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  1. I have a hard time believing all these NFL scouts and GMs are operating off of feelings and vapor.
  2. I'll admit we're not in an ideal situation, but the rumors of our O-line's demise have been highly exaggerated.
  3. So we got... The 7th best at pick...7. Ok. The 4th best at pick...16! Wow! The 44th best at pick...96! Wow! And people still B word about how badly we botched this draft and gave up too much. Got exactly who we wanted at good value, rather than "plug holes" with mediocre players that could also be picked up in FA.
  4. Kind of hard when you clearly came here with your mind made already, just looking to pick fights.
  5. Thanks for spoiling it. There's a thread for this already.
  6. I don't know, I think I'll take the potential of a stock Mustang over the most perfected, highly tuned lawnmower the factory had to offer.
  7. Wow, we have a badass over here! Put the roids away and steal one of your mommy's Ambiens and go to bed already.
  8. So far 30 teams all disagree with you twice over, smart guy. Who was the SEVENTH QB you had rated over him?
  9. Plenty of top QBs went in the top 10 as well, what is your point? ANSWER THE DAMNED QUESTION, who were your top 7 QBs over Allen? Quit being a whiny, petulant little B word.
  10. There's still only been 5 QBs drafted at this point into the third round, and you say there's an even higher number rated higher than him. What a joke. Sure I can buy Mayfield, Rosen, and Darnold. I won't even roll my eyes too hard at Jackson, but who else to add up to seven? Rudolph, White, Falk, Lauletta?
  11. Who the !@#$ are the SEVEN other QBs you had rated higher than Allen? Seriously we're still waiting for an answer. No really, answer the freaking question I'm legitimately interested in knowing.
  12. Yet you cared enough to go out of your way to reply to the thread. "Hey everybody, look how much I don't care!"
  13. And if he doesn't play great? I love the what if game!
  14. I'm sorry SDS, but if you can't keep it to something positive, we're going to have to lock the thread.
  15. That the higher you go in the top 10 the exponentially more expensive it gets. Are you really that dense? I mean gosh, who would have thought the 7th pick would cost more than the 10th? MIND BOGGLING!
  16. Welcome to the NFL, where top 10 picks carry a heavy premium. What did you expect to get the pick for, or are you just here to B word?
  17. Draft day can't come soon enough. It'll cut down on these random fever dream threads with declarative fact titles in this time where we are anticipating breaking news with identical sounding titles. Aren't the Patriots known for fleecing draft value trades? Just to be fair.
  18. I would get them but they're not available in Canada. I think OBD could apply to have their logo included, since Ontario is Buffalo's market. Instead I'm going to get my online/streaming handle on the Mustang I just put on the road.
  19. Well in an odd way the fact that someone as BS as him went into such specifics kind of lends the report a weird credibility.
  20. Remember when Ryan Nassib was the top rated QB in the 2013 draft by Greg Cosell? Fourth round bust.
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