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  1. KW95 - JA17

    LAMP: My 20,000th Post

    Go Yankees!
  2. KW95 - JA17

    Should the Train Horn Stay? Or Go?

    The horn always signifies that when team is 3rd and long, its a guaranteed first down. Cheers
  3. KW95 - JA17

    Jerry Hughes 5th in league in total pressures in 2018

    The NEW FAD STAT! PRESSURE...OOOHH! Hughes blows! Cancer on the team!
  4. KW95 - JA17

    Dolphins eliminated from playoffs today

    What will this game against the Dolphins do in order to evaluate him more? We have seen his upside and last week we saw his downside. He's ok player.
  5. KW95 - JA17

    J.P. Losman TD's

    The funny part: Bills were losing in most of those games. In two of them, Bills scored touchdowns late in the fourth to break the shutout. Go Bills.
  6. KW95 - JA17

    Dolphins eliminated from playoffs today

    So my evaluation of Edmunds, Wallace and Croom were wrong after last game? Did you watch the game? Allen is a stud! Mckenzie is JAG Foster is the best of the crap pile Teller: I didn't notice. Cheers Unless I've been dreaming for 2 seasons now, I'm pretty sure its been established that White is a stud. Why do we need to evaluate him?
  7. KW95 - JA17

    These are Josh Allen's WRs...

    If this was Allen's worst game of the season, I'm gonna say right now: Allen is going to the HOF!
  8. KW95 - JA17

    Dolphins eliminated from playoffs today

    I did my evaluation today: Josh Allen will be a stud Wallace sucked big time Edmunds sucked big time Croom is average at best Thats about it for young potential stars on this team
  9. Im not sure if any knew this, but today 49 was the Mike! How do I know? Brady kept yelling it every play!
  10. I think it would be fitting if the Patriots win the SB this year and BB and Brady both retire. They earned this and deserve it! 😏
  11. KW95 - JA17

    Rams and Bills May Have Discussed Hughes Trade

    Cant agree with you more, his 6.0 sacks in 14 games were game breakers....
  12. KW95 - JA17

    Rams and Bills May Have Discussed Hughes Trade

    Hughes has been a pillar for the Bills. He sometines gets some kind of pressure on the QB ( The stat that is the new fad ) and often has those game changing plays which keeps opposing team's drive alive with a stupid 15 yard penalty. Unfortunately Hughes has been blacklisted by the NFL. He never, ever gets a holding call against him. I don't undertand the love for this player that is invisible for most games. Then he has one good play and just like CLAY, the love doesnt stop flowing. Good riddance Hughes and bring Clay with you! Hughes for a First rounder......The laughs keep on coming on this forum!
  13. KW95 - JA17

    Josh Allen’s Adjusted Completion Percentage = 72.7%

    Between an adjusted stat and this so called QB pressure stat, its amazing that more bills didn't make it to the ProBowl.
  14. KW95 - JA17

    Brady and Belichick Deserve to Go Out On Top

    And that is when the Stank began...SJ13 led a franchise full of stanky players for many years!