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  1. QBs at 12 & 22

    White and Lauletta in the second. Benkurt later. Sign Manziel. Trade Hughes to the Mets for Tebow.See if Kyle Orton can came back. Double check Kolbs status. And I STILL think Brian Brohm could be a star.
  2. Report: Bills Release DE Ryan Davis

    I'll speculate here. Possible suspension incoming?
  3. 3-23: Josh Rosen on the Rich Eisen Show

    Don't care about looks, arm or accuracy. I'm just over here waiting to hear what all the draftable QBs dip wings in before I can decide who I want.
  4. looked at updated roster

    Kinda what happens when you have $40 million dead cap.
  5. Jets Have Highest Offer to Suh (w/o visit)

    It really seems like they have no plan. Just basically signing everyone they possible and hoping for the best. That would be unlikely but hysterical.
  6. Stadium Wall Mock Draft Sign-Up

    I'll take the Buff... Uh...Cincinnati Bengals
  7. qb depth

    I know and agree...but technically it was a 3rd QB active.
  8. qb depth

    Webb was considered a QB.
  9. Well that Seals it Josh Allen # 1 over all

    Was reported all 32 teams were represented.
  10. Well that Seals it Josh Allen # 1 over all

  11. Strongly disagree. When a team that isn't necessarily ultra needy at QB is deciding if they should take a QB high this year they can afford to weigh more options. One option is how a guy like Mike White would compare to next year's QB crop. Let's say for the sake of argument they decided Nelson was their guy and still want to upgrade QB. After Nelson is the round 1 pick they then can make the call if they should take a player like White this year and let him sit or wait until next year. To do this there has to be at least a fair amount of knowledge on the guys coming out in '19.
  12. Willie Snead

    I like Snead. I also like his teammate Coleman's size. But we really need speed. Brice Butler is my top choice for Buffalo. Excellent size/speed combo. I feel like Snead would be almost like a Jarvis Landry in our offense in having a bunch of catches for not enough yards.
  13. BIlls hosting penny!!!

    Well hopefully he gets on some antibiotics and is well in time for the draft.
  14. Trade for 2nd pick in draft

    Then don't do it, Brandon. Dig your heels in and tell Gettleman to either take the offer or leave it.
  15. Bills Aren't Necessarily Searching for THE Best QB

    Of of the definitions if illegitimate happens to be "not in accordance with accepted standards" I would say 186 yards and just under a TD a game last year you be below the accepted standard...so yes. He started games illegitimately. I