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  1. They have to cut him to make room for Christian Wade.
  2. Good start here. It's top 51 through training camp right up until the final Tuesday before the regular season starts. During that time there is no practice squad. All players count towards the 90 player limit. There are limits to how long players can be on the practice squad, but it's generally a couple years so it's not like a few weeks decision thing for the most part. And last year (and still possibly this year) the PS rules have been expanded to allow more flexibility through the COVID times. At the end of the year PS contracts expire and teams resign their players to regular N
  3. Browns center and NFLPA president JC Tretter is from Akron. Not a big deal but FWIW, I played in high school against his uncle and maybe his father when they were at Oakfield-Alabama.
  4. By 1995 we had to use Tasker. Lofton and Beebe were gone. Reed only started 6 games. That left us with guys named Bill Brooks, Russel Copeland, Justin Armour, Lonnie Johnson, Tony Cline and Steve Tasker. We used him more because we had too.
  5. In order to get the floor in 2020 up to $182.5 mil instead of the $175 mil minimum originally agreed to, the NFLPA and NFL agreed to suspend certain player benefits we rarely hear about (severance pay, player savings plans, CBA related performance based pay, etc.) until 2023 when they would be reinstated. This agreement specifies that any amount above the $208.2 mil ceiling will go towards reinstating those benefits in 2022.
  6. Not arguing your points as I agree. Just want to point out they have every team's adjusted cap at $208.2 million. They're just using the ceiling amount for now as I suppose it's way too early to bother trying to know what each team's rollover, etc. will be next year.
  7. Players can only wear dark tinted visors during games if they have a medical reason and approval from the Commish.
  8. Wow. All these years I never knew the reason Brad Van Pelt went to 5 straight Pro Bowls a a middle linebacker was because him wearing #10 consistently faked out the other team.
  9. I think the clause has been around a long time. And Edwards wasn't just some guy hanging out at the Pro Bowl playing flag football. He was invited there by the NFL as one of the season's best rookies, and the flag football game was the NFL's idea and was promoted by them. So I don't think that would have violated the clause anyway. However, I'm sure the incident is undoubtedly the reason we don't see the NFL promoting rookie flag football games before the Pro Bowl any more though.
  10. FWIW, every NFL contract contains this paragraph. 3. OTHER ACTIVITIES. Without prior written consent of the Club, Player will not play football or engage in activities related to football otherwise than for Club or engage in any activity other than football which may involve a significant risk of personal injury. Player represents that he has special, exceptional and unique knowledge, skill, ability, and experience as a football player, the loss of which cannot be estimated with any certainty and cannot be fairly or adequately compensated by damages. Player therefore agrees that Cl
  11. The Bills 1969 first round draft pick ultimately produced 334 touchdowns, over 35,000 passing yards, over 11,000 rushing yards and over 2,100 receiving yards over a 28 year span.
  12. This is also true. However, my original response was to Jokeman's post that said, "Thank God Polian intervened and said we should take Bruce instead" - at which point I responded that decision was made easy for Polian because Flutie signed with the USFL in February. Your statement is true. But it still wasn't Polian who made the decision to pick Bruce and not Flutie. Flutie agreed to sign with the USFL in late January, and actually signed his contract on February 6th. Bills GM Terry Bledsoe had a heart attack right around that same day, prompting Ralph to ultimately let Polian take
  13. When the Bills ended their 0 for the 70s 20 game losing streak to Miami in the 1980 season opener, it was the first game ever for newcomers Conrad Dobler and Phil Villapiano. They were, to say the least, quite amazed to see the fans storming the field, sharing beers with the players and ripping down the goal posts. It's one of the stories in Dobler's book "They Call Me Dirty."
  14. Polian's decision not to use the first pick on Flutie was made quite simple for him. The reason Flutie went on to not be drafted until the 11th round is because In January he was drafted by the USFL's New Jersey Generals, where, in February, he signed a contract making him the highest paid pro athlete at the time. Two full months before the NFL draft.
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