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  1. Ennjay

    Corey Coleman

    And just watch, that 7th rounder Cleveland will pick is going to the HOF. Ahead of Matt Barkley. Seriously folks . . .
  2. Ennjay

    Report: Bills Will Work Out OT Matt Tobin

    Already cut this year by NE and SF. Any insights on why? Is he just that bad?
  3. Ennjay

    The General Predictions for the season thread

    At least 85% of our third-and-longs (let's say 7 or more to go) will be screen passes or flares. At least 65% of our third downs will be third and longs. Josh Allen will not start until at least the Titans game. If the Titans have a decent pass rush he won't start then either. The defense will be decent but will wilt in second halfs. Tremaine Edmunds will be Defensive ROY. He'll overrun everything in sight in September but by December 1 he'll be a stud. Corey Bojorquez will be in the NFL top 5 for gross punting average most of the season but will tail off in December when the home game winds and cold get to him.
  4. Actually, Eli did NOT start until later in his rookie year. The Giants started what they thought was a washed-up Kurt Warner until Eli was ready for NFL speed AND their O-line had "gelled" enough to protect him a little. (They let Warner go and he went to the Super Bowl with AZ.) The Giants did the same thing with Joe Pisarcik and Phil Simms in Simms' rookie year.
  5. Why did he make your list?
  6. I vote no but not because of Allen or his skills -- it's because of the O-line. There's no point in making him a tackling dummy.
  7. Ennjay


    NFL Network carried the Browns' feed. Play-by-play was Somebody Crawford and color was Tim Couch. They were both terrible. Another example: before the commercial, "you don't see OPI three times in a season." After the commercial: "they'll call that [OPI] every time."