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  1. Allen deserves most of the credit for his improvement. I don't think any QB works harder than him during the offseason. Dabol does deserve some credit however. Dabol and Allen work really well together. They discuss plays, throw out plays, and modify plays together. Through 3 years the offense has grown a lot because of it. The Bills franchise as really benefited from consistency.
  2. I was just curious. I have been fortunate enough to be employed for the last 25 years. When you fire an employee they are usually eligible to receive unemployment compensation. For this reason, many businesses try to force resignations.
  3. I don't. If I had Diggs and Adams on the outside however, I might prefer Beasley in the slot over the other guys though.
  4. He only had 1 vote but 1 was enough to get on the 2nd team. Poyer had 3 but several other guys had more. A lot of Bills had 1-3 votes and were not 2nd team All-Pros. I'm guessing the one person who voted for Beasely wanted a true slot receiver on their roster.
  5. He had the 2nd most votes and only 1 less than Adams.
  6. It might matter in terms of who get first team All Pro. I don't think our offensive is better is Diggs is replaced with a different WR.
  7. I don't think it matters that much. Josh spreads the ball around in the red zone and runs it in himself.
  8. He is properly rated. People think that he is good and he is.
  9. I've watched football since 1988. In my opinion the best QB in that time period is Mahomes. Brady is the 2nd best. Montana 3rd.
  10. Yeah. I thought with good luck they could win a couple of playoff games but I think 0 or 1 win is the most likely scenario now.
  11. Sometimes you draft a QB then the following year a better prospect is available when you are on the clock. If that is the case Miami should absolutely draft a QB. Arizona doesn't regret giving up on Rosen. I have no idea how Tua compares to the current group of prospects though.
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