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  1. Ford rendered Von Miller almost invisible and did well at the line against TJ Watt. He has skill. I believe Ford got even better after Nsheke was hurt and he had the chance to play the entire game in 1 position with the max amount of snaps. The part time RT experiment was a huge mistake and slowed his learning at RT in my opinion. But hey, this is Buffalo and unless our LT or RT is an NFL All-Pro fans will always yell to move them to G...
  2. Wait. You're having Brown do the underneath work and sending Beasley deep? Is...is this Steve Fairchild?
  3. The Baker's Fudgie Mayfield. Seems like a new dessert at the Cheesecake Factory. Sounds...well rather dangerous. I'll pass.
  4. Geez, the kid fends off 2 bad guys when he's left Home Alone over the holiday season and now seems entitled.
  5. I am NOT a fan of Murphy as I feel he disappears for long stretches of the season only to make a splash play here or there at the end of the year. And even I think it's pointless to cut him without a replacement. If we were up against the cap or he was legitimately hurting the team..that's another issue. But I'm never cutting a guy for being average when there is not a guarantee you will find excellent.
  6. Stefanski has had Kyle Rudolph and they drafted Irv Smith who combined for 75 catches and 8 TDs last year. I would figure he's looking at a guy like Njoku to be a key factor in his offense, or at least give him a shot before moving on.
  7. I think he ends up back in NE. Wouldn't shock me to see him with the Titans, though. If I'm NE though I take a hard line approach. Tell Brady he has until the legal tampering period to make up his mind, or it's moving in another direction...then sign Bridgewater if possible.
  8. Every single thing Mahomes and Brady said were really what they said. I will die on this hill.
  9. Ralph hiring Buddy Nix as GM because of the list of possible GM candidates his name was the only one he knew. Then years later Buddy Nix announcing to the world he was drafting a QB when the top 3 coming out that year were (arguably) Geno, EJ and Barkley.
  10. I could see Brown take the picks, FINALLY repair that offensive line, stick with Dalton 1 more year and position himself for Trevor Lawrence the following year. Wait, no I can't. That would take planning.
  11. He was at my house being a good friend. See, been having some problems with an ex girlfriend and...wait....just noticed he left his gloves here. I think they are his. Look a tad small. Gotta run lads...
  12. Dude also thinks he's some kind of reptile man so I'd take what he says with a grain of CTE...uh...salt.
  13. Then I will be frosty about Cooper, Hooper and Barnett as free agents. Seriously though, it's odd that the narrative has to be pushed year in and year out that "no one will play in Buffalo" when it didn't seem that way last off season. Those may be 3 very big names in FA class this year...but Beane doesn't care what their name is. He will find guys that fit what we do, who we are as a team, community and build the right way...through the draft.
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