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  1. Teams should be held accountable in some way when they sign players with multiple legal issues. If you want to employ a guy with multiple DUIs, weapon charges, and domestic abuse arrests, you take the risk of losing a draft pick or getting fined if the player commits another crime while employed. I thought there was talk of this a while back?
  2. Taylor ham, egg, and cheese. On a buttered and toasted hard roll. With a little Franks Red Hot.
  3. Eric Moulds. With a good QB, Moulds would be unstoppable. 6’2 225 lbs. Diggs, Moulds, and Beasley would terrorize defenses.
  4. Most fans doesn't mean the best fans. Often times it means the opposite.
  5. If Jenny McCarthy has taught us anything, it is that the best resources for vaccine information are women who became famous for taking off their clothes.
  6. Every NFL fan other than Patriots* fans feels that way. It has nothing to do with being a hopeless homer, and everything to do with the fact that Patriots* fans have shown themselves to be bandwagoners, unethical, abrasive, and arrogant. While Bills fans have been charitable, insanely loyal through horrible seasons, and unlike 90% of Patriots* fans, can name a player that played before Brady came into the league.
  7. But your opinion is completely wrong. You claimed it was a violation, I’m interested in hearing why you came to that conclusion. Nobody is disclosing your private medical info. You would be voluntarily offering information if you choose to go to a game.
  8. The idea that Edelman is a HOF player is as laughable as Brady’s explanation of why he called the equipment guy “the deflator!”
  9. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about our group. They welcomed me 6 years ago when I moved down here.
  10. If you need a place to watch the games, join the North New Jersey Bills Backers at Duffy’s in Paterson. We have a great group that gathers there for all the games.
  11. Sounds like a great guy! I can see why so many people are upset over his death. Dogs however are breathing a sigh of relief. https://www.cnn.com/2008/SHOWBIZ/Music/05/09/dmx.dogs/
  12. Flutie Jason Peters (toward the end of his time with the team)
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