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  1. Was sort of hoping for more of a Darby theme.
  2. Losing to the Steelers would be a much bitter pill than the Miami loss regardless of injuries.
  3. The amount of daily local and national radio/TV/podcast sports shows are beyond oversaturation. Very few of them are even worth regular listening or viewing.
  4. Beasley cut his hair? Where have I heard this before about lost locks affecting oneself. …..or was it an injured Achilles.
  5. This has been a valuable thread. Nice to know where I can get a decent sub when I’m vacationing near a Publix.
  6. Great season by Judge. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Let’s see what he can do postseason before anointing him a Yankee great…..or bailout.
  7. Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Berra, Mantle, Stengel, Maris, Ford, Jackson, Martin, Jeter, Rivera. Judge could possibly join that list if he re-ups with Yankees……or wins the Series this year.
  8. Are Josh weenies coming soon. Buffalo will never be the same.
  9. I am constantly grabbing my swimsuit to keep it from revealing butt crack when exiting the pool.
  10. Bills winning this week speaks volumes that they can overcome their predicament and injuries. ….…..gonna have to wait until late Sunday afternoon to see if such a prognostication is merited.
  11. Does the cake have to be frosted? Is a plain cake bad luck?
  12. Lamar Jackson, the 2019 MVP, should not be in the 2022 MVP conversation after 3 games but Josh Allen should? …..is this part of the concussion fallout thread?
  13. haD meye cher of kuncushuns playing yuth and hi Skool sports. NEveR efffected frum n e 1 of them.
  14. The Dolphins have forever altered the concussion protocol…..and it won’t be fun. If in 2023 there isn’t some sort of new take extra precaution Tua preventative rule, I’d be surprised.
  15. You still have a chance, the matter is in your hands.
  16. Is someone home early from their “societal” betterment meeting to further decide punishment for Trump supporters. How many opposing victims have you butt hurt tonight? How many is enough for you? Never enough be my guess.
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