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  1. with staffords W-L record? No Give Allen Stafford's complete talent and skillset throwing the football on this team with this defense? Absolutely
  2. Yup i've been saying this for a while. If the coach challenges all 3 and gets all 3 right, he should get infinite challenges until he's either out of timeouts or he loses a challenge
  3. He's too slow for RT, it's not something that he will overcome with cleaner technique in my opinion. Put him at guard and you let him actually have a good NFL career.
  4. Browns got caught up building a Madden roster and not a real one. They traded one of their best pass protecting OL in Zeitler to the Giants in that trade and are realizing that if you don't have time to throw, you can't feed mouths like OBJ
  5. Would be really cool if they sold turkey legs at the concessions for thanksgiving games
  6. if Zay plays well in Oakland, good for him. He simply wasn't here and there was no indication he was ever going to. He simply did not work out on this Bills team. Zay is not a good outside receiver, and with the addition of Beasley you could almost see the writing on the wall for Zay.Now the Bills hope Duke continues to perform, and fixes our lack of a Z flanker receiver. Duke is the exact type of mold of WR we want there, and he's a great and willing run blocker on the strong side of the formation. LFG Duke, we are all rooting for you, to solve our lack of WR there so we don't necessarily have to draft one high.I'm sure McDermott would love to have the WR position solved before the draft so he can draft a DE in round 1 lol
  7. Would you give Superman credit for saving Lois Lane tied to the train tracks before the train ran her over, if Superman was who tied Lois Lane to the train tracks in the first place? That's the point he's getting at. Allen's poor decisions and timely turnovers have kept teams in games where we wouldn't have needed to have a 4th quarter comeback
  8. Also just as telling about how good our defense has been. Basically If our offense doesn't tee up the other team with short fields, we win.
  9. I feel like the wet rainy conditions played a factor too. Singletary and Taron Johnson will be back for Miami, let's beat the bricks off them so our offense is confident heading into a critical Eagles game
  10. We need to get our offense to at least respectability before spending draft capital and big $$ on a defensive player
  11. HOF bills jersey's are fine. If you're wearing a Roscoe Parrish navy blue jersey it's time to upgrade your roster lol
  12. I think Spain is solid in run blocking but his pass protection i've seen him get completely owned on several occasions right off the snap. I'm not a tape breaking down guru just going off of some of the things that have stood out to me during actually watching the game. It's interesting going back to the OBD tape of when Beane was pumped that Panthers jumped up and took Greg Little instead of Ford. Greg Little is coming off of his first full game at LT, after splitting time at LT the game previously, and he's been excellent. PFF (not the end-all-be-all in player grading, I know) has Little at an 86.4 in pass protection. Cody Ford's pass pro grade? 45.8. What exactly was Beane seeing on tape that he was so excited Ford fell to him (he even said they were considering trading back into the late first to get him) that is not translating to the NFL? His feet are so slow he's just getting beat to the QB by an everyday speed rush on the edge. He's been decent run blocking, I'm actually very happy with this unit's run blocking as a whole this year, which is why I think Ford, if you're wanting to get him game reps, you get him the reps at RG. Do the timeshare with Feliciano if you must, but Ford at RT is a major liability for Allen
  13. Not sure why, but Bills seem to like to wait until the bye week to make changes to the o-line structure. Would love to see Ford slide to RG and Feliciano either go into a backup role or move to LG. Would prefer LG cause I don't feel like Spain is good either. Spain is more of a liability in pass protection The problem is, I don't think Nsekhe is much better than Ford
  14. I don't even feel like BB did anything to make Josh Allen look bad, it was Josh Allen making Josh Allen look bad. And that is the concerning part.
  15. I'm scared with Barkley behind this line. Our offensive tackles have been terrible
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