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2022 MVP: Mahomes wins. Allen gets 1 vote? (42 TDs, 19 TOs, 315 YPG & 63.3%% Comp %--EOY talk 54+)


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39 minutes ago, HappyDays said:

What are our thoughts after the Super Bowl? Nothing special from Mahomes today, just standing back with zero pressure and tossing the ball to completely wide open targets. We've seen him in a Super Bowl with the kind of OL Allen had this past season. It didn't end well. I stand by my claim that Allen is more valuable to his offense than any other player in the league.

The NFL is a team game, dependent on the quality of the coaches and play calling. Having a class QB is important, but not key. Look how far the 49ers went with Purdy, and they would have pushed the Eagles more than they did had he not picked up an injury. 

Josh is, physically, the best QB in the league for me but he needs support on the mental side of the game, whilst a better O Line and weapons at his disposal. Put him in the place of Mahomes tonight and the Chiefs would have still won. Put him in the place of Hurts and I think the Eagles may have won. Their coaching calls are what is superior to the Bills at the moment. I’m hopeful Dorsey may grow as a coordinator. McDermott and Frasier less so.

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2 hours ago, UKBillFan said:

Put him in the place of Mahomes tonight and the Chiefs would have still won.


For sure. That pass protection and so many schemed up wide open throws, and he only needs 182 passing yards? Yeah I think Allen could find a way to match that production. Whereas if Allen passed for 182 yards against the Eagles as a Bill we would lose the game by at least two scores. This is what I've been saying. Allen has to play at the top of his game and make several magical plays for us to have a chance against other good teams. The Chiefs score 38 points against a Super Bowl caliber team without Mahomes breaking a sweat. Just because your QB is great doesn't mean you're not allowed to make it easy for him.

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16 hours ago, Billl said:

When the Chiefs signed him, TBD’s consensus opinion was that he sucked.  Suddenly he was a huge weapon all along and provides Mahomes some insurmountable advantage.

That was never a consensus and just you bending the argument to support your misguided view. He’s not the standout talent of Hill just another piece of the puzzle. 7 catches on 9 targets most for first downs. When has Gabe or McKenzie caught 7 of 9 targets? Mahomes line is what gives him the insurmountable advantage along with a very competent receiving corps. Only a fool couldn’t understand that.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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