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  1. No Place To Hyde

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos

    He's doing a great job at preserving himself as the best Bronco QB of all time.
  2. No Place To Hyde

    What do you want to see this offseason: Free Agency

    This is pretty much lockstep for what I would like to see free agent wise. My RB of choice is Elijah Holyfield. And I'm ok with Humphries as long as we get a speed WR in the draft high up.
  3. No Place To Hyde

    Would you trade a high 2020 draft choice for AB?

    No. Seen this story too many times. Guy plays amazing, then a flag pops up, then a second. Next thing you know dude is full on Marvin Harrison.
  4. No Place To Hyde

    Sean McVay pre super bowl

    I do believe that playing the Patriots carries a certain aura espicilly in the post season. You see players that are solid have legitimate mental breakdowns...Dee Ford being a latest example.
  5. No Place To Hyde

    Tom Brady's Wicked Accent

    That was pretty funny. And I know it was just a standy but Brady WAS hit here. I believe that's a 15 yard penalty on Matt Damon, $25,000 in fines and a public stoning.
  6. No Place To Hyde

    Share Your Super Bowl 53 Predictions

    Pats-27 Rams-17 Young coach and young team gets caught up in the nerves early while the experienced team rolls from the start. I expect NE up by 13-0 early before the Rams settle down and make it a game. Think the Pats attack in the run early, Brady plays mediocre until late.
  7. No Place To Hyde

    The 'Most Likely To' New HC Game

    Start someone other than his incumbent starting Quarterback* week 1: Zac Taylor and Brian Flores. Tanny will be in Cincy. Dalton to Washington. Be a 'one and done' Head Coach: Kitchens. Good guy, just reeks of a McAdoo/Koettet hire.  Make the playoffs his first year: Fangio. The defense can lead the way as long as Lindsey comes back healthy. Win NFL Coach of the Year at some point in his first 3 years: LaFluer. He's got Rodgers...hes got a shot. Win a Superbowl in the job to which he has just been hired: LaFluer. Same as above.  Become Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills at some point in the future: Taylor. He's young. Lots of time,to make rounds. 
  8. No Place To Hyde

    ESPN has Jets taking Josh Allen 3rd in 18' draft redo

    There wasn't 1 pass Josh Allen threw this season that was further off the mark than this take imo
  9. Homie, there's more to a draft than 1 round. You're over here talking "mocks"? Before FA? Completely worthless. Heck, they are even worthless the day before a draft. I'm aware Foster was an UDFA. And I know where McKenzie came from. Thanks for,the history lesson, but,both,produced when asked and both were identified and brought on by this staff. They can evualate talent.
  10. McD has literally stated the opposite of this on many occasions. This is also the same FO that identified players such as Foster, McKenzie and oh yea that fella by the name of Josh Allen. I also think this is a rather DEEP draft on offense. WR and TE have a ton of talent coming out specifically.
  11. No Place To Hyde

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

  12. Has anyone checked on Mike Silver?
  13. No Place To Hyde

    Brandon Reilly (Former Bill) now in Dallas

    It's going to be 100 times worse for Duke Williams.
  14. No Place To Hyde

    Cleveland Browns to hire Freddie Kitchens as HC

    Frankly, I think Kitchens is a mistake. I understand why they did it. And really it's a case of them almost having to promote him...but my opinion is he was just a guy in the right place at the right time. No proof, but would it shock anyone if Todd Haley had sandbagged the Brown offense on purpose? May have figured he was a shoo in for interm coach when Hue was fired and then he just "fixes" the offense and poof interm label is removed.
  15. No Place To Hyde

    Is Rex Ryan done in the NFL ?

    I think eventually someone will hire him. Only takes 1 owner to make the mistake. Let's see, loud disrespectful overrated players, ownership that has no clue, team that is based around it's defense...say hello to your 2020 head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars.