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  2. I have found this too. I think that as more of my issue than theirs, but I do understand your point.
  3. I have said this pretty much my entire adult like Men Are Pigs. Though most keep their thoughts in the head this Orangutan can't keep his lying fat trap shut. Believing Donny is telling the truth over 90% time is what I find confounding my his avid fan base
  4. I'm sure soon enough they'll be able to implant cameras right on the QB's corena......
  5. The Pats first practice is 9:15 on July 25th....so they are not starting a week early. The other two have first year head coaches.
  6. The Dem candidates match up against Trump better than they do against each other? Not seeing it and I am not saying Trump is a better explainer/debater. All Trump has to do is point to the economy which for most has allowed them to benefit by the stock market or career.
  7. Ehe projecting by the left (commies) has reached new levels. They have nothing positive to say, so they just claim the right is what they are actually doing. ( example- Antifa)
  8. that is true. however / unfortunately, it is the few grouches that do ruin it for some besides word travels fast half the PPP will be in here and then by default I'll end up there
  9. It’s not the concern of getting bit that keeps me away from PPP. It’s mostly because I enjoy the humor of many people on TBD/OTW, and I found out from a few visits to PPP that some people have some pretty wacko social/economic/political thoughts. The lack of knowledge about other people’s thoughts enables me to ignore that stuff and just enjoy the humor.
  10. did they come with a personalized letter? The Bills haven’t won a playoff game since 1995, but coach Sean McDermott wants fans to believe they’re making progress toward changing that. McDermott wrote in a letter to season-ticket holders that he believes the team has taken a step forward from last year’s 6-10 record. “I’m excited about the progress we have made this offseason as we worked to execute our plan of building a strong foundation,” McDermott wrote. “This foundation combined with true Buffalo toughness and love for one another will be instrumental as we continue to chase our vision of bringing a championship to this city. We are committed to building a team that you can be proud of both on and off the field for many years to come.”
  11. Teams would have to designate to the league who their regular starter is. Yes, there would be bumps to work out, but it could work. And if Shady and Gore each started 8 games, the limits would not apply to them. The key is the teams would have a moral obligation not to pull anything shady.
  12. There's a lot of talk about how horrible the Bills' run defense was last year (they DID look bad in 2-3 games), and that the only reason their pass D was #1 is because teams didn't need to throw as much. Some perspective: Rush yards/carry against: 4.2 (10th best; league average was 4.4) Rush attempts against: 440 (10th most; league average was 414.8) So, teams only ran against the Bills approximately 1.5 more times per game than the league average, for 0.2 fewer yards/carry. Funny what happens when you don't just look at 2-3 games out of a 16-game schedule, huh? I expect the run defense to improve this year -- but it's already at least decent. Where the Bills really need to improve is on offense and ST, and not giving teams short fields.
  13. The GOP should vote against tabling the Articles of Impeachment and force a vote on whether or not to actually impeach Trump. The establishment Democrats would crap their pants if they were put on the spot.
  14. Awwww come on, we don't bite... well, most of us don't.
  15. I already had my 2 hours worth of PP for the month but thanks for asking.
  16. It's not over until we find out what the Lyft drivers of Orlando, Florida think of Josh Allen.
  17. Obviously, precision isn't my strong suit. But what I said was 60 yards, plus another 10 to 20 because Allen isn't likely to pile up another 600 yards rushing. Last season the Bills were 1000 yards short of an average total offense. That's 60+ yards a game. Subtract 15 a game from Allen's rushing means you need 75+ new yards per game out of someone. 75, 100, something in that range. As I said, however, it's doable, because of the effect first downs have.
  18. I like the idea but only for replays or a small split screen in the bottom or something for a short time. A whole game wouldn't be to good I'm thinking. The NHL has the "Ref Cam" on their helmets sometimes but they only use it sparingly and not in many games. When is the NFL going to put a camera on the endzone pylon perpendicular to the goal line so Refs, and fans can confirm the player "broke the plane"? I swear everytime they have the replay there its always at some funky angle or not a good view to make the correct call. Cmon, NFL, its not that difficult right?!
  19. All of the major democrat candidates have gone on record as being for open borders, reparations consideration, Medicare for all (except Biden calls it something different) and the Green New Deal. These are not real policies because it can't be shown how they can be implemented without basically bankrupting the country. I don't see a candidate on the Left capable of beating Trump. Take a mini poll here at PPP and ask how many people who did not vote for Trump in 2016 will do so in 2020.
  20. I think a camera on the centers posterior be a good way to see how a QB reads a pre snap defense.
  21. You all should come to PPP... we were laughing at "they've got him now" a few hours ago. 🙂
  22. Trump likes young, pretty women??? How did we miss this during the last campaign!!
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