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If this week isn't painful enough, 31 years ago today....


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1 hour ago, Joe Ferguson said:

More salt to the wound. We were inches away from going to this year's Super Bowl. Groot had that INT from Mahomes...


Like Boomer and Tom Jackson used to say on Primetime, KNOCK IT DOWN!!!



Time does heal all wounds but SB 25 left a nasty scar. If they had won any of the 3 SBs following or any SB after that it would have been cleansed but they failed.

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31 years later this is still the closet this franchise has ever come to winning a championship.


Last week sucks and so did the music city miracle crap but nothing truly compares to that game especially after making it to the SB again 3 straight years after and pretty much being out of the game by early in the 2nd half.


In some ways we probably shouldn't take the last few years for granted because you really don't know how close this team will ever come again. Nothing in the NFL world is guaranteed these days except what is happening in KC ironically.

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I see a lot of comments about Wide Right on here but my memory is actually quite different. Back in those days I thought the super bowl was always going to be for OTHER teams. I was honestly thrilled just to see my beloved Bills in the big game and that day it seemed more like a beginning than an end. 

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47 minutes ago, chaccof said:

I know, its a curse....being a Bills fan that is......get 'em next year though......

That's all most fans can hope for...get 'em next year.  At least the Bills are now in the conversation.  Think of where we were only 5 short years ago.  We had very little, if anything, to hope for.   The NFL is a year-to year-league.  Yes, there are "dynasties" so to speak, but on any given Sunday, any team can beat another.  There have been generational players that have led to a lot of wins and a lot of Super Bowls...Tom Brady being one.  On KC, I'd say not only Mahomes, but also Tyreek and Kelce.  It's that threesome that makes that team the "gold standard" as Beane points out.  We can say "this was our year."  Well, obviously, it wasn't.  From year to year, a team has to be good, and healthy and lucky, to make it to and win the SB.  The Bills were good...but not healthy (missing their best corner in Tre) and they weren't lucky (losing the coin toss).    Had the Bills won the coin toss and won the game, that last 13 seconds would have been at most an irritation, a bullet dodged that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.   That would still have not been a guarantee that we were SB bound, destined to win. 


Yes...as a Bills fan, we've faced some pretty painful losses.  When you get to this point in the season, every loss is painful, because it's one and done.  There is no tomorrow.  There is only next season.   And we as Bills fans, unlike the vast number of fan bases in the league, have very real hope that yes...we will get 'em next year... because we have our generational player in Josh Allen.  

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