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Joe B takes a look at Buffalo's four core free agents...

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On 1/14/2020 at 10:39 AM, blacklabel said:

I didn't see this posted yet so I thought I'd share. It's an article on The Athletic so it's behind a paywall but I'll cut and paste a few bits and pieces.


Shaq Lawson - Joe predicts the Bills will get a long-term deal done with him before free agency. Quote...


"Signing Lawson would benefit the Bills in a few ways. They would be rewarding a young, vocal leader who has grown immensely under their watch. They would also be sending a message through the locker room that it doesn’t matter whether a player was brought in under the current regime; hard work, a good attitude and production are more important to them."


Jordan Phillips - Joe predicts Phillips will sign elsewhere during free agency, however...


"It wouldn’t be a surprise if Phillips allows the Bills to match a contract offer he receives, but the Bills are in a good place. Oliver is a superior pass rusher and run defender to Phillips, and Harrison Phillips is on the way back. All the team needs is another low-cost, rotational piece to complete their four-person defensive tackle rotation and they should be able to make up for the loss of Jordan Phillips. If Phillips doesn’t find a long-term deal in free agency, the Bills should remain open to another one-year pact (though it seems unlikely his market falls flat after his jump in production). But, with so much already in place at the position, it makes sense for the Bills to use that money elsewhere."


Quinton Spain - Predicts he will test free agency...


"Spain was an above-average starter for the majority of the season and stood out as a run blocker. But it’s notable that the Bills chose to rest Feliciano, and not Spain, in Week 17 against the Jets. Feliciano provides the versatility that Spain does not. The Bills also have a team option on the second year of Long’s deal and could bring him back this offseason. Cody Ford could play a part in the Spain decision, as the Bills haven’t ruled out moving the second-round pick inside."


Kevin Johnson - Predicts the Bills will give him a short-term deal...


"Without any substantial money tied to the cornerback position right now, the Bills have the flexibility to bring Johnson back on a short-term deal. He would give the Bills a fringe starter and depth option, he fits their scheme, is a special teams contributor and can even play inside at nickel when they need it."


He also adds that he believes the Bills will likely bring back some depth/special teams players, naming Dean Marlowe, Julian Stanford, Senorise Perry, and LaAdrian Waddle.


I wouldn't be opposed to bringing Lawson back, but at a manageable deal. He might be looking for a payday, though, who knows. There were also some quotes from Beane in the article that seemed to allude to them knowing the likelihood of Jordan Phillips testing the market is high. He added that they have Harrison Phillips coming back and how he had been playing very well before his injury. JP had some splash plays but also seemed to disappear at times, and also seemed to be in the game when the struggles to stop the run would happen, so, we'll see what happens there. Kevin Johnson is solid depth, I'd bring him back. Spain played well down the stretch but they may feel they have a better option there if they decide to switch Ford over to guard full-time. Should be an interesting off-season. 

Joe B just repeats everything he gets from other sources.  Most of the posters here could write the same!   He's a loser in the large scope of sports reporting!

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7 minutes ago, LB48 said:

Joe B just repeats everything he gets from other sources.  Most of the posters here could write the same!   He's a loser in the large scope of sports reporting!

We're the suckers then because we don't get paid to do it.

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