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  1. Well, the simple fact that you are mentioning his name 25 years after he last played for Buffalo and everyone knows who he is, what he did and what he was known for, by definition is legendary.
  2. Joe is going to anger a LOT of the Twitter stalkers by saying Waddle is on the roster bubble and a projected cut.
  3. I'll take the high road and say good for him. I too hope that one day I can find someone to pay me good money to do something I'm incompetent at. Sorry, road started high but collapsed under Ryan's weight. I'm 99% sure he used the same script when he came here. Sounds awfully familiar.
  4. I actually believe this will happen. It was all fun and games last year for Baker. 7 wins for them was amazing. But now he's got a lot of pressure and expectations. Could easily see them starting slow and the heat being on his shoulders. If they don't make it in and maybe even win a game in the playoffs media and fans will likely be all over him. I also don't believe Baker is going to get much if at all better than what we saw,last year. He's already kind of what he will,be imo. Someone like Allen and even Darnold that came out and still had to learn a bit are going to pass him. That would be good considering their hot dogs were $7 last year.
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