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  1. If Singletary can't play I'm wondering if RB Byron Marshall is the call up. Only 1 bad luck play away from Yeldon/DiMarco as the only backs.
  2. Maybe time to add some Mayochup or salsa or some other 3rd condiment. And why wouldn't he get doused in wing sauce instead? Maybe switch ketchup and mustard to wing sauce and blue cheese and it's back on track...
  3. This. You have to consider the situation at the time and no way of knowing unless we were stopped on 3rd. One thing to consider is at that point of the game Geno Atkins is lining up against Ford inside. That's a mismatch right up the middle and can blow up any play quick.
  4. Did Pancho ever reach out to Jim? Did Jim have a secrect jealousy over Pancho's story? Did Brad Butler ever become a member of the Senate? Why do Flo and Jamie wear cooking aprons to sell insurance? These questions and more answered on Unsolved Mysteries.
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