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  1. If anyone knows about firings, it’s ESPN. Haven’t they fired 95% of their employees lately?
  2. I am getting an error message now when I try to view the article and don't see my comment when I view the article on my phone instead of my computer. I think they blocked me and removed my comment.
  3. I had to write a response to the article on that page. I know I shouldn't give the guy the time of day, but I couldn't help it. This is the comment I left... That was absolute garbage. I feel like my IQ went down 20 points after reading that idiotic take. The story just screamed of an agenda and “look at me and my unique insight.” You excused every mistake that Murray made, and there were many, while belittling every good play that Allen made. It would be amusing if this were an Onion article, but sadly I think you might actually believe the ridiculous words that you wrote. Murray may end up being a good QB, but your analytical skills will always be third string.
  4. I'm not shedding any tears if there are injuries in a Pats vs Jets game...
  5. By the time I gave in and went for a sleep study, I was fighting to stay awake driving home from work and had some serious issues from lack of sleep. I was told I had extremely severe sleep apnea and stopped breathing an average of 82 times an hour. I was very surprised since I’m not that overweight (6 foot and 220). I wear my cpap every night and take it with me wherever I spend the night. I even have a battery pack for camping and the annual fishing trip. If I fall asleep without it, I wake up felling like someone kicked my ass. I actually have dreams where I can’t breath sometimes if I don’t wear it. It’s creepy. I hate being tethered to the nightstand, but the alternative is worse. I do have back pain some mornings from sleeping flat on my back. Just ordered a new mattress that will hopefully help with this.
  6. I pulled the trigger on a HULL custom home stitched jersey. Thanks for the opinions. It was a tough call and I almost went with a White jersey, but I didn't want to jinx him. I've had too many of my favorite players leave, flame out, or retire shortly after purchasing their jersey! I have an old authentic Moulds jersey that has seen many games in my years as a season ticket holder before moving to NJ. I would be content with that if it wasn't the ugly early 2000s jersey! Can't wait to break this new one out at Metlife for the Jets and Giants games!
  7. I'm thinking about purchasing a new mattress and so far the Dreamcloud is leading the way. Does anyone have any experience or advice when it comes to a memory foam or hybrid mattress? I sleep perfectly still on my back due to being tethered to the bed by a CPAP. My current mattress has a big depression and is killing my back. I'm not extremely big (225lbs) so I just need a decent mattress with good support and resilient enough to not develop a big valley in my spot.
  8. I am thinking about purchasing a jersey for the first time in many years. After making great decisions like an authentic Losman jersey, I am leaning toward a retired player, Kent Hull. I can get a custom jersey with Hull's name, but it will not be the actual style that he wore. What is the general consensus on putting a 90's player name on the current style of jersey? I'm guessing only serious fans would even notice? (I can find Hull jerseys online, but nobody seems to have anything other than a small now)
  9. We watch the games at Duffy's in Paterson. They treat us very well and we get all the big TVs and sound. They recently added a huge room on the bar that has an indoor/outdoor bar and patio. We usually have a pretty good crowd and a great core of fans that are there for every game. (The first two games a lot of us will be at Metlife) Labatt Blue on tap and pretty decent wings for NJ! Stop out this season and join the North Jersey Backers! The initiation hazing isn't that bad...
  10. The North Jersey Bills Backers And NYC Bills Backers will be there in force. We have a great tailgate and take over a big section of parking lot. Most of us are sitting in sec 336. Get in touch with the North Jersey or NYC Backers for details. Or PM me with your info and I can keep you in the loop!
  11. I live within view of MetLife. It is nasty weather here!
  12. Incognito is the least obnoxious person on that team! So many cocky aholes. Including Gruden. Did anyone else find it funny and hypocritical when Carr was telling his kids not to cry!
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