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  1. No Place To Hyde

    Confession time at TBD

    I wanted the Bills to end up with Colt McCoy. I also thought Brohm was going to be "the guy". Kyle Orton signing here excited me. I may not be good when it comes to QBs. On the other hand, I felt during the draft that Josh Allen would be a HUGE bust of comical proportions. So heres to hoping my "luck" works both ways.
  2. No Place To Hyde

    Doug Whaley Has Landed a New Job

    Wait until he goes rogue and cuts everyone that commits to playing. Just playing, wish him luck in the new position. I think the way the cards we're dealt it would have made it hard for any young GM to have much success here. Yea, he made some mistakes and questionable moves but he also made some solid additions. Good luck Doug.
  3. No Place To Hyde

    Who Will Win the AFC East?

    Pats will win it, but I'm looking for the Bills to narrow the gap a bit. Wouldnt shock me if Buffalo won the division the following year.
  4. This was honestly the first NFL game I watched on TV as a kid. I still remember 3 things my then 7 year old brain took away from that game. 1. Do whatever it takes to stay on the field and help your team. 2. Football is awesome 3. That Winslow guy is God.
  5. No Place To Hyde

    6 Week NFL dark period begins

    I feel a "What if we hired Schwartz as HC, then hired Rex as DC and brought Chan back as OC" thread forthcoming.
  6. No Place To Hyde

    Training Camp Autographs

    I tried this with her and being a chubby middle aged man did not have the same success. She did sign her name beautifully on the restraining order however.
  7. No Place To Hyde

    Josh Allen to start getting some 1st team reps

    If Allen ends up starting it wouldn't shock me if they kept Nate and traded or cut AJ. Not what I would likely do, but they really like Peterman
  8. No Place To Hyde

    What If Rex Never Was Hired & Schwartz was The HC ?

    I think it would have come down to 2 things. Who is the QB and who is running the offense?
  9. No Place To Hyde

    Given USC QB's & Bills/USC History @ QB ...

    And while I know thats correct I still can't help but be a tad leery about QBs that come from there. Its like if you buy a car. And it breaks. Then you buy another of the same manufacturer. And it breaks. You likely would think twice about purchasing a third from that company even though they were different makes and models. Someday a QB from USC will shatter the myth. And if Darnold can correct the turnover issues he's had he may be the one. But same was said for Lienart, Barkely, etc etc.
  10. No Place To Hyde

    Given USC QB's & Bills/USC History @ QB ...

    Is it ridiculous though? Time after time highly touted QBs from USC come out and people say the same thing you just did. And time after time USC QBs flop. Now I fully understand that Sam Darnold is a different player and person than the guys that came before him and I will concede that I think he could be an excellent player in the NFL. But it does at least warrent a "buyer beware" tag.
  11. No Place To Hyde

    Make 3 predictions for the 2018 Bills.

    1. AJ McCarron will start at least the first 6 games. 2. Edmunds will be 2nd in NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year voting. 3. McCoy will fail to break 1000 yards rushing this year due to missing 2 games to injury and late season ineffectiveness. Bonus prediction: Buffalo will go 9-7 with a nice playoff push late in the year.
  12. No Place To Hyde

    Since the Bills last visit to Lambeau in 2010

    How old was everyone when they figured out that "Arbys" sounded out is "RB's" which is short for Roast Beef? I was today old.
  13. In this day and age does anyone really believe that there are still pro football players that aren't on SOMETHING?
  14. No Place To Hyde

    La Canfora: Bills Betting "Big" on Allen and Edmunds

    But he didn't. Proving once again: LaConjecture>Your 5 Year Old Grandson At least in reporting NFL Conjecture.
  15. No Place To Hyde

    A Bone-Chilling Draft Review

    I have drawn people like you.