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You guys remember this? Kiper/ McShay

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Josh Allen has left a trail of dead opinions in his wake.

Never been the biggest fan of Kiper but man did he nail his evaluation on Josh and never backed off it. Made McShay and his haters look like total idiots. Watching that "know it all" smirk on McShay a

There were some ridiculous over the top negative views on Allen when he was drafted.    

14 hours ago, 78thealltimegreat said:

This is hilarious since Tua may get traded and Darnold maybe cut if the Jets go QB at 2...then again Mcshay misses on alot of picks Mel in his career is actually halfway decent 

Easy to take shots at Kiper, but McShay is nothing but a Kiper wanna-be. Can't stand McShay.

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Interesting watching Mel and Todd this week they BOTH think the Jets are sticking with Darnold having missed out on Lawrence and will either take a position player at #2 or, more likely, trade back for a big haul of picks with a team trying to get up to take either the BYU kid or Fields. 


If that happens I think it could be good for the Bills because the one team the Jets will not trade #2 to is surely the Patriots. Which means the Jets stick with Darnold (who knows whether he is salvageable at this point) and the Pats, at best, get the 3rd QB in the draft. I know Allen was the 3rd QB in the draft too and ended up being the best of the bunch, but still think it would help our odds. 

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4 hours ago, HOUSE said:

I was the only member here who liked Allen :flirt:


Liked Allen too. Liked Baker as well. Hated Darnold, Rosen and Jackson.

I still don’t believe in Jackson’s sustainability.

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