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  1. I accept this response. It’s just ridiculous the amount of negativity on here, have a little faith or positivity people.
  2. Why’re people feeding the trolls?
  3. Im not sure of that “hit”. Seems like it’s more of a collision. Both players were making a play to the puck, not really sure I saw anything malicious from Jack.
  4. MarkAF43

    Crazy Wind Storm Coming

    It’s starting here in south buffalo. Not too bad yet though
  5. MarkAF43

    Sean McVay pre super bowl

    I didn't listen to the audio, but it seems to be a leap saying he acknowledged greatness and didn't try to get creative with his plan. That sounds like a complete assumption
  6. MarkAF43

    Jussie Smallette (Alleged) Self Inflicted Hoax Assault

    I didn't even know who this guy was until I googled his name and apparently he was in the Mighty Ducks. He was Terry Hall. one third of the famed "Oreo" line from the movie.
  7. No worries. The saints had a ton of opportunities to not be in that situation. My only thought was that the league from a business point of view should’ve made some sort of comment and my opinion is by not doing it that it’s a bad business decision.
  8. I appreciate the reply however at no point did I whine. So if that was aimed at me that’s an inaccurate statement. I’ve said several times to people that the Saints created many of their own issues, however no one can ignore the blown call that happened. So yes I still think that the league remaining quiet is a mistake.
  9. You keep saying it, I have no vested interest in this. SHow me another example of another blatant missed call that cost a team a Super Bowl opportunity. I'll wait.
  10. When there is such an egregious missed call that had the largest impact in league history for one team and fan base, the commissioner should be commenting on it. No fact the league has remained publicly quiet on it. That doesn’t bode well. That smacks of arrogance that we don’t care enough about our fans (not only Saints fans, but football fans) to speak about what happened, we just hope you’ll forget about it attitude. With a league that is starting to show cracks in their armor, concussions, lawsuits, violence, more kids not playing football etc, this is the wrong approach for the league to take.
  11. I think that it sucks the way the Saints lost because of a failure to call anyone one of three penalties on the play (targeting a defenseless receiver, Helmet to helmet or PI), but I think it makes the league looks worse that Goodell hasn't spoken on the issue. Some may think he doesn't need to, however as the head of the NFL, he should make some sort of comment, his silence is deafening.
  12. MarkAF43

    Buffalo's reputation amongst free agents

    Fixed it for you.
  13. MarkAF43

    Kyle Williams: Officially Retires

    Thanks Hap, I'll call it my birthday present.
  14. MarkAF43

    Kyle Williams: Officially Retires

    You’re an idiot.