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  1. Some of them yeah. I’m looking more at the ones who may have a point and I’d like to hear them defend it but they run the ones who just post straight nonsense can just go away
  2. i don't mind the irrational anger fueled posts, for me i can't stand when the individuals post and then disappear. If you're going to to start a topic, stick around and defend your position.
  3. RIP Pancho/Ezra. May your family and friends find comfort in this difficult time. Thoughts and prayers from myself and my family.
  4. MarkAF43

    Life Hacks

    seems more of the illegal type than a life hack.
  5. Pancho thoughts and prayers from Bills fans everywhere. I’m speechless.
  6. I don't know why and I am wayyyyy less knowledgeable about the draft than most of you, but I think the Bills make a play for Devin White. It's just a gut feeling. Whether it involves trading up or getting him at 9, I just have a feeling about it.
  7. By your own statement, the Cardinals would be foolish to trade him then, so this discussion is irrelevant. According to you, they should increase their odds in case of a bust. This whole thread is pointless.
  8. dude just stop. the first one is ridiculous this one, pathetic. pics or it didn't happen.
  9. I accept this response. It’s just ridiculous the amount of negativity on here, have a little faith or positivity people.
  10. Im not sure of that “hit”. Seems like it’s more of a collision. Both players were making a play to the puck, not really sure I saw anything malicious from Jack.
  11. It’s starting here in south buffalo. Not too bad yet though
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