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Lamar Jackson as TV analyst? It’s logical.


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20 hours ago, Herb Nightly said:

Have you ever heard him talk? Are you serious?

Last time I checked, America is the land of opportunity. 


Also, did you know Lamar has a college degree? Majored in communications. He obviously knew he might one day want to try broadcasting. Nothing wrong with taking that shot now while he’s one of the stars of the league. 



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I’m at a point where I’ve lost faith in some members of this board. Basically, some of you are saying he can’t be a broadcaster or an analyst because he doesn’t speak as well as, say, Bob Costas or Brent Gumble. 

https://www.lines.com/nfl/players/lamar-jackson-19781#:~:text=Lamar Jackson earned a degree,in Madden 20 video game.  Lamar studied communications!!!  He can improve. And he wouldn’t be the main host, he’d be as good as any of the blonde dolts on the sidelines who talk about nonsensical crap during a broadcast. 

Did you ever hear Tony Siragusa on the sidelines? How about Michael Irvin in studio? Don’t ever say Lamar can’t do it. 

The main point of this thread is to demonstrate Lamar could make just as much money over 10 years broadcasting with a network as he will make playing 6 or 7 as QB…and his head/knees will remain in tact. 

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On 3/17/2023 at 8:08 PM, JohnNord said:

Lamar is a great quarterback but I think he’d be a lousy broadcaster.  If you’ve seen his press conference he seems pretty laid back, no overly charismatic.  He also doesn’t exactly have the gift of gab 


Gift of gab? That guy can barely string together a coherent paragraph. He’s kinda dumb. 

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12 hours ago, Limeaid said:


Not a requirement in today's broadcasting.  There are a lot of players whose speech is intelligible.

There are a ton of them, but this guy is my "favorite."  All he does is shout monosyllabic guttural sounds at the camera at full volume, as his only method of communication.  


He's sort of the poster boy of why I literally avoid any and ALL of this sort of broadcasting.  Pre-game crap, post-game crap half-time crap...


FF is a wonderful thing!  



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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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