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  1. Just signed up. Does anyone know if I can cancel now and continue my 1 year of access without the risk of auto renewal? I don’t want to forget to cancel before getting hit with $60 charge.
  2. I just had dinner with Sally Struthers. She is good friends with my wife. They have worked together on a few musicals. She is really funny and very nice.
  3. Peter Griffin Nobody compares to Al Bundy though! The Bud Birthday nudie bar episode is awesome.
  4. I would cheer until I lost my voice in the following scenario... Gronkowski is on the sideline as a special alumni guest and standing next to Belichick. Brady is flushed from the pocket and Ed Oliver, Tremaine Edmunds, and Jerry Hughes all converge on him at the same time, launching him off the field into Belichick and Gronkowski. What is left is a pile of mangled arms and legs and headsets...
  5. I would say Gronkowski specifically. Big, dumb, fun...Until he snaps and tries to kill someone that is smaller and defenseless. German Shorthair Pointer! Smart and the ultimate athlete! I had one and he was awesome.
  6. As long as they ignore the fact that he left his pregnant girlfriend to date a supermodel... *I actually don't think it matters if he is at voluntary workouts and I know there are conflicting versions of the pregnant girlfriend timeline.
  7. I have a great Portuguese butcher shop nearby and they smoke their own chorizo and other sausages. It is really good! But it is tough to beat a good kielbasa.
  8. Lamb should be cooked to medium rare. Pink in the middle similar to a steak. I do like to make sure I sear the edges in order to render the fat. If you prefer a slightly firmer texture, I have had some good chops that were probably closer to medium than medium rare. Just don't overcook them. And be sure to season them with salt and pepper prior to cooking.
  9. We also make lamb chops a lot. Simply coat with a thin layer of olive oil. Salt and pepper. Then sear in a hot pan.
  10. Sous vide steak seared in a carbon steel pan and seared on the edges with a blowtorch. Mushroom Risotto with gruyere cheese. Prosciutto wrapped asparagus.
  11. You can debate the fact that pit bulls are more likely to attack than other breeds, but you cannot debate the fact that they are capable of doing much more harm than almost all other breeds. They should absolutely only be owned by very experienced and vigilant dog owners. I do not see why anyone would breed pit bulls. If you care about the breed at all, you would realize that the shelters are overflowing with pit bulls and there is zero need for any more at this time. A little off topic, but I hope they close the loophole of "emotional support dogs" that allow people to skirt breed restrictions in many cases. Apartment complexes should not be forced to accept the huge liability that comes with certain breeds of dogs and irresponsible owners. Not to mention the danger to other residents and dogs that share the grounds with them.
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