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  1. You do bring up an interesting point. Despite the huge contract to Lotulelei and the 3rd rounder on Phillips, the Bills still don't have a high-end 1-tech. That spot is going to have to be invested in again in a year or two when Star is cut, and we eat some dead cap.
  2. Yeah man that's why I drove down there a few weeks back to get in before it moved like that. I learned during last season some of these lines that look juicy disappear real quick. If you go to the Draftkings sportsbook in the Resorts Casino, you can still get over 6.5 wins at -134, meaning you lay $134 to win $100 is the ratio you're getting. You also can bet the Bills to make the playoffs at +325 (you lay $100 to win $325) or Ed Oliver to win DROY at +1200.
  3. I took a drive to AC a couple weeks ago and got in at over 6.5 -110 for a grand. S'go
  4. I drove to AC and got in on this a couple weeks ago. Go Bills
  5. They've certainly made a point in making sure they bring all kinds of alternatives. Dion better bring it at camp.
  6. Exactly where I am, it's nice he gets to learn from Shady and Gore but not a huge learning curve at RB anyway, that pick isn't moving the needle for me either way but I think we killed it otherwise.
  7. I listen to his Stick to Football podcast and he's been talking up Knox for months, even mentioned him possibly going end of the 1st at one point. I'm super excited about the Oliver, Ford and Knox picks
  8. Are we sure Ford can't move to LT one day, a year or two from now?
  9. And your boy Tytus Howard went 1st round!
  10. I listen to Chris Simms regularly because his understanding of the game goes way beyond most fans...he's really good at watching the film and letting you know what's really happening and I learn quite a lot. A line he always throws out there when talking about DK is "damn, sometimes I wondered if their coaching staff was trying to lose the game. It's like they don't know DK Metcalf and AJ Brown are their best players." He also takes issue with their QB from the tape. I've seen Yolo here on The Wall talk about how you have to be careful with production with college wide receivers because it's a dependent position- the system, playcalls, quarterback and O-line need to do their job for WRs to have a chance. It might be the most dependent position and therefore is the position most requiring CONTEXT in an evaluation rather than just statsheet scouting. It really takes grinding the tape (which I myself do not do) to get a true picture. Lastly, we might want to keep in mind that DK was 20 years old this season. Awhile back someone posted comparisons of DK's production at age 19 and 20 compared to Julio Jones (I think he was included), along with other WRs, at that same young age...and lo and behold, in this context Metcalf's production actually stacked right up. A lot of college players are a good deal older than that, for example Robert Foster is a year out and turns 25 in 2 weeks. With his size and not only speed but crazy acceleration, along with nuanced technique to beat press, he can be a nightmare for CBs. The Bills don't have anyone like that. And not every WR wins the same way...Mike Evans doesn't have to run whip routes and triple breaks. Neither does DK
  11. Mack worked out well and made a huge impact in my opinion, they need Trubisky to take a step. edit- that playoff was loss was a score of 16-15.
  12. Bears traded for Mack at a similar point in their cycle that we're talking about here, it worked well for them. Clowney isn't Mack but neither is the trade cost
  13. If anyone is worth that much, he is. He's legitimately as good a quarterback as the hype says
  14. Bills have moved up to 6.5 everywhere I've seen
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