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  1. How does Green not hit the market? He wont get the franchise tag and doesnt want to be a Bengal.
  2. He was slightly above average in my opinion and should not be in the Hall of Fame. I don't think he should even make the cut to 25. He will get voted in however, because of the Giants 2 Super Bowl wins.
  3. They were 9-7 which wasnt too many wins beyond their expected win total. He did a nice job though.
  4. -RT so Ford can move to LG -WR, but I think we draft one as well -DE and/or OLB that can rush the passer I think the Bills will attempt to bring in studs at those positions. I'm not sure how successful they will be. Beyond that, depth at DT and CB. Conklin is a former All Pro who has suffered many injuries resulting in the Titans not picking up the 5th year option. Probably a high risk high reward type of guy.
  5. I think they should hire Greg William's. He changed the culture of the team and held players accountable when he was the interim. That is exactly what the Brown's very talented but undisciplined roster needs.
  6. I would try to sign Green and draft a WR early. WRs tend to take a few years to develop and at that point Green will be old.
  7. He gets more wins out of teams than he should based on the talent on the roster. The Bills will use a plethora of draft picks and their 90 million dollars in cap space to improve the roster. I'm optimistic.
  8. Yep, move Ford to LG then find a right tackle and WR in the offseason.
  9. Was the Cody Ford 15 yard penalty at the end of the game the right call? It looked like a legit block to me as the defender was making his way back to Allen. If feel like that play cost us the game with either Ford or the refs at fault.
  10. I believe combined passing and rushing yards is fair. At the end of the day both help achieve the goal of scoring points.
  11. He seems like a pretty good talent evaluator. The roster is loaded with good players. He seems to struggle with head coaches.
  12. The Jim Schwartz defense with the Greg Roman offense would have been a playoff team for sure. The offense got much better and the defense worse with the hire of Rex.
  13. We have added a lot of free agents. The Patriots signed 19 free agents the offseason prior to Tom Brady's first Super Bowl win. Point being, it can work. In addition, the Browns have had a plethora of picks in recent years.
  14. Often times you double your opponents best WR then have your best CB cover their 2nd best WR.
  15. He will get over 16 million a year in my opinion. Will Dion Dawkins and Milano get extended this offseason? They will have completed year 3 of a 4 year contract.
  16. Mahomes will likely be in the hall of fame at the most important position in team sports. That trumps an All Pro CB and a solid QB.
  17. The Bills selected really good players. The Chiefs won the trade.
  18. We lost because the Patriots are better. It really is that simple. The Bills closed the gap but the Patriots are still one of the best teams in the NFL. Next year hopefully.
  19. We barely lost to an 11-3 team on the road and now the sky has fallen. So annoying
  20. The expectations should be high. This team competes with everyone.
  21. I consider them to be the same. Allen runs then Allen scores. They are without question well coached. I'm fine with Brady coming back. I want Bill gone.
  22. I feel like Allen has at least a couple of TD runs of more than 3 yards
  23. It could be, but the Texans are more likely to be the Bills opponent and we might as well start preparing for someone. Game planning for the Jets accomplished nothing.
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