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Let’s go Broncs!

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5 hours ago, BuffaloBills1998 said:

I think this might be it for Tua, he’s not an NFL caliber QB he can’t push the offense down the field. Might be harsh criticism but to me he’s Jay Fiedler 2.0

How can you say this after we have watched Allen improve like he has over the last 3 seasons? Amazing...

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Squish the Fish today!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve been this happy to see another team lose. 

13 hours ago, Royale with Cheese said:

Wasn’t there a certain someone that said the Dolphins would be tied with the Bills after today?

was this the same poster that claimed the bills would lose to the pats, starting a 4 game losing streak?

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21 hours ago, Hapless Bills Fan said:


I wish Tua the best after all his adversity with injury and he seems to have a pretty pass, but I can't grasp the "Hot shot QB takes the league by storm" narrative about Tua here. 


When you look at what he's done, he's had 3 starts.  He's passed for an average of 130 ypg, 63.6% completions, 0 INT.  The Dolphins have gifted him great field position with turnovers on D and ST play to achieve those 5 TDs he's passed for (and that's <2 TD/game)


When we had a QB who never threw INTs, had good completion %, but only threw for 130 ypg, the predominant notion was that he didn't generate enough offense.  And he was a run threat, which so far Tua is not.


It's good that he's not throwing the ball into harm's way, but it's not lighting the league on fire, either.

This post aged well.....


And with a Texans win the Pats are done and their 1st round pick they sent to Miami drops down a little more.

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