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  1. auburnbillsbacker

    Is it inconceivable for the Bills to trade for OBJ?

    I would trade our 9th for him. The odds that our pick at 9 has his talent is slim to none. We need to surround Allen with top talent. Most players don't want to come here but when they arrive the grow to like it.
  2. No. Playing against the AFC East equals more wins. More wins equals byes and home field advantage. The Patriots would have been very good regardless of what division they were in but playing in the East made them a dynasty.
  3. auburnbillsbacker

    Eagles to Tag Foles

    Foles should sign that franchise tag deal immediately. I don't think he will comparable pay on the open market.
  4. auburnbillsbacker

    Gilmore on the Pats is the same player he was in Buffalo

    A lot of people felt he deserved to be the Super Bowl MVP.
  5. He is too talented to last until the 2nd round. Mock drafts in December are fine. Haven't almost all but the bowls games been played? There is a ton of tape on all of these guys.
  6. auburnbillsbacker

    I miss that Son of a Bum

    But he didn't wear a headset.
  7. auburnbillsbacker

    Which is a better investment? Offense or Defense?

    I think the word "demise" is too strong. The were likely a coin flip away from playing in the Super Bowl.
  8. auburnbillsbacker

    This Is Why Spending Big $ For A RB Is Not Wise:

    I don't know if anyone really knew if he was intoxicated or not but it would be reasonable to assume that he was. Since he left the scene no one would know. He also got a DWI shortly after being traded to Seattle. The moral of the story is that I found him to be a difficult player to support.
  9. auburnbillsbacker

    This Is Why Spending Big $ For A RB Is Not Wise:

    Didn't he drive while intoxicated, hit a woman with his car, then flee the seen of the crime?
  10. They traded up in the first round twice because the best player available in their opinion was at a position of need.
  11. Allen is going to be good but the Bills would make that trade.
  12. auburnbillsbacker

    The GAME when you knew the Bills HC wasn't the guy!

    Not so much games but -The first time Wade Phillips didnt wear a headset -The first time Greg Williams had loud horns go off during training camp -The first time that Dick Jauron said "winning in the NFL is hard" -When Doug called himself "Saint Doug" -As for the former GM Buddy Nix, when he questioned his own intelligence. Truthfully though, it was hard not to like him and Chan.
  13. auburnbillsbacker

    Gerald McCoy: Cap casualty

    Is 13 million a year reasonable? If so, offer Tampa a 6th round picks so that he doesn't become an unrestricted free agent. If 13 million is too much let him hit free agency then sign him for less.
  14. auburnbillsbacker

    Greg Roman promoted to OC in Baltimore

    The Bills had a top 10 offense with Roman and the fans complained that too many of the yards were rushing yards. He is a good coach and so is Anthony Lynn. The Bills were lucky and still liked to complain about the offense.
  15. auburnbillsbacker

    Who was GM when Jason Peters was dealt?

    I agree with a lot of what you said but they were not cheap. You can't give a guy a new contract every year. If you did everyone would hold out every year.