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  1. We weren't sitting with him. He said they just escorted him out without incident. At least the car was warm when we left during the 4th!
  2. My friend got kicked out of this game for hitting Ashley Lelee in the head with a snowball... That game WAS COLD
  3. This is the type of message that can be confusing to players. McDermott is conservative in nature and coaches that way. He's been successful coaching that way. Rolling the dice now and saying, "Play Fearless" goes against a lot of the messages that he's sent to these players in the last three years. We'll See ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Why doesn't everybody just get 1 decision coin? That's the whole point of a decision, its one or the other. You're just asking what % we believe Allen can still be the guy...
  5. I made a victory vesper during the 4th quarter and blew it for us. Its my fault...
  6. Haven't seen the correct answer here yet... An offense that scores enough to put the opposing offense in a position that they need to throw to score...
  7. You have to consider his conservatism and challenge record (1 for 12) in this. B
  8. Good morning everybody: I have family coming into town unexpectedly (yay) and am looking to see if anybody has two extra tickets for the Eagles game. Message me if you have any available. Thanks!
  9. I'm banking on Baltimore taking the AFC North leaving us to fight it out with non division winner between Houston/Colts and most likely Raiders. With our schedule, a good team should waltz into the playoffs. Let's see if we can help ourselves and let the chips fall where they may.
  10. its just one of those things. When he flew into Mariota you knew the flag was coming. I have to say, with all of the bad calls (PI, Roughing the QB) the refs are making this year, they do a relatively good job of making up for the bad ones. Pay attention the next time you watch a game. Make up calls have been and will be a real thing as long as refs have as much power as they do in today's game.
  11. This team was so close to an identity on offense in weeks 2 & 3. Our jet sweep usage and consequent play action of, had defenses on their heels and had to respect that on every play. I don't think it's a coincidence that our biggest play came on jet sweep action (forward pass toss thing)yesterday. I would reintroduce that action back into the game plan after getting away from it the last two weeks. As a further bonus it gets McKenzie involved more, which is always a plus to me.
  12. Offensively - Watch the two games that Andy Reid schemed up against the Pats last year and try to do as much as that as possible. Defensively- Watch the Monday Night Game where you had the Pats stymied for the whole game and mesh those concepts with a few new wrinkles.
  13. I think the Jet sweep will be and should be continue to be a staple in this offense. Stretching the defense horizontally is a must in today's NFL and opens up the entire field.
  14. fwiw we brought in bottled waters today without incident. We were up front with security saying it'd be great if we could bring them in and they said as long as they were sealed we were good. I'm guessing management told them to be lenient as some bottled waters is a lesser evil than heat stroke...
  15. Question - Why not Titans over Colts? That Puts the Colts at 0-2 overall and (in the conference) and puts Tennessee on top of AFC South division...
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