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  1. Is this info from the same sources that told you Davis would be inactive?
  2. I'm a little surprised that Murphy is inactive. He seemed to play well last weekend.
  3. I feel the same way! The Bills have been the better team in the last half of the season. Almost everyone is looking past Buffalo.
  4. She’s more of a scotch drinker. Too cool for beer.
  5. Drinking. Trying out some new beers so I can set my game day lineup.
  6. So for 9 games in a row, the Chiefs took their foot off the gas early enough to let teams come back and get within one TD? Sounds like poor coaching. Or a weak defense that couldn’t close out games. At least that’s the narrative that would be circulating the Bills were the team in that situation. *I know you are a very knowledgeable and fair poster and I don’t mean this to come across as an attack on your post. It’s something I’m seeing from many of the national media too.
  7. I keep hearing how amazing the KC offense is and how their defense is very good. And yet somehow they haven’t won by more than 6 points in any of their last 9 games. I would think an unstoppable offense and very good defense would lead to the ability to outscore many of those mediocre teams by more than one TD?
  8. Watching GMFB, I noticed something that I find interesting. The clip of Diggs is him congratulating teammates. Most of us have seen his interview where he talks about how unselfish the whole WR core is and how they don’t care who gets the ball as long as the team wins. The clip they keep showing of dirtbag Hill..."I told you, keep the camera on me dog! The game ended when they needed ME the most." This the guy KC cheers for in Hill. "Stillwater police records indicate that on December 12, 2014, Hill was arrested on complaints of assault of his 20-year-old pregnant girlfrie
  9. Why would you invite posters from a forum that has a “tradition” of telling visiting fans to “die of AIDS?”
  10. I am oddly calm before this game. I think it comes from a belief that the Bills will simply take care of business. Just like they have for the last 8 games. I’m not sure if this confidence will waver as the week goes on. After viewing the burning trash pile that is the Chiefs Nation message board and listening to way too much national media, I feel like the Bills will be up against more condescending doubters...And they will shut them up once again! Go ahead and sleep on the Bills because they haven’t won by 30 in the first two playoff games. Sleep on them because you don’t see Josh Allen in
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