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  1. Thank you for getting.  Many won’t.  I thought it was especially funny 33 pages in.

  2. In my race to get that meme out I forgot to upvote your excellent post.  It has since been corrected!

  3. Brother, you and I have cut the same swath throughout history.  Given your post we are essentially spot on contemporaries.


    Not a surprise at all!


    Go BILLS!

    1. machine gun kelly

      machine gun kelly

      Luv ya buddy.  Call any time.  Dan.


      727-637-9706.  I don’t give out digits unless you’re a hot chick, but you keep yelling at me. 😇👏😜👌💪

  4. Thank you, Heitz, for “getting” it.


    I was beginning to worry I was too subtle.

  5. Bobby, buddy, I did not see your post before I posted mine in the Pats game thread.  


    I am so glad we are sort of on the exact same page.



    1. MAJBobby


      LETS GO....... GO BILLS.....  Been a long time since I have felt this way about this team.


  6. Shady, I meant to up vote you earlier.  Sorry for the delay.  i like up voting posts I...um, like.  However, when something pops into my head I go straight to writing.  Sorry to you, and to others I have done it to.

  7. I hate when I compliment a post and forget to upvote it.


    My bad! JB...now rectified.

  8. Virgil, I am not sure I did it in the draft thread, so I just wanted to take the time now to thank you for that TSW draft.  It's a neat and fun thing to do at that time of year and I know it is time consuming for you so as a fellow board member, again, thank you.


    Go Bills.

    1. Virgil


      Always boss.  Yes, it’s time consuming, but ultimately more fun and I’m glad to do it. 


      Thank you for the shout out 

  9. Thank you, jkeerie.  I thought I was aiming a little too high with that one.  As long as I had one of you on board it was worth it!

    1. jkeerie


      It was very funny d2d!  This board gets so chippy sometimes, I really appreciate the moments of levity.

  10. Until I saw your comment I too was going to write I've never seen Peterman quit.

  11. Thank you, CBF, for managing the threads and taking some of them out behind the proverbial wood shed,  as they deserve.


    It is appreciated.

  12. Thank you, Count, for getting it.


    I've used that line once before on another board a few years ago and...clueless-ness ensued.

  13. I loved your guarded comment SD.  I'll only realized after you responded to mine that I hadn't yet given it a much deserved acknowledgment.


    My apologies.

    1. Sky Diver

      Sky Diver

      No problem. Thanks!

      There are some really funny people here. I wish I was among them. :)

  14. I was being sarcastic, Ned.  Our DBs are very strong.

    1. nedboy7


      My bad homie. 

    2. dollars 2 donuts

      dollars 2 donuts

      Oh please, my friend, this is a message board.  No bad at all.


      if you read the comment I was responding to I wonder if HE wa being sarcastic, too!


      our dbs are ridiculously good.


      Peace and Go Bills!

  15. All I had to do was say it, RM. I know the cassette is playing in your head just like it is mine.  Damn, those first things the JB did was funny.  Especially that one.

    1. Real McClappy

      Real McClappy

      No doubt, been so long since I listened. As soon as I read it was LMBO though. :)

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