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  1. Yes I did, not going to lie about that. This team is woefully inconsistent but the bigger issue with the offense is Allen seems lost when there is nobody else to throw the ball to and force it diggs way which leads to the turnovers, lack of production, etc. Just can't believe that John Brown is that important to the offense but not having a true NFL caliber TE option has also been a problem.
  2. I still don't understand why Winters in the starting lineup, it's very concerning that this coaching staff fixates on such terrible players and seems like Boettger should be starting at guard alonside feliciano.
  3. I suspect this line will move more towards the 49ers favor over the course of the week. After last week a lot of talking heads said the Rams were the NFC favorites and then they lose at home to the 49ers, who looked very good today against a top offense and defense. This is a huge game for the Bills to keep pace with the Dolphins and rest of the AFC WC field but I hate this matchup especially in primetime against a 49ers team that is one game away from .500 and still right in the thick of the NFC playoff picture.
  4. Win aside, I don't feel this is getting enough attention. It's completely unacceptable that after losing on the same play in Arizona (who BTW have lost 3 of 4 and only beat the Bills in that stretch) for the exact same thing to happen on a similar play after a bye week. At what point does this coaching staff rip into the team and hold them accountable for such a lack of focus and discipline?
  5. This team needs to play significantly better just to make the playoffs given the upcoming schedule. SF is one game out of .500 and a playoff spot and will be extra motivated on MNF even in a possible neutral site. But any talk of SB or actually winning a playoff game is a pipe dream at best because the Bills aren't close to the same class as the 3 other division leaders and have already lost decisively against two of them with the Steelers on deck in a few weeks.
  6. To Allen's credit, both times he threw it deep today good things happened (although one was only attempted because of a defensive offside). I think this is also why the rushing offense has been so poor (minus today and NE) because teams know we don't throw downfield and are strictly a dink and dunk type of offense.
  7. Packers up 31 points and a full quarter to go....when has this team done anything close to this in the last 3+ seasons under McDermott? Maybe he needs to have this team start watching how other teams play a complete game from start to finish and put a team away instead of letting them hang around deep into the 4th quarter week after week.
  8. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with that statement, but all things considered the Bills needed to be much better coming off a bye and Allen was not good at all outside of a few plays including the long pass to Davis.
  9. Bosa brothers are the truth, good thing their other stud pass rusher was out today. Just imagine if the Bills had a force like this on their defense.
  10. Win aside, this was as a pathetic performance as it gets coming out of a bye week against a 3 win team. Arizona has also lost 3 of 4 games with the only win coming against the Bills which is also not a very inspiring barometer. Bottom line this team is going to need to play significantly better down the stretch or it's still a very real possibility they not only miss out on the division but miss the playoffs altogether.
  11. He's a very inconsistent player just like Allen and most of this team. And as much as he's flashed at times there is a reason why this team tried to sign Bell and drafted another RB in the 3rd round this year, there's simply some sort of trust issue there and the ill timed turnover today proves that theory.
  12. This game pretty much ended up like I expected, but a few things have me really concerned going forward: 1) Allen - just way too inconsistent and this was probably his worst game of the season and 2nd time this year he's had two straight below average/bad games. Without John Brown he truly seems lost and is more turnover prone constantly looking Diggs way almost every play even when double/triple covered. If this team is truly going as far as Allen and the offense takes them I still think it will be one and done in the playoffs assuming we even get there. 2) Coaching/3rd quarter yet again - pretty much the same deal, against a better team we lose and lose easily but thankfully we played an even worse coach today and were able to hang on. I still think McDermott needs to fire Frazier no matter what after the season even if they get to the playoffs. 3) Defense - yes they've played better as a whole in recent weeks but they still look completely lost at times and the zone defense has to go (see last point about Frazier). Also how on earth do you allow another hail mail to be completed after the debacle a few weeks ago? Not good and don't matter that the play didn't matter in the end.
  13. Browns are a key team to watch down the stretch should the Bills end up fighting for a wildcard and not winning the division. In fact I didn't realize how ridiculous soft their schedule is, they will easily get to 10+ wins especially how they are winning games of late.
  14. I don't see this team claiming a player like this and paying the money he's owed. He'll probably go through waivers and sign dirt cheap with a team like the Chiefs for a chance to win a ring. Plus he's not a former Carolina player so Beane and this team don't know anything about how he would fit the process.
  15. Speaking of top drafting teams, I saw this on twitter earlier about the Saints 2017 class...might be one of the best single drafts of any team ever.
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