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  1. It was called Big Ben because that's what it was called the first time it was successfully used - by the Atlanta Falcons. Staubach's pass was a true Hail Mary, as it was just a pass launched in hopes his receiver would catch it. But in 1978 the rules were changed so that an offensive player could tip a pass to another offensive player. Before then it was illegal. The Falcons practiced doing this and called the play Big Ben for whatever reason. And the first time they used it it worked - twice actually, except they didn't have replay reviews and the refs blew the second one. The NFL being a copy cat league, naturally everybody started practicing and using the play, and most of them, as well as the announcers, called it Big Ben just because that's what it was originally called. It had nothing to do with Ben Williams. Then over the years it just became fashionable to call it Hail Mary - again.
  2. Food for thought. I know the stadium crew has to keep a log of all the song clips they play during the game. Just like a radio station they have to keep track and pay royalties for every song they use (you know, like playing "Back On The Chain Gang" every time there's a measurement). I don't know how much this adds up to for a season but it is a cost. Meanwhile I'm sure the train horn is free. I have to believe it's the same for using movie clips. The charging buffaloes is from Dances With Wolves, right? So using the clip would require (permission?) a royalty or fee too I would expect. Same with Fred and Barney with the "Go Go Buffalo" chant. I'm curious, would the charges for using video clips be rather insignificant, like it is for the song clips? Or would playing the charging buffaloes on every 3rd down amount to something a lot more? Any insiders with expert knowledge on this?
  3. Lose the train horn. That thing is annoying even if I'm watching on TV. Bring back the charging buffaloes and Fred & Barney. When lining up for kickoffs they should play that echoing base line from the beginning of Pink Floyd's One Of These Days. That would be cool.
  4. I bet we could solve the dilemma by giving each player a big number - much bigger even than the name tag. Just an idea.
  5. June 1st is meaningless when a player is in his final year.
  6. Year Date Player Team Trigger Base Salary Roster Bonus 2019 March 17 Micah Hyde Bills $500,000 roster bonus is due $3,950,000 $500,000 2019 March 17 Jordan Poyer Bills $150,000 roster bonus is due $2,950,000 $150,000 2019 March 17 Stephen Hauschka Bills $250,000 roster bonus is due $2,000,000 $250,000 2019 March 17 Star Lotulelei Bills $5.15 million of base salary becomes guaranteed $7,150,000 $1,000,000 2019 March 17 Star Lotulelei Bills $1M roster bonus due $7,150,000 $1,000,000 2019 March 17 Trent Murphy Bills $2.5M of base salary becomes guaranteed $5,800,000 $500,000 2019 March 17 Trent Murphy Bills $500,000 5th day of league year roster bonus due $5,800,000 $500,000
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