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  1. Agree with most of it but I believe you are referencing Greg Bell with the quip about the banking career.
  2. Archibald was already on the downside of his career and injured himself again in the preseason and never played a game for the Braves.
  3. If memory serves, the reason the Braves were able to void McAdoo’s Virginia contract was due to McAdoo being not if legal age to sign the contract in Virginia.
  4. As much as I love Andre, Sestak in the 16th round is easily the number one choice. He may have been the best defensive player ever till LT came along.
  5. No, I think you are talking about Ernie Davis. I’m talking about Ernie D from the Braves
  6. That whole team was ahead of its time. Before Ernie D got hurt they were showtime before the Lakers. A couple years later, for 48 hours they had McAdoo, Moses Malone, Randy Smith and Adrian Dantley. If management had stayed out of their own way, an NBA championship could have been in the picture.
  7. I would like to know if his opinion of the Pegulas has softened. When he was my UBER driver he went on and on about how they f***ed him. He was a very bitter man and the ride was uncomfortable.
  8. I think you mean Mcdole, not Dunaway. Ruud actually played 3 years and Nelson became a starter for 2 years on some pretty good Raiders teams I believe.
  9. You missed a lookie and “whitey, you’re killing me.”
  10. The key is that many believe that the NFL is due for a salary cap explosion in a couple years. The only reason to be cautious is if you worry about another pandemic or natural catastrophe, otherwise, you should be able to continue to move money to the future.
  11. It’s funny, I was going to question that as well
  12. I’m pretty sure James is on there. Have no idea why Byrd is not.
  13. Don’t know about gorgeous unless there is more than one. Just saw a picture of the one graduating law school and she is not bad but hardly gorgeous. Obviously pretty smart.
  14. I know it was a long time ago but Denver cut McKenzie almost entirely because of his fumbles during return. Some guys just can’t handle it.
  15. Yep, they had the third or fourth best record in league in their 4th season. Unfortunately, the Celtics were in the same division. They were showtime before the Lakers. Second highest scoring team in league with youngest roster.
  16. The Braves also had a chance to acquire Dr. J but you know Snyder wasn’t paying. Two things that people around here don’t have a great appreciation of; 1) Before Bird and Magic the NBA was in trouble. As someone said, the Finals were on tape delay 2) how good the Braves were, and how good they could have been. They were ahead of their time. At one point, for about 48 hours, they had McAdoo, Moses Malone, Adrian Dantley and Randy Smith. One last thing, from a business standpoint, best ABA story is the deal the owners of The Spirit of St Louis made in return for not holding up merger.
  17. For whatever it is worth, Norv Turner was OC and QB coach and Dave Wannstedt was DC and LB coach for Dallas. I’m pretty sure no one ever accused Jerry of being cheap.
  18. Seriously, you need to end the charade and stop proving my point.
  19. James injury happened against Rams when Lawrence McCutchron hit him.
  20. Speaking of knees, never forgave Lawrence McCutcheon for basically ending James career after an interception in a freaking preseason game.
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