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  1. Good analysis in the OP. As for the quote above, we could quibble about what "a few" means, but the roster breakdown reinforces why people (well, at least me) don't care about the number of picks Beane gave up in the Diggs trade. I think he's worth the #1 if you want to win now (which we do) and the rest of the package was a bunch of ???'s that would have a hard time making this team -- picks from the rounds Beane added to with the Bodine and Teller trades.
  2. I know there's been more discussion of whether Logan Thomas is any good but I wanted to get this in: it wasn't that long ago (3 years?) that the Bills were desperate to sign anyone who could play the game even a little because they had so many holes. Now they don't have room to stash and develop guys that other teams actually overpay to recruit. Hallelujah.
  3. [Silent Thread in Spirit -- Condolences to all the Family]
  4. This post has been up for nearly 48 hours and nobody's told a Booth Lusteg joke yet.
  5. I remember Dave Costa as a DT but there are no OT's or DT's designated, just T's.. This is also before Paul Costa got switched from TE to OT.
  6. I'm so out of it these days ........
  7. Whoops. How soon I forgot. It's the NJ lockdown. They've turned off my football radar too.
  8. Pete is CJ's great uncle. Pete's brother Bobby was a front office exec with several teams. IIRC Bobby had a good reputation. Bobby is CJ's grandfather. God this makes me feel old since I remember Pete Beatherd -- and this game.
  9. Meanwhile since they already soured the relationship with Cam, who's supposed to play QB in Carolina? Or are they already tanking for Taylor Lawrence (a local hero too!) in the '21 draft?
  10. I can honestly and sincerely share with all of you that I had completely forgotten that Ray Ray McCloud was currently a Buffalo Bill. I'm also supremely confident that I'm not the only one. Are we sure that he is?
  11. And it's official: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28898729/bengals-end-tumultuous-relationship-lt-cordy-glenn
  12. Not a lot of tears shed around here in North Jersey when Prince and the Giants divorced. Just sayin'.
  13. Putting aside I don't give a rat's crap about Miami's QB situation so long as it stays bad: Joey Harrington comes to mind. Not Jimmy Clausen because a lot (meaning a lot) of people thought he was a marginal talent to begin with and the Carolina situation wasn't as bad as AZ and Miami. (Cue the Notre Dame defenders; ND hasn't produced a decent NFL QB since ... Steve Beuerlein?)
  14. You are exactly right. It shows again that voters for the HOF of "the ultimate team game" put too much emphasis on winning Super Bowls. Of course that counts for something, but a guy (Coryell) who made a huge mark on this sport is penalized because his teams in St Louis and San Diego were good enough to be in the championship mix for years but never overcame some other good teams like Dallas and Pittsburgh and Miami to get to the top. Coryell made Dan Fouts, who's in the HOF himself.
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