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  1. auburnbillsbacker

    What would it take to make the franchise tag go away?

    The owners want it and very few players are impacted by it. This typically means that it will remain in future contracts.
  2. auburnbillsbacker

    Let's have a way too early Win Projection

    7-9. Playoffs in 2020.
  3. auburnbillsbacker

    Will the Bills move up for Quinnen Williams?

    I'm fine with trading up for any player that they believe is a stud unless we can get a similar player at 9. Free agency gave us depth and filled holes. Now let's bring in stars.
  4. auburnbillsbacker

    Is the Le'Veon Bell signing over-hyped?

    It was a decent contract from the Jets perspective. They have him less guaranteed money than we gave Morse.
  5. auburnbillsbacker

    Patriots Insterested In Rosen.

    If the Patriots offer a 2nd I feel like we need to offer a 2nd. I want Allen to start but I think Rosen has potential. I dont want him to be a Patriot
  6. auburnbillsbacker

    Josh Allen vs Carson Wentz - Rookie Season

    At the end of his career I don't think Allen will have a great QB rating but I do think he will be a very good QB. His stats were not great last year but he took a team with a horrible line and young WRs and led the team to a .500 record during the games he started. I'm very excited about the future.
  7. They have been smart with their signings. Almost all of a free agent pickups have front loaded contracts or can be released without much penalty. The Bills will still have a lot of cap space next year and beyond. In general, I think the Bills wanted to fill holes with competent starters to give them flexibility in the draft and future off seasons. I do not however, think the Bills view many of their acquisitions as long term starters. You will see several of these guys get cut over the next two seasons as more talented draft picks and free agents are signed. As fans, we will likely complain about how little some of these guys provided based on how much they got paid. The Bills on the other hand, will not care. It was all part of the plan.
  8. auburnbillsbacker

    Patriots weak at skill positions

    I can explain. For the last 20 years they have been fine. I dont see why next year would be any different.
  9. auburnbillsbacker

    Patriots weak at skill positions

    They will be fine.
  10. auburnbillsbacker

    Bills 53 offensive line projection

    He was inconsistent for sure but he also had moments where he dominated, driving defensive lineman several yards down the field.
  11. auburnbillsbacker

    Bills 53 offensive line projection

    It is my opinion that we would lose Teller if he was placed on the practice squad.
  12. auburnbillsbacker

    Antonio Brown on Instagram trashing Bills!

    Anyone who doesn't take offense to that isnt a Bills fan.
  13. auburnbillsbacker

    Devin White LSU LB: I’ll be looking for $100 mil in 5 years

    It takes years until rookies can renogiate. If he is a stud, LB needy teams should not think twice about drafting him.
  14. auburnbillsbacker

    Bills host OG Quinton Spain from Titans***Update...SIGNED***

    I hope you are right. I just dont believe the players we signed are that talented. Morse being the exception.