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  1. don't wish injuries on anybody but he shouldn't be in the league anyways given his record with domestic violence
  2. What's the problem with bringing in more competition? Could take the 4th TE spot. Keep the best 4
  3. No way Bodine makes this team, Feliciano and Long have C experience and could fill in there if needed.
  4. Main thing Allen will (hopefully) do this year to help his completion percentage - He needs to take what the defense gives him on early downs. Often Allen will look to make the 15 yard pass in a tight window on 1st down instead of taking the checkdown that's open for 3-4 yards. Beane says it often this offseason. Allen will learn that a 4 yard gain on 1st down in the NFL is a great play.
  5. If Bills want to keep Williams/McKenzie/Sills on this roster we're going to have to hold onto 6 WRs
  6. So when the Bills ignored the WR position for the entire draft, signed a CFL player AND picked up an UDFA, you think that sealed Zay's fate he doesn't make the roster???? You're right that it did seal Zay's fate though, but it's his fate of staying on the team. You can see from the draft war room video released yesterday that the Bills didn't even have WR listed as a position of need in the draft. 2020 NFL Draft is loaded with top WR talent. This will be a make or break year for Zay and his place on this roster for next season
  7. Such an idiotic statement. You mean the last 20 years we've been "under their radar" the Bills have been such a wonderful franchise? Keep enjoying those 1pm games where nobody in the NFL gives a ***** about us. Guess we'll just keep missing out on signing or trading for top players too
  8. I think Tyler Kroft or Jake Fisher would fill that role if needed above Knox
  9. McCoy is the only true every down back we have on the roster. What we gonna have Gore tote the rock 15 times a game? I don't see it. TJ Yeldon was brought in to possibly take Gore's position. Yeldon is great on pass protection and is a very capable receiving option out of the backfield. I'm not sure if we keep 4 but if we can swing that I think we will given the age of 2 of our RBs. But if we keep 3, it's probably Gore that's going to be cut, not McCoyMedia just overreacting to a 3rd round pick thinking that the writing is on the wall for McCoy, despite Beane coming out and immediately dismissing all possibility of that and saying that McCoy is still our #1 RB. Beane has been pretty straightforward with the media regarding players, he's not Gettleman that just says one thing and does the opposite.
  10. Lynch made his career in Seattle. That's what happens when all your games are 1pm est in limited markets, and no playoff appearances
  11. Burns at 9 would feel like us the years we took Maybin/Whitner. If we traded down or traded back into the 1st to grab Burns in the late teens I'd think it was a good move though. Just not at 9 please
  12. my fault it's late over here, meant "other skill positions"
  13. I feel like sophomore slumps occur to other skill positions like RB/WR Allen needs to show much improvement because there's much improvement to be made. If he has a sophomore slump he'd be the quality of a fringe starter in the league
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