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  1. Joe is going to anger a LOT of the Twitter stalkers by saying Waddle is on the roster bubble and a projected cut.
  2. I'll take the high road and say good for him. I too hope that one day I can find someone to pay me good money to do something I'm incompetent at. Sorry, road started high but collapsed under Ryan's weight. I'm 99% sure he used the same script when he came here. Sounds awfully familiar.
  3. I actually believe this will happen. It was all fun and games last year for Baker. 7 wins for them was amazing. But now he's got a lot of pressure and expectations. Could easily see them starting slow and the heat being on his shoulders. If they don't make it in and maybe even win a game in the playoffs media and fans will likely be all over him. I also don't believe Baker is going to get much if at all better than what we saw,last year. He's already kind of what he will,be imo. Someone like Allen and even Darnold that came out and still had to learn a bit are going to pass him. That would be good considering their hot dogs were $7 last year.
  4. Get in line. I'm trying to get Mark Kelso's helmet up there first. Priorities.
  5. Can he go on the Dave and Busters Wall of Fame?
  6. Bolded should tell us all we need to know here...😂
  7. I think for a change the Chiefs should focus on players that aren't in danger of being suspended.
  8. My boldest prediction: Arizona drafts Murray but does not trade Rosen. Rosen opens season as QB1. Arizona waits until end of next year to deal Rosen after he improves his value and gives Murray a red shirt season.
  9. I think discounting Jacobs is a mistake. There are a ton of factors that may suggest he's higher on the Bills board than many fans individual boards. While I personally don't believe he's the pick if we stay at 9, I believe he's firmly in the conversation in a yrade back situation. -Very versitle. Can catch, block and run. -Since coming to Buffalo the "power back" has been a priority each off season (Tolbert, Ivory and now Gore). -Daboll is very familiar with him and was able to scheme a lot of plays for him. -Murphy and Ford combined for almost 90 offensive touches last year. With Gore and McCoy being older and missing games last year theres a high possibility we need a guy to handle touches this year. -Don't forget, Beane was part of the FO that grabbed McCaffery high. Tells me how he values RB. All of that is of course speculation on my part, but I believe it at the very least makes it a strong fit and strong possibility.
  10. I strongly believe he is higher on the Bills board than most people would think.
  11. I'm no OL guru like some here, but this is how I see it. -Morse is a huge improvement. -Tellar will have to earn play time this year. Spain and Feliciano are steady players with experience. -They brought in not 1 but 2 of the better swing tackles. One will likely win the RT job. I know Nsheke was signed first and for more money, but I like Waddles chances. -Dawkins had a down year but sounds really motivated to turn it around. I wouldn't count him out for a bounce back and having better talent around him will help that. Wouldn't shock me to see a tackle taken high, but also wouldn't be that big a shock if they wait until late day 2 or 3.
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