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  1. Ostriching on Allen's play seems popular. Hopefully, he can pull his head out of the ground, soon.
  2. Hoped after two games it'd be clearer who the Bills best player is on the 2021 roster. Never thought Milano be leading the pack. By October it'll be clear who isn't.
  3. The "it's only one game" rationale doesn't fare as well in the NFL as it does in the other major professional NA team sports. But, yeah, the early season dealing out of that excuse buys time.....until October.
  4. I bit on the $.99 a month/1 year introductory offer, because of raves about how good the Athletic was. Read it for one day. Cancelled.
  5. The Bills didn't look good offensively, as anticipated, in part, because of last years stellar offensive prowess. Few expected such a dismal offensive showing yesterday.
  6. Did you get the stain out or sacrificially burn the jersey for your misdeed?
  7. Hope it's a case of Pittsburgh reincarnating a 2021 version of the '70's Steel Curtain 'D' line than the Bills 'O' line is simply overwhelmed by a four man push, as they showed yesterday. A return to the pre 2020 "run Josh run" offense won't fly this season.
  8. The game was reminiscent of many of the Bills '18/'19 games. "D" keeping Bills in the game and offense not finding a rhythm. .....and some head scratching coaching decisions. It was ugly.
  9. phins win, ain't no way certain win many would say but after today?
  10. Impeaching a President who doesn't know they're the President. An Article 25 removal would seem more in order.
  11. Biden won’t hear updates about this until after his afternoon nap and his handlers get him dressed and ready for dinner.
  12. 73° and Sunny. Steelers won't melt easily. Nailbiter ending.
  13. So everyday could be a surprise? Who doesn't like surprises?
  14. NFL Analysts - Arm strength: This category is all about the biggest arms in the NFL. 1. Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs 2. Josh Allen, Bills
  15. For fun, like to see a white charging Buffalo with a red streak or a red one with a white streak on a blue helmet.
  16. Ohio State does not produce NFL calibre QB's, though many of their QB's are highly touted to be able to excel at the pro level. Buckeyes best pro QB ever was the undrafted Mike Tomczak. He had some moments ('85-'99), starting 78 games, including 5 playoff games in that 15 yr. span. That he's the best QB ever from a long standing elite program like OSU, ain't saying much for their ability to develop NFL QB's there. Odds aren't in Fields favor to buck that trend.
  17. Tall lineman, like Spencer Brown, have high knees that are more exposed.
  18. Winning 13 games again would be more impressive than any regular season stats/records.
  19. If you scream and swear at the Bills or refs like they hear you, while watching the game on TV, you are an average Bills fan.
  20. The result of too many fat asses unable to fit in assigned seats.
  21. Meyer probably on the phone inquiring with an NFC East team about a TE.
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