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  1. Actually there were a lot of players. You have to look at the timeline. After the strike of 1986 there was a lot going on. At some point, I think in the early 90s the players decertified the union - just like they always do when there's a labor dispute. Once they do that the owners can't lock the players out as a group just because they don't have a collective bargaining agreement. But then what happened was the NFLPA kept representing players in things like marketing deals, and using the money they raised to fund their lawsuits against the league. The NFL decided to take took advantage of the fact that the players weren't technically represented by the union. Since there was no CBA the NFL could make deals with individual players in order to market their jerseys etc. They paid a boatload of money to a bunch of players which added to the labor strife. But with no CBA and technically no NFLPA as the bargaining representative, the owners couldn't lock them out and the players couldn't strike - except as individuals. For the time being they both found it best to keep playing games and file their lawsuits - many of which wouldn't be allowed if there was a CBA in place. Anyway, that's why there were a bunch of players back then who weren't part of the NFLPA licensing deals with companies like TECMO. It actually didn't last long because a court decision found that it was illegal for the players to decertify the union in order to file lawsuits, and then keep using the NFLPA as a collective representative with licensing deals and in their lawsuits. The court said you're either represented by a union or you're not. And the eventual result was a temporary free agency system lovingly referred to as Plan B, which lasted until they finally all agreed on the current system we have today with free agency after 4 years but with franchise/transition tags and restricted free agency for guys with less than 4 years, along with the salary cap.
  2. If it were us releasing him there would be a half dozen threads complaining we could have got a 4th for him.
  3. I wonder why he bothers with the tinted visor during pregame if he can't wear it during the game.
  4. Right around 200 counting playoffs and preseasons. The only game I went to not at Rich or the Ralph was Super Bowl XXV in Tampa.
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