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  1. No Place To Hyde

    Gimme your 5 star lock.

    Bears coming off a bye would be my pick. Will be interested to see how the Rams fare in the elements.
  2. No Place To Hyde

    Deshaun Watson chest injury

    I'd take a Clydesdale over a mule in a fight. Any day of the week.
  3. In my view I would put it on both McDermott and Beane. There were options in FA to bring in a QB that was able to hold it down if they wanted Allen to sit if that was the plan. If they planned on him playing this year he should have been given 1st team reps and gotten him more experience. Not meant to be an excuse for anyone at all. We knew, draft experts knew and even the Bills knew that of all the QBs coming out (aside from Jackson) Allen would need the most support and time. He hasn't gotten that yet in my opinion. Next year should tell a new story.
  4. If I was Howie, Id also call the Browns about Duke Johnson.
  5. Brogan Roback did it better.
  6. No Place To Hyde

    Week 6 predictions: Bills at Texans

    I want to pick Buffalo here but we just don't score points. Can't always count on the defense playing near perfect ball. Texans 23 Bills 6
  7. Or maybe win or lose they get solid production from their RBs and realize they can get by with a Darkwa type signing.
  8. No Place To Hyde

    Next Playoff Appearance

    Is this thing on? It's about to be on... This year.
  9. If Schoop makes a conclusion you can feel free to drop $5000 betting against it.
  10. Unless he gets hurt and Philly says no thanks.
  11. No Place To Hyde

    Report: Bills Work Out Landry Jones & Two Punters Among Others

    Well, if we signed him or even if we keep Bojo maybe we should just make Peterman the holding specialist since we have 3 QBs now. Would not shock me if Nate has kept his roster spot after intense private training sessions showing coach how well he can handle balls.
  12. No Place To Hyde

    The Drop by Nick Williams against the Bills Costs Him His Job

    So was he good or was Lacey just that bad with the missed tackle?
  13. No Place To Hyde

    Poyer Drama breaks open

    They do feel like they can see my soul.
  14. No Place To Hyde

    Philadelphia Eagles problems: Too much sex

    A trade to,the Eagles may save the Poyer marriage...
  15. No Place To Hyde

    Poyer Drama breaks open

    I think she's the hotter one. Jordan is a handsome fella...but,I just don't swing that way.