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  1. This is my sentiment for the most part. I want Josh Allen to be Josh Allen. I want to see him run less because he doesn't HAVE to run as much. I want him to run less because his O-line is giving him better protection and his play makers are getting open. In other words, I want him to run when he has to and I hope that will be less often. As for designed plays. I don't want them to go Cam Newton / Russell Wilson but I am a fan of the Run Pass Option and I think it keeps the defense on their toes. Forces them to keep a spy on the QB. Overall I think that Josh's scramble ability raises the level of the team. This first pre-season game I could see him holding on to the ball and throwing it away where last year he would have taken off with it. I am hoping this was just a pre-season thing and he will be back to scrambling when the play just isn't there.
  2. YEah I was feeling the same way about this. Ed was pushing through and doing great.....not really his fault that the lineman sucked and that Allen didn't see it coming. Glad Allen is okay
  3. yeah but they need more detail. What were the other 2 throws? How "in-stride" were they? What was the end result of the 11-on-11? I'm pretty impressed about the lack of reporting for the first day of mini camp. They all tweeted out the injuries and a couple of JA open-air throws and then just disappeared. Nevermind: How the drive ended Quick question: how do i add twitter posts the way you guys do
  4. So, they got the the 4 yard line and what? A bunch of incomplete passes and out? Tried to run it in a few times and out? The play by play on the 11-on-11 for today's practice was REALLY weak by all the news outlets. Were the throws by JA on target and give the receiver a chance to get some extra yards? Were they on the ground but the WR's made some good plays? I mean....seriously almost NO detail about the 11-on-11 segment....the only part i care about. Instead we get a bunch of "Josh Allen can throw to John Brown when not under pressure and not covered...." GRRRR.
  5. Well, then this article is just silly...but it seems that everyone has figured that out already
  6. TO and Kelvin Benjamin mostly go here because they had high expectations and both just went at half speed. Sure, they made a decent catch here or there but they came in to be superstars and were barely functional journeyman.
  7. So my only issue from this article comes from this segment: Seriously? Accuracy can't be fixed? So instead we should model an offense that has 0 short game? You will NEVER win games by just slinging it down field over and over. He suggests bringing a "madden team" in. Which he means "throw the deep ball over and over". I suggest that Madden is the only football he watches because all of this is idiocy. Accuracy CAN be worked on. Of course you want to build an offense around your QB's strengths but at the same time you need to continue to work on his weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Otherwise you end up with a one dimensional offense that anybody can defend against. Has anyone else seen articles about whether accuracy can be fixed or not? I mean.....do human beings get born with an accuracy gene that sets just how accurate they will be throwing the ball and there is just nothing to do to change that?
  8. I wonder if it was an outer or inner labia injury
  9. To be fair, I stopped liking our old OL coach when he was in a few of the videos last year. They probably shot hours of footage...cropped and edited it.....and he still came off as dumb as a pile of bricks. None of his sentences seemed to make any sense. Everything was just useless garbage coming out of his mouth. I don't know if maybe he was just a REALLY good hands on teacher but with the way our OL under performed so horribly last year I will guess not. Looking forward to this revamped line with a new OL coach. I really think its going to change EVERYTHING.
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