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  1. KW95

    Send Jerry Hughes to the Probowl!

    Hughes = Puke! Overrated, never gets the big play, never gets a call against him, always gets stupid penalties! A non factor last 3-4 games.
  2. KB ball in hands, KB drop ball...KB is being misused! Cheers
  3. KW95

    Matt Barkley (asking for a friend)

    SO here is a player that was on no roster...and all of a sudden, the Bills have found their backup! This board is lame! And I admit, I have no idea about Barkley. But this board gets excited for the smallest things. that is how bad we have been for so long.
  4. Great game to watch! What does it mean in terms of evaluating? Not much, just like a meaningless preseason! Now, lets see special teams do this in a meaningful game. Cheers
  5. KW95

    Caption This: Matt Barkley

    If only I had O'leary instead of Clay and KB I would have had 300 yards today.
  6. KW95

    Looking at beanes first draft...

    Juju has Ben, Kamara has Brees. Two future HOF's!
  7. KW95

    Tom Brady is a YAC monster!

    THE BETTER PART of THIS YOU MIGHT ASK? The very first offensive play by the Titans after the Punt....THAT SAME TRICK PLAY TO MARIOTA FOR A FIRST DOWN!
  8. KW95

    Kelvin Benjamin needs to be cut

    Sarcasm at its best!!!
  9. KW95

    “Pinto Ron” streak hits 400 games today

    He seems very happy, imagine if how happier he would be being a Pats fan and watching the last 400 games!
  10. KW95

    Week 10 Pre Game thread Bills @ Jets

    Wasting Pancho on this group of turds is sad!
  11. These Manning boys are a sight for sore eyes aren't they?
  12. Matt Barkley... Jesus man...a new low! NO QB, NO WR, NO O-LINE.....a strong Jets Defence...Its gonna be ugly folks!
  13. I wonder if inside Fred Jackson is laughing at the Shady! Fredex for life...Shady is a fart in the wind in Buffaloland!
  14. KW95

    Good news in Brazil

    Pretty much in regards to Right wing and left wing! I think any side can be in power and have good policies and try to do the best for the people. Trump on the other hand is a big douchebag!