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  1. Warner started out in the NFL with Green Bay. Per Wikipedia, "Warner was competing for a spot against Brett Favre, Mark Brunell, and former Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer. While Warner was with the Packers, the head coach was Mike Holmgren, the quarterback coach was Steve Mariucci, and Andy Reid was the offensive assistant." Warner was cut outright, so no Green Bay PS. One nit: I believe the #3 QB runs the scout team (= this week's opponent) against the starting D on Thursdays. If you only have 2 active QB's, that means your PS QB is up. But I'm not going to argue that it's the same as real game playing time.
  2. Beane keeps working that roster. I expect to see he's worked out a Ristolainen trade any day now.
  3. It sounds like the international allocation program is a paid internship. But if a player can't be promoted to the active roster, what's the point? To see if he develops enough to make the 53 next year?
  4. Unbelievable. This is a thread on the general topic, "the Buffalo Bills have too many competent offensive linemen to keep them all on their final roster."
  5. Yeah . . . pretty much what I thought. And remember he's filling the spot of LaAdrian Waddle, not Will Wolford. He got caught up in the inevitable Jetness of being injured and a NYJet last year so I give Long a pass. He's no Pro Bowler and Morse is obvious the jewel in the crown here, but if Long is healthy he can play some. And yes, anyone who wants to use the term "inevitable Jetness" is welcome to use it.
  6. Just wondering . . . at this time of year, 32 teams have 90 roster spots to fill. When you sign a street free agent that nobody else brought into camp, how good . . .
  7. From living in North Jersey, let me just add: yep. You're dead on. He also had a history of not getting along with (= undermining) the GM here.
  8. Several hundred years ago: Ike Hill was our substitute gym teacher at Bennett. This was in the days when players had to get jobs in the off season and training camp was about getting back into shape.
  9. I could see persuading myself that one of these guys is no worse than whomever I would get in April 2020 with my 7th round pick, and if he's any good I get help now instead of next year. But I'm still not convinced I'd pull the trigger.
  10. It's not a luxury at all. It's the way NFL rosters are built. I blame the NFL for having this "quiet period" in June when there's little or no news to report. Anybody can. make up any kind of crap in June.
  11. A lot of good stuff in this thread. One more observation: Inigo Montoya correctly points out that middle-of-the-pack rankings for rushing yards and points allowed have to improve. Successful rushing games also eat clock. I'm not rehashing the Time of Possession argument but rather thinking about getting the ball back when you need it, especially in the fourth quarter. Even with expected offensive improvement, I don't know how often the Bills will carry a two- or three-score lead into the 4Q so the opposition can't run anymore. More likely we'll need the ball back and the D will have to pick it up so the O will have a chance. Old timers like me will remember how the K-Gun Bills would play keepaway with long ground drives in the 4Q and just end the game before the opposition could do anything about it (whether or not the Bills had a two- or three-score lead). That's what I'm concerned about this Bills D protecting against. Also, obviously, improving on points allowed will necessarily result from improving on rushing yards allowed so long as the Pass D doesn't collapse.
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