fired. This thing is happening boys and girls!
  16. ....far too early for EITHER to be considered......unless you prefer reuniting the "Russ-Wrecks-Whaley Team" to get us to the promised land..........
  17. http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/conditions-on-the-streets-of-san-francisco-are-comparable-to-the-slums-of-mumbai-delhi-mexico-city-jarkarta-and-manila I suggest reading this article with some background music
  18. Nothing worse than the new age little league parent.. Parents reliving their glory days through their kids. Quite pathetic
  19. Today
  20. There aren't. Each military branch is relaxing standards on a regular basis to "cope" with the "quality" of possible recruits. Our future is not bright.
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