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  1. They usually get all of the calls. Today they didnt.
  2. He's really good and so is our defense. He played fine.
  3. We lost a close game to the best team in the NFL. The Bills have a shot. To be fair to the OP, our roster will be better next year. The schedule will likely be harder and they will likely have more injuries next year though. As fans, we cant assume next year will be better. Go Bills!!
  4. Sunday's refs....want the Ravens to win.
  5. The Ravens look to be a much better team. I have learned not to give up on this Bills team though.
  6. I think the Bills got rid of him because his contract was expiring and they needed draft capital to ensure they got a QB in the draft.
  7. He didn't say by a mile. It does make sense. If you want to win contend for a super bowl title you will likely need to beat the Ravens on the road in the playoffs. Beating them in Buffalo would be a sign that the Bills are contenders.
  8. I think thete is some revisionist history going on here. After the Eagles games most Bills fans were extremely concerned about his future. Oliver has started the process of making most of us wrong. Thank God for that.
  9. As a Bills fan, I'm still nervous about the outcome of the game. We have been burned too many times in the past.
  10. The offensive line play has gotten much better. Assuming Ford can play and Knox turns out to be an ok TE, I think the Bills are 1 WR away from having a really good offense next season. A 2nd quality TE could help as well.
  11. Did Ford have a good game? I didnt notice any break downs on pass protection.
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