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  1. Doesn’t matter cause Jackson won’t be on the roster.
  2. Good to see in year 2 you’re picking up right where you left off. You were all over Allen last year. At least you’re consistent.
  3. I still think if the OP doesn’t respond to their thread and defend their position they just receive a ban. It’s ridiculous. Defend your position
  4. I did, my bad. I got wrapped up in replying before I read to the end. I understand your position, but as others have stated I wouldn't expect action to be taken unless some new evidence confirming guilt comes to light.
  5. Fair enough, I get the point, my wording was awfully poor. thank you for pointing that out, I agree with your statement.
  6. He asked questions. he didn't state an argument one way or another. Your response was unnecessary and incorrect based on his initial response.
  7. You know everyone? 12 jurors collectively believed he was innocent.
  8. LA Fitness, 4-6 days a week, working on slimming down and building muscle, usually an hour on the elliptical, a run outside and then a weight routine. Music? Whatever suits my current mood
  9. I think the real question is how many people would cancel their seasons because the Bills might choose to cancel training camp at SJF.
  10. This thread is exhibits A-Z about emotional rankings after a Bills game that I cannot stand.
  11. RIP Pancho/Ezra. May your family and friends find comfort in this difficult time. Thoughts and prayers from myself and my family.
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