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  1. Serious question. Why isn't Auriza playing??? Is it punishment?
  2. First, I've been a true blue Bills fan since 1980. I've lived through the highs and the lows. One thing I have come to understand about the game is that it has to be played prior to declaring a winner. I read throughout a variety of news reports, interviews, story's, updates, etc., that we need to have already made our reservations for the Super Bowl. This really scares me (maybe I'm more of a frightened, tainted Bills fan these days). There are so many variables that are outside of anyone's control and there are numerous challenges that will arise which may, or may not, contribute to a loss here and there (see Jacksonville from last season). I suppose my point is this...let's move away from declaring and move towards supporting...through the good and the bad. Never too high and never too low! Go Bills!
  3. Tyler Bass - He has to be clutch as there will be some close games. His accuracy and big leg will dictate a number of outcomes this year.
  4. Seattle Seahawks receive QB Josh Allen, Buffalo's 2023 #3 and Zack Moss Buffalo Bills receive 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026 #1 picks along with 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027 #2 picks and Drew Lock. Odd dream I had last night
  5. I wonder what would drive you to suggest this or anyone's contribution is "stupid"? I thought, as Bills fans, we were better than this.
  6. Just so awesome to see Fitzy at the game. Then to hear we are playing the Chiefs tops it off.
  7. Way too much time on your hands. Enjoy the win. Bring on the Jests
  8. You are either speaking of Lance Alworth, known as the baby-faced assassin as a wide receiver for the San Diego Chargers. Or, Steve Buscemi Buckwheat's character in the movie Things to do in Denver when you're Dead. Either way, your take is weak, slightly plagiaristic, and as a Jets fan in general, weightless in concept, theory and intelligence. You're fake Brooklyn draw and gangster innuendo makes you look even sillier than you sound. PS... GO BILLS
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