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  1. Raegor's heavier than I imagined and Shenault is built like a bruising RB with WR skills. Please
  2. Didn't they already say what their solution is? I thought I heard that they'll literally alternate years where a team will have 9 home games 1 year and 9 away games the next I really think if they stacked an additional bye week to be held no sooner than 4 weeks after the first bye week with the 17 game proposal, it might pass. I don't see the NFL Owners being reasonable though
  3. Thing is though, Garrett made the racial slur claim before the NFL said anything about not having any mics nearby. Because of Garrett accusing Rudolph of that, the NFL went to go check the claim and supposedly has no audio around the play to pick up anything at all. It just seems odd to me, speaking from the NFL perspective. Don't see why Garrett would purposefully lie about something that NFL 99.999% of the time has the means to prove true or otherwise.
  4. What's funny is the NFL has already come out and said that they didn't have any audio on that play around to catch anything. Aren't QBs mic'd every game?
  5. Johnson been absolute trash on the NYJ, sometimes CBs flame out, he's an example
  6. With how I think Becton will test at combine/pro day, I don't see Becton falling lower than 15. He might end up a top 10 pick.
  7. I got a feeling we do the Nsekhe/Ford RT experiment one more season. They made the decision to put Ford primarily at RT before the 2019 season and I'd be surprised if they gave up on it after just 1 year.
  8. if they were to rearrange anything, probably would do something more like AFC EAST London New York New England Baltimore AFC SOUTH Tennessee Houston Indy Miami AFC NORTH Pittsburgh Cleveland Cincinnati BUFFALO
  9. For context if you guys want to know how cheap this is. I've lived in Los Angeles for the last 6 years, I saw this image and thought that these were a bit expensive for single-game ticket pricing. Bills still have one of the cheaper season ticket packages in the league. Enjoy it
  10. finding a successful running back on the 3rd round consequently causes Bills to draft a RB in the 1st round the following year? I doubt it.
  11. Deion Sanders is right about the NFL HOF. They let too many people in. It doesn't feel exclusive. You got guys like Jerry Rice venerated in the same location of guys like Art Monk and Lynn Swann. It's kind of a joke
  12. go f yourself if this is where your mind goes when he and 8 others, including his eldest daughter, dies in an accident
  13. Even if Allen improves to being even an average deep ball thrower, he would have been in the MVP consideration this year. Lots of points left on the field due to Allen's inconsistent (or maybe just consistently overshot) deep balls. I'm looking forward to him taking another leap forward
  14. Good news is he's on the Panthers' staff now. That's only 1 step away from being on the Bills staff
  15. 0 chance we are paying for cooper AND using our 1st on the same position
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