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  1. No Place To Hyde

    NFL OT rules are an effing, effing joke

    They did. They couldn't get possession of the ball. Football is still a team game. This is why a defense still matters.
  2. No Place To Hyde

    Has the light finally gone on for Zay Jones?

    Which one?
  3. He really is. Showing hes more than a 1 trick pony as well.
  4. No Place To Hyde

    1993 Houston Wildcard Comeback- Where were you guys

    One of the best attended as well. Last I heard there were at least 225k fans there and not one left before the comeback started.🤣 I was 16, working my shift at McDonald's. Listened on the radio and when,my shift was over the comeback started. Instead of going home sat in the break room and listened.
  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josh_Rosen Twas a Wrong Josh rib...
  6. No Place To Hyde

    Broncos Claim Andre Holmes from Waivers

    Good for Holmes. Good timing for,him as well.
  7. Wouldn't shock me if he is kept until an upgrade is on the roster. Croom and Thomas have "potential". But until they sign a guy that can easily take over I feel like they will keep him.
  8. No Place To Hyde

    Taron Johnson in hospital?

    Yes. Part of the process is shutting down injured players after the playoffs are out and letting them get needed medical procedures so they are ready for next year.
  9. No Place To Hyde

    Allen's last pass 12/2- Bad pass or Worst Pass of All Time?

    Depends. Its this a beat down topic or the most beat down topic ever?
  10. No Place To Hyde

    Trade for Sean Lee in the off-season

    Which is why I'm sure Dallas would keep him around. They do have 2 young LBs as well. Believe it or not, teams actually put a priority on helping their own club rather than throwing bones to the Bills. Weird, right?
  11. No Place To Hyde

    Is Brian Daboll a HC candidate in Green Bay?

    Haven't seen anyone mention him...but It would be a mild shock to me if DiFilippo wasn't a frontrunner.
  12. No Place To Hyde

    Is Shady done?

    In a perfect world McCoy would admit to himself that he's getting older and his ability to dance and cut back have declined a bit. Perhaps accept a reduced roll. I don't see his pride letting that happen. Add in being a bit older, injuries adding up and (this is an assumption on my part) the potential for his off field issues to resurface...I believe it's time to get younger at the position. I wouldn't mind letting Ivory go as well. Move into next season with a rookie and a guy like Tevin Coleman. I'd be good with that.
  13. No Place To Hyde

    Redskins at Eagles MNF

    The weirder moment when Mark Sanchez recovered a fumble with his butt....