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  1. One of my all time favorite players. After refraining from purchasing jerseys for many years, I finally ordered a Kent Hull jersey. It is my game day attire for every game this season. So far so good...
  2. Normally I wouldn't waste time commenting on power rankings, but I had to leave a comment after this one. " Bills fall 2 spots on their bye to 11, behind 5 teams with worse records than them? Their only loss is to your # 1 ranked team (who they played very tough and held to 9 offensive points.) Solid logic... "
  3. It is the Roman numeral for thousand.
  4. Was Zay on the opening day roster or not? I’m not “trying to hate.” I’m simply questioning why anyone should apologize for doubting your incorrect statement.
  5. Give him props for what? He was wrong. How long of a grace period do you expect for “on the opening day roster?”
  6. I’m guessing she was a big drinker and/or smoker during the pregnancy...
  7. They definitely should have been able to see into the future and realize that he would injure himself a second time.
  8. How exactly would the roster be in "much better shape" with one extra spot that placing Kroft on PUP would create? Is the fact that they had to release Connor McDermot your justification for your statement?
  9. I refuse to listen to a show full of idiot callers after a game like they had yesterday. 90% of the "fans" that call in to radio shows are drooling cretins. I am surprised they can figure out how to dial a phone.
  10. I can relate to your dilemma. Sam Adams is not allowed in any form in my home or at the tailgate during Pats* week. *although this tradition has been going on for many years and it has very rarely improved the outcome o the game...
  11. I feel like Cole Beasley is not intimidated by anyone. He seems to use the fact that anyone looking at him would probably underestimate him as motivation.
  12. My big issue is with the horribly weak smack talk. When they make the Patriots commercial, I just want to see the opposing fan say "Name 2 players from the Patriots* prior to Tom Brady!" And then 1 minute of crickets as the Pats* fan sits there looking dumbfounded.
  13. You are giving yourself way too much credit. You would have to go up so many levels to reach the rank of **** stirrer. You are currently somewhere between insignificant background noise and annoying gnat.
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