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What kind of place do members want The Stadium Wall to be?

What kind of place do members want The Stadium Wall to be?  

187 members have voted

  1. 1. Should The Stadium Wall forum allow topics and posts that are critical of the Bills?

    • Yes. Both favorable and critical comments and topics should be welcome here.
    • No. If you want to criticize the Bills, go someplace else.

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57 minutes ago, 32ABBA said:

I didn't claim they shouldn't be deleted. I merely pointed out to the poster that said "Posts aren't deleted" that in fact, they are deleted. What is confusing about that?


Posts do get deleted.  Confirmed.  Happy now?


57 minutes ago, 32ABBA said:

In fact, Chandler just deleted a post where I made him look foolish. 


Here's where I hear Aretha Franklin tuning up in the background.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T


Mods are volunteers.  We put time into this basically to "give back" for enjoying the board for many years and to keep it an enjoyable place.


You guys have no idea what this place would look like without the mods.  NO idea.  And in PM we get crap, we get insults, we get filth spewed, we get threats.  Yes, there are fellow sentient humans who think it's jolly to threaten a mod and family.  Over interactions on a bulletin board.  Seriously?  End of the World Predicted, News at 11.


And that's us.  SDS shares some gems from his email with us mods sometimes.  Yowza.

So why should we put up with being publicly disrespected on the board?  If you're debating with me on a football point and I'm wrong, I'll admit it and belly up for my plate of crow.  If you want to take an insulting poke at me or a fellow mod in public for being a Mod, No.  Just.....No.  Out of Bounds.

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