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  1. Ennjay

    Sign Jay Cutler Now

    Uh, check your sarcasm filter my friend.
  2. This is exactly what I was thinking scrolling through the posts. Thanks -- now I can stop reading.
  3. Excuse me for interrupting your busy day. You (whoever "us" is) obviously have better things to do than answer questions in a sports blog. Oh wait . . . Seriously, if a simple question bothers you this much, learn to ignore it. There's no need to throw a public fit about something this trivial.
  4. Day-after grades are such a waste of ink. I guess we can thank the internet for only wasting electrons. All of these immediate post-draft grades are LOL ridiculous. The same "experts" who just issued pre-draft grades---without doing the same evaluations/tests/interviews as the teams themselves---compare what actually happened to what those "experts" said they would have done and then "grade" the teams on how much the teams agreed with them. Since Mel loves Allen and Edmunds and I guess likes Phillips, the Bills get an A for agreement. If the next "expert" hates Allen, Johnson, Neal and McCloud they get an F for agreement. Yada yada yada.
  5. Ennjay

    bigger bust in first round

    Reuben Gant. There, I said it. And don't forget John McCargo was a first-round draft choice.
  6. Ennjay

    Mayfield to the Jets or just smoke?

    I go back and forth on how good of a pro Mayfield I think will be, but if the Jets take him I'll be sure that he'll be a bust. You gotta have faith in the Jets process.
  7. Ennjay

    September 30th

    Serious question: how can you get tickets to a Packers game? I thought it was close to impossible.
  8. Ennjay

    What ya'll are getting with AJ

    You beat me to it (but I'd add Bart Starr), as did the poster who said coming out of Alabama hurts a QB. Saban wants his QB's to be ballhandlers although Tagovailoa may force him to break the mold. We all saw Saban throw Hurts aside at halftime of the championship game this year because ball handling the running game wasn't going to be enough. Appreciate the OP because, all things considered between Bama and Cinci, nobody outside of practice knows what McC can do.
  9. I think I can safely say I speak for a lot of people when I say: No. Put down the mouse. Back away from your Internet device. Close the door behind you. And let us not speak of this again.
  10. If they hold on to #22 after trading the package for a top 5 pick for QB (hello Indy?) they may still have a shot at Billy Price. He can play G for a year and then move over to Center like Wood did. But this is wishful thinking -- the trade package will of course include both #1's so Price would have to slip into the second round. Which he could.
  11. Ennjay

    Chiefs releasing Tamba Hali

    Before we get too excited: Hali's from these parts, Fort Lee, NJ. I expect if the Giants or Jets offer him anything at all he'll take it. I don't see anyone getting into a bidding war for him.
  12. Thanks to those of you who actually answered my question.