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  1. People always remember the games lost by conservatism but always forget the games won by it.
  2. QB: C+ based on last years production but I think it finishes with a better grade. RB: C+ just because Moss is unproven. If he is a similar talent to Singletary this goes up. WR A- The Bills have a true 1 and a solid 2 and 3. There is young depth too. OL B 4-5 solid starters and great depth DL B+ Good starters and great depth LB B- Edmund's and Milano are perfect for our scheme DB A- On star with White, 2 really good safeties, and depth at CB.
  3. 4 All Pros and 9 Pro Bowls gets you to the Hall if you play for franchises like the Packers, Steelers, or Patriots. Not being on the Wall of Fame makes no sense.
  4. The Bills have more cap space than the 7 million they would get from cutting those guys.
  5. I dont want him remembered as a Bill. He's not a great guy. Of the 3 Peters was the best but also the hardest to like.
  6. He will get a suspension. I think he learns from this and it will be forgotten before too long. In the short term, we have good depth at DT.
  7. He has the athletic skills to do well in any system. As Marv always said, the talent on your teams dictates the plays that you call. If Cam comes in you keep the system but you might utilize different plays
  8. All 32 teams should be interested in Newton unless the price tag is huge.
  9. That production out of a 5th round pick isnt bad. Even if it was just one season.
  10. This coaching staff will make these guys win a spot. Everyone drafted from round 4 on is going to have to play well to make the team and the order that they were drafted means nothing.
  11. I think this is fair. The numbers seem better than my recollection based of the Patriots games I watched.
  12. Yep, but I could see him matching Brady's production from last year.
  13. Decent arm strength, relatively fast, and well coached. I think he will be ok.
  14. Sadly, I think the Patriots will be good next year. I just hope the Bills are better.
  15. If they have an early to mid first round grade on a player I would.
  16. The best RBs are going to go fast. I wouldn't hate a trade up.
  17. One unnamed exec said that Burrow is the perfect prospect for round 2-3. Great player but he has a week arm and a short period of college success.
  18. I definitely do not want the Patriots to find a good young QB. They are too well coached. That being said, I have no idea how good Tua will be.
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