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  1. I think he is loved by all but not trusted by some. He's a stand up guy who plays hard, there's really nothing to hate. I think he will be really good. Others think his inaccuracy will prevent him from being a franchise QB.
  2. I think he is a lock for the 5th year option. He's playing for a 2nd contact.
  3. I feel like Lawrence is one of these guys that people think will go 1st overall but won't I dont think he will be the 1st QB drafted.
  4. I didnt take the odds as a sign of faith. He essentially has the same odds as a dude without a team.
  5. How many of the snaps did Star make it to the ball carrier? Shouldn't you look at attempted tackles instead of snaps.
  6. As of right now the Bills and Patriots are both projected to win 9 games. If the Patriots land a name WB they will once again be favored to win the East.
  7. Wouldn't it be something if the best Bills team in 20 years didnt get to play football.
  8. Ford has more than 1 year to prove it. We dont need Ford ar guard though.
  9. There isn't a spot for him there.
  10. Could be. He's a former pro bowler though. If he is healthy he might out perform Ford. If that happens I don't see a starting spot for Ford.
  11. Are they willing to bench Ford for the season?
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