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  1. But the coaches allow him to play and make the same bonehead penalties week in and week out. Losing culture.
  2. Exactly....A Pro's pro...now go beat your kids with a stick!
  3. Loved last year when I said JH was overrated and everyone on here was justifying his play with the PRESSURE STAT....
  4. Bills love to throw the ball...especially in 20-30 MPH winds! The opponent thought we would run...we baffled them!!!! OOPS!
  5. Seems like a recurring theme that I have pointed out for years on here. He is blacklisted by the NFL. I don't know why the Bills dont see this.
  6. Good morning all, What is going on with JH55. I havent seen much from him all year. Often we read that STAR is not doing his job or Ed Oliver hasnt done much....Where is "the so called leader" on that line?
  7. Can anyone tell me if JH55 is playing this year? Is the " Pressure Stat" valid this year? What I see is the following: Allen is not making proper reads or our receivers, other than Brown and sometimes Beasley, cant get open. Nice game plan Daboll. All week they knew about the wind. Lets throw 80% of the time! Finally, when was the last time our special teams won the game for us ( or didnt lose the game for us ). Have a great week and Go Bills!
  8. Im sensing some homerism in this thread. I was working while watching the game ( meaning not paying attention to the tv but listening more ) and within the first 5 minutes I was annoyed by the commentator. Struggling to form 2 sentences, slow and just bad. but hey..Lofton has a gold jacket, a former Bill so he must be great right?
  9. I fully agree...I didnt know who was commentating until half..but I was cringin all the time he spoke. Miss that lady commentator.....Forgot her name as well.
  10. No one goes there, but ....Zay Should have been cut after the drop against the Panthers 2 years ago. And especially after seeing Jesus! Cheers
  11. I thought I was the only one to notice this. How the hell did that happen? Such a joke.
  12. I watched the game and didnt notice JH55...AGAIN....but hey, last year he was a leader in the PRESSURE Stat.....
  13. Guess who's back...yes its the one and only professional dieter!!! Down 20 pounds since February. On and off doing 16/8 Intermittent fasting. lots has to do with my surroundings. When I travel, I eat and drink like a pig. When Im home I can get back in the routine. Next week starts the traveling for 3 weeks. but October and November will be all mine!!! Im expecting to lose 10 pounds in October and November. The race is long. Not in a rush at the moment, just accepting that some days are diamonds, some days are rocks!
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