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  1. Jets, Patriots, Dolphins, Steelers, Colts, Jaguars, Commanders, Eagles, Lions, Seahawks, 49ers, Giants all have QBs worse than Baker.
  2. I feel like we talk about Edmunds constantly. I'm kind of sick of discussing the guy.
  3. If was going to get a big money deal you think he would have gotten it by now. Maybe teams want to see if he has recovered from his injuries or if he is still a top CB.
  4. Any chance that Gilmore comes back to Buffalo on a 1 year prove it deal?
  5. He has a huge contact now, while great talents like Chase are not a burden to a team's salary cap.
  6. There isn't a guarantee that you will get him if he is cut. If you have the cap space trading a late round pick guarantees his services.
  7. Aren't Bates and Williams fine for now? Spend the cash elsewhere.
  8. I like it. It gives smart teams an advantage and now that the Bills are good they should start to benefit from it. It doesn't prevent you from signing players who were cut so it's possible to sign free agents while adding comp picks. The Rams are the best at it.
  9. Correct. If you gave up a 3rd to get him you might get a 3rd round compensatory pick back if he played well this year and signed a large contract elsewhere.
  10. If they win the Super Bowl it was an amazing trade. I'd give up 20 1st rounders for a Bills Super Bowl win.
  11. I think he would be much cheaper to re-sign now than after next season. If he has another season similar to this season, he will get signed for a lot of cash. Do the Bills have the cap space though?
  12. I feel like you create your Board then wait to see what happens. If there are 7 players you love and the Bills are on the clock, trade down. If the 19th pick was just made and only one player you love is left, trade up. There are too many variables to have a pre-determined strategy of targeting positions or trades.
  13. Josh will run less when he gets older, but wll still be really good.
  14. Did we need to force feed Diggs the ball? The offense was on fire. If Diggs presence allows for everyone else to get open than he is worth every penny.
  15. Wasn't Goodwin really good in San Fran? That being said, speed doesn’t always make a player good.
  16. What else do we have to do? There will not be another meaningful game until September.
  17. This one hurt more for me, because I thought this year's team was winning the Super Bowl.
  18. Losing in the playoffs always hurts. Losing when a win gives the Bills an excellent chance to win the Super Bowl makes the loss absolutely awful. This could have been the year, and who knows if they will be this good in the years to come.
  19. Preparing for an interview is a ton of work. A candidate needs to be very familiar with a team's roster prior to the interview. They need to know what assistants they might bring in. They need to evaluate what can be done to improve the team. These interviews should not be taking place now. The Bills agree, but the league voted down their proposal to hold off on interviews until after the Super Bowl.
  20. I agree with half of this. We haven't been great at running the ball in obvious running situations but I do think that Allen running the ball can be sustained over 4 games.
  21. They have scored more points than any other AFC team and allowed fewer points than any other AFC team. A season is an emotional roller coaster, so I understand fan frustration. The Bills are a well coached team though.
  22. They could have promoted someone else if that is the goal
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