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  1. This is what I want from the Bills this week: - The W (end of story).... Seriously though, - Offense scores at least one touchdown to ruin Pats D's record - They play solid football without shooting themselves in the foot - HEART. I want to see them fighting till the very end no matter the score. The key to beating Brady is the same as always. Get to him with 3 or 4 but use the rest of your men to flood the field. Brady gets the ball out faster than any other QB due to designed plays and quick decision making. Whats the point of getting to the QB in 2 seconds on a 0-blitz if he gets it out in 1 and gashes you for 30 yards. If you are going to blitz it needs to be unseen and out of nowhere and you need to make sure the hot route is covered HARD. Other than that. Play hard and don't shoot yourself in the foot and you have a 50/50 chance of winning against the Pat's every time. This will be a GREAT measuring stick for both teams. I'm just hoping they are talking about the Pats like they are the '97 team instead of the '07 team after Sunday
  2. The only downside to this run is that he gets his finger in that guys face mask and pulls down....facemask should have been called. Then he lowers his head to make head-to-head contact with the next guy. As he lowered his head second the call should have been on him. He got away with two non-calls there. Glad to see him play like that but he needs to be careful. Those get called against the Pats
  3. Exactly what I was thinking. I think they are correct that we are the worst of the 2-0 teams (so far....journey has just begun ;)). I just read another power ranking that had us at 24th still. I just couldn't understand it.
  4. can we just have a new thread instead of combining this one from week 1. Or at least update the OP so it has all the new rankings? Don't feel like delving through a bunch of pages (which will eventually show up) to get to week 2 or week 3 rankings
  5. I refuse to read the other 4 pages of comments before i say this. DAMN RIGHT!! I said it at half time to anyone who would listen. The Bills have a horrible tendency to play looser on defense and boring offense that runs the clock out the second they get any kind of two score lead. It's frustrating as hell. Look at Belichick. 43-0 and he sends a 0-blitz at the dolphins (brings the house). GO FOR THE THROAT! I don't care if you are up 6 scores. Maybe take some starters out but keep going for that throat with the play calling. Play 4 quarters and make them PAY. Finish every game the way Feliciano and Spain keep on finishing their guys. A win is a win but man oh man you CANNOT do that to a good team. You attack and you don't stop attacking.
  6. The problem is that we can never know. Did JA see that he didn't have his guy beat and decide to underthrow it to let him make a play? I've seen a lot of QB's do that. On the other hand, was he trying to throw a bomb and just severely underthrew him and Brown made him look good. Who knows. All I know is that it ended up in the game winning touchdown and that's all that matters
  7. I feel like our entire offense is one big gamble atm. As my favorite fictional character says .... "Dovie'andi se tovya sagain." (It's time to toss the dice.)
  8. How do you have 12659 posts?!?!? That's Either a post a day for 35 years or at least 10 posts a day for the last 3 - 4 years. You sir, impress me.
  9. Also, I would like to see our offense be better than either offenses last night. They were AWFUL. Both O-lines were swiss cheese. Made our line last year look good. Last night wasn't necessarily about good defenses but piss poor offensive lineman and I DONT want to see that on Sunday. I'll take a W no matter what but god that was awful last night.
  10. It's been said. A win. I've seen good teams play bad football and bad teams play good football. I have seen our D dominate and our O dominate and vice versa. All that matters in the end is the W. Come out with a win and start building some momentum. I think you mean that you WANT to see that
  11. It also annoys me when people stay seated during the anthem. It also annoys me when people don't put their hand over their heart or take off their hat or whatever. I was "brainwashed" since birth to show respect to the flag during the anthem by doing these things and it annoys me that others don't. I don't hate them. I don't want to hurt them. It just annoys me. Like nails on a chalkboard. I'll tell you what though. The next time a world war breaks out or a war breaks out where you need your freedoms defended, its the patriotism of those "brainwashed" volunteers that will be pushing them to put their lives on the line for you. I feel like so many people have forgotten that because their hasn't been a seriously devastating war on our own land in so long.
  12. You are perfectly correct. So much so that long before this I removed that statement. If you knew me you would know that I misuse that statement and don't mean it in that actual context. I am actually pretty chill. You however do not know me and I put that out there to a bunch of people that had 0 context of who I am or how I would mean that. You could say it was more like a normal person saying "it really annoys me". I don't hate anyone.....maybe my ex wife :P.....so I am truly sorry that I stated it that way.
  13. There are two different things going on here. What I wish was true and what is true. What I wish was true: They knelt during the anthem and the minor protest shed a light on social injustice issues and brought more people to the cause What is true: They protested during work hours on work property and during a time that caused more issues for their cause. Did I personally find it disrespectful? Yea. Do I find it disrespectful when someone next to me doesn't take off their hat or doesn't put their hand over their heart or doesn't stand up for the anthem? yeah i do. Do I go punch them in the face for it? Nope. That's their right. Did I think they should be rounded up and fired en masse a la Trump tweets. No. Did I think it was cool when I thought they might have found a cool compromise that would help their cause get more attention but without all the social drama. Yes. Silly enough, it was just players praying in the end zone anyway. So, moot point. FYI, now that we have moved into the politics zone I'm willing to talk again
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