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  1. Ennjay


    NFL Network carried the Browns' feed. Play-by-play was Somebody Crawford and color was Tim Couch. They were both terrible. Another example: before the commercial, "you don't see OPI three times in a season." After the commercial: "they'll call that [OPI] every time."
  2. Ennjay

    Darnold and Allen , offsets and no offsets

    You may be right but I have a feeling it's as simple as both signed when they reported to camp and the Browns reported a day before the Bills. I think Allen was going to sign when he checked in and the language had already been worked out. (I also believe agents talk and Allen's and Mayfield's respective people had a good idea what was in the other one's contract before either signed.) But on Darnold, living here in NJ I've been reading more in the local stuff about Darnold isn't ready yet, Darnold doesn't process all that quickly, Darnold doesn't protect the ball, Darnold needs a lot of grooming, etc., etc., etc. It may all be smokescreen since he hasn't signed but it makes me wonder about all that Draft Day crap about the guy fairly glows in the dark with a football in his hand.
  3. Ennjay

    Bills will win the division this season

    Only if the D is historically awesome which is a lot to ask. Questionable O line and receivers, no reliable speed guy, unsettled QB position -- don't plan on scoring a lot of points this year with everyone loading the box against Shady. I agree on good coaching and youthful energy and I feel good about 2nd place, but seriously . . . division champs?
  4. Ennjay

    Best MNF game the Bills were in?

    I remember this one. I think it was Ahmad Rashad's first game as a Bill and he undressed a Raider CB for a TD. Wasn't the Denver turnaround game also on MNF? I should read to the end before I post.
  5. Ennjay

    Shady on Allen in Sporting News

    I worry about the progress of the O line. If these guys can't pass block, there's no reason for Allen to be the QB who gets sacrificed. Look at what happened to David Carr.
  6. It always bothers me that a few days of combine can be so much more important that 2 or 3 years of game film.
  7. Ennjay

    Sign Jay Cutler Now

    Uh, check your sarcasm filter my friend.
  8. This is exactly what I was thinking scrolling through the posts. Thanks -- now I can stop reading.