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  1. Ennjay

    Top 9 players in the draft.

    Here's what I'm hoping: someone out there loves Haskins and he slips to #9. The Bills trade back to someplace in the high teens plus a not late third or a late second.
  2. I notice that his home field at Wyoming was named War Memorial Stadium. How perfect is that?
  3. Ennjay

    Second half thread: Wk 17 Dolphins at Bills (CBS)

    Help me out because I'm only following on Gamecenter. Is the wind really bad today?
  4. Ennjay

    Derek Anderson must have really gotten walloped

    Isn't Clint Frazier still in CP? We're only talking about 6 weeks for a non-playoff team and they say he mentors JA. He's as good as anyone else to run the scout team at #3.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the Bills are in line for a supplemental 3rd round pick if he lasts to the end of his contract and then signs elsewhere. 'Course with all that cap room the Bills are likely to sign more FA's than they lose so they wouldn't get supp picks anyway.
  6. Could this be the opening Conor McDermott has been waiting for? And he's already on the roster!
  7. Ennjay

    Corey Coleman

    And just watch, that 7th rounder Cleveland will pick is going to the HOF. Ahead of Matt Barkley. Seriously folks . . .