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  1. As long as we keep enough money to extend the keys player that’s cool, we have to save our cap space for the moment imo. I can’t wait for the day when we’ll extend Tre, he’s the priority!
  2. I don’t think that they will accept this trade, even if it’s look tempting on the paper. 😅 Cincy need a franchise QB and Burrow has the potential to become one.
  3. What you guys think about the acquisition of Daryl Williams from the Panthers ? I’m asking the question because i’m sceptic about him, he allowed 12 sacks last year...he was a second team all pro recently but the stats that i mentioned troubled me. We just have to hope that he will play at his 2018 level !
  4. If he’s there when we have to pick yes with pleasure! Otherwise, I’m not a fan of trading up we should wait for our pick and take the BPA.
  5. Oh i didn’t even know that a shorten season was a circulating idea, in this case yes i agree too.
  6. So because it’s an American sport, us European fans can’t enjoy 1 game in a season...? 🤨 I get your opinion but i completely disagree. Here in Europe, you have a lot of peoples who loves the NFL specially in London and it’s not for nothing that the game takes place there. It’s a hell of experience for us to have the chance to see our favorite team in live, and in terms of marketings and visibility the league gain a lot in recognition worldwide. But in the other side, if the coronavirus is still there next year and the problem is not completely resolved. Then yes, for the safety of the players it has to be cancelled.
  7. I have confidence in him, I’m sure he will improve because he’s an hard worker but if it’s not the case with all the weapons that he has now, we’ll have to think about an other option at the position. But right now for the moment, I trust Josh and his dedication and I’m curious to see if his game will show an improvement next year !
  8. Happy birthday to him, and i hope that he will be our HC for a looong time! 🥳
  9. Thanks for the return, that’s okay we still have the draft to grab an other RB to play with Devin. 👍 « If » we decide to draft one during the 2nd round we could have a surprise, I’m pretty sure that a guy like Clyde Edwards from LSU could still be available.
  10. The NFC south is gonna be the most exciting division of this conference !
  11. What’s the last news about Gordon ? Yesterday it seems positive !
  12. Great decision, so we have our defensive backfield locked up for the next 2 years. 💪🏽 i was thrilled when i saw that !
  13. Yeah you right guys, there are still a lot of time left before the start of the new season. And from what i learned in the media here in France, this type of virus don’t like the hot weather so the summer might killed it.
  14. I hope so man, I don’t want to lose an other sport after the NBA. 😭
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