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  1. There are times to boo but halftime against Miami wasn't one of them.
  2. I'm glad they gave the Jets and Browns so many prime time games.
  3. I read recently that most betting on the game picked Philly to win. By the end of the week the Bill's will be underdogs by a point or two.
  4. Fitz is hard to defend. He gets rid of the ball quickly and picks up first downs with his legs. His Achilles heel is his inaccuracy and lack of arm strength that often leads to interceptions. If they score here we will need a turnover or 2.
  5. It takes so little for this board to lose faith in the Bills. Thank God the Bills have thicker skins than their fans.
  6. They have a many large contracts on their roster and they will either need to franchise him or offer him the moon to guarantee he stays.
  7. His contract expires at the end of next season. I dont understand the trade.
  8. I like Stafford but hate his salary. I'd rather have Allen plus at his salary right now.
  9. Pro Bowl Caliber QBs currently playing that were not drafted in the first round. -Tom Brady -Drew Brees (I guess. He was the first pick of the 2nd round) -Dak Prescott -Russel Wilson If I needed a QB I would take one early.
  10. The Bill's win but I would take the Dolphins with the points.
  11. I think our ranking matches our overall talent on offense. Beside Morse, the rest of the Bills lineman are bad to mediocre. We don't have a Pro Bowl caliber WR or TE. Our RBs are either past their prime or injured. I think next season is the year the Bills offense becomes decent.
  12. I hate this topic. Everyone on here needs to remember that the national media was discussing if Alabama could beat the Bills after week 2 last year. It was embarrassing and was a stupid debate. The Dolohins would beat Alabama easily.
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