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Pay Milano and move him to MLB (offseason)

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52 minutes ago, Brianmoorman4jesus said:

The two most important players on this defense are Tre White and Matt Milano. IMO, they were the 2 biggest keys to this franchise’s 2017 turnaround. It has become a thought that Milano will leave once his rookie deal is up. I’m here to suggest, we pay him and move him to MLB. Make this guy the Kuechly of the Bills. The difference Milano makes in our defense is immeasurable. Paired with the struggles of our current MLB....I say, pay Milano and make him a career Bill. When it comes time, you let Edmunds go. Build the defense around 27 + 58. Go Bills!

Way too small for MLB

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I did something today I've never done before.  When the Bills were on defense, I spent the entire game focused on watching one player--Edmonds.


And he continued to disappoint.   He was clueless in the first half, making only one positive play vs. 10-15 negative ones.    In the second half, it appeared the defensive coaching staff essentially schemed around him (bringing up a safety, more zone bliting and disguises), which was a big reason for the turn around in effectiveness.


As has been the case all year, he remained totally useless vs. the run and only mediocre in coverage.   And I can't see where it has anything to do with playing hurt--he made the wrong read, down after down--which has nothing to do with his shoulder.   


I guess we're stuck with it, given our lack of depth.    But until he proves otherwise, I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed that the other 10 can get it done...



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