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  1. Question - Why not Titans over Colts? That Puts the Colts at 0-2 overall and (in the conference) and puts Tennessee on top of AFC South division...
  2. this is a very optimistic thread... I don't think he saw it and made a bad read/decision. All 22 will be telling
  3. If the Bills would had offered the job to Jim Schwartz we would have been a very good team for a long time
  4. learn how to recognize and pickup blitzes better than the guys that have been doing it their whole life. Love what the guy has shown, but putting him on the 53 is imprudent, to me.
  5. All I can think about is the last time we opened in Jersey against the Jets and we were run off the field in 2012. I think that was the last time I ever let myself be optimistic heading into a season...
  6. Was just referencing to his typo "Ravens vs. Ravens", which he has since edited. We'll beat Baltimore...
  7. Boy, that week 14 match up against the Ravens looks straight up un-winnable
  8. I must admit I'm on the "must win" side of things here. Beat the F'ing Jets and lets get this party started. Worrying about losing week 1 is what we've been conditioned to do for two decades. I don't want a win, I want a statement to the rest of the league that we'll beat you and run up the score while we're at it. Don't like it? stop us.
  9. am I the only one that didn't think there was a practice today...
  10. This is the point I've been making for two days.. Lets move past it people. Everybody gets caught up in the moment/circumstances. Also, if its severe, and buffalo fans have seen some awful things happen at our sports venues, we are the first to fall silent + pray/wish for the best...
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