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  1. I think we come back to Earth a bit. Lamar is just having one of "those" seasons. Last time Ingram played a game in Buffalo? 131 yards and 3tds. They run the ball. We sometimes have issues stopping the run. I'm thinking 34-13 Baltimore. They run for close to 250 and have a lot of long soul beating drives. It's not that Buffalo is that bad...its just the Ravens are that good.
  2. It's so if they lose the Patriot fanboys can claim he's hurt and that's why they lost.
  3. Bring cash. Enough $14 beers and you will be nice and toasty. I sit in 331. Gets pretty cold and while others saying dress in layers, my advice is to remember the same goes for what you wear on your feet. A lot of people neglect this and suffer, wearing sneakers and stepping in puddles is a common thing.
  4. Fans of the Cleveland Browns have no issues cheering for scum like Jarvis Landry and Kareem Hunt. I'm not shocked at all they try and justify what was likely the most vile action on an NFL field in the history of the league. I don't care if Garret writes poetry, loves dinosaurs and is a good dude off the field. What he did and the level he reached on the field was beyond inexcusable. Rudolph, in my opinion acted like a punk. I wouldn't have been the least bit upset if Garrett gave him a good old fashioned right cross. But to forcibly strike another person on the head with a blunt object is too far.
  5. Sounds about right. But how do the Broncos score .5?
  6. Dareus would take one hit off anything offered.
  7. If they hit on all those picks they have, especially at QB it will be an issue for us for sure.
  8. No. Say whatever you will about the Dolphins lack of talent, they play extremely hard and have had a lead is most games early. Typically it's the 2nd half where the talent of depth comes into factor that the wheels come off for them. Hate to give a compliment to a Dolphin, but Flores looks to be a heck of a coach.
  9. 6-3 Bills. A 27 yards Singletary touchdown in the 4th (his 7th touch of the game) ices it. Extra point missed because Nuke LaHaushka's chee is messed up because of a jammed eyelid hindering his breathing.
  10. Could also be that using a snap shot of where everyone ended up gives people more time to wallow over what could have been. In reality it was a split second descision made from an angle that we will not see (the QBs vantage point.). Easy to be critical seeing the play from where we can, after the fact, and with the ability to pause.
  11. I would like to see an invasion of NE some time. Take that stadium over and try to sway balance of the game.
  12. Wouldn't be a fan of a permanent move to DE, but would be ok with them sliding him around the line on certain down amd distances.
  13. So, according to internet experts: Beasley needs more targets. We have to get Singletary 20-25 touches a game. Smoke still needs targets. Need a few carries for Gore and a few for Allen. Allen, by the way should be throwing 40 passes a game. Kroft should be targeted more, yet somehow Knox needs more targets as well. Foster should have a bunch of targets and hey, lets run son flick passes to McKenzie as well. Think we are at about 300 plays needed to run a game. Can we add an extra 5 quarters?
  14. If Singletary can't play I'm wondering if RB Byron Marshall is the call up. Only 1 bad luck play away from Yeldon/DiMarco as the only backs.
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