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  1. My answer is no. We have TE's that are being developed and I would prefer us not bringing in someone else to cut into their playing time.
  2. But they called a penalty to take away the scoring play. So how is the penalty still reviewable?
  3. It isn't. you need to look at the rule. If he is on the line of scrimmage he can leap over, he cannot take a running start to do it. It's a completely legitimate and legal play.
  4. I take it as the part you can’t do it unless stationary on the line. He was stationary on the line. But i am not smart. So I could very well be wrong.
  5. As someone else said, not a missed call. He was on the line and leaped over. Completely legal play based on the rule.
  6. This guy has been crusading against JA since we drafted him. It’s ridiculous nonsense. People around here act like we just lost to the Dolphins, not the defending SB champs who hadn’t given up an offensive TD since the AFC championship.
  7. Because it’s a ridiculous overreaction to the game. He played poorly sure. But to say he’s the main reason we lost the game is complete poppycock.
  8. Thanks. I thought I saw him on the TD get a guy pushed onto his neck while he was down.
  9. Isn’t it a penalty to throw a challenge flag on a play you can’t challenge?
  10. I agree. Thanks for your service. Navy was an option for me but I don’t like ships and open water that much. Air Force was the only one that fit me.
  11. So accusing someone of lying about service is who you are? That’s quite an interesting approach. I’m not sure about how long ago you served, how long, tank, with who, but if you’re that person who attacks when confronted with difficult conversations, you’re someone I’d absolutely distance myself from while serving. Way too much negativity and hostility.
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