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  1. Thanks to those of you who actually answered my question.
  2. Why does Dareus count so much? Is that the difference between his total cap-assigned numbers for his years with the Bills and what he was actually payed, and the trade accelerates that into the next league year?
  3. Chris Collinsworth

    I don't watch Sunday night games so I haven't seen a lot of Collinsworth. I was surprised how bad he was tonight. Constantly telling you what you already know and what you've already seen. After a guy makes a great catch he tells you he has great hands. After a runner makes a good cut he tells you he has great cutting ability. After a WR outjumps a DB he tells you what a good jumper he is. After a rugged play he tells you a guy is tough. Really?? Y'think??
  4. Tanner Lee is a dark horse QB to keep an eye on

    Thanks for my laugh of the day. I needed that.
  5. Cleveland and the #1 and #4 picks.

    True, you don't need to pick a RB first. I'd also think about whether I need to replace Joe Thomas.
  6. Cleveland and the #1 and #4 picks.

    But if you had Rosen, Darnold and Allen rated close to each other -- which would be the Clevelandy thing to do -- you'd be satisfied taking Barkley #1 and whichever of the three is left at #4. As for the cost of re-signing, they won't have to worry about that for 4 or 5 years.
  7. Ken Dorsey to the Bills?

    This is exactly the difference between an OC and a QB coach.
  8. Ken Dorsey to the Bills?

    FWIW Cam was an historically unfinished product coming out of Auburn -- didn't read D's, made few audibles, did not have any kind of sophistication whatsoever about how O works. He was all raw talent, and remember he only played/started at the D1 level for one year. I don't know what Dorsey did with him but whatever else you can say about Cam he's come a LONG way as a pro.
  9. Q for someone who's actually seen or followed Denver this year, which isn't me: is Paxton Lynch just out? Like the Christian Hackenberg of the Rockies? Not even salvage value?
  10. Saints loss and fundamental football

    Same thing on a lot of Fournette runs. There's a difference between hitting and tackling.
  11. I see we have a difference of opinions on this topic. BTW, personally I'm not sure what I'd do. Like I said, he's not bad -- but he makes you wonder. I thought it would be a decent discussion topic.
  12. He's not a bad coach but he's not special either -- he's no legend. Seems to me the Steelers are kind of stale and they should have done better most of this year, not just today. Would you rearrange the coaching just to freshen things up? Or leave things as they are and hope for better results next year?
  13. OC Rick Dennison Fired

    Yes but I wouldn't have trusted Tyrod with a run pass option decision. I would have run 3 or (depending on where the ball was) 4 times. And maybe a quick hitter or two or a QB sneak instead of a slower developing play.
  14. OC Rick Dennison Fired

    If he did -- and there's no way he would -- with Byrd the Bills would have two coaches who are fathers of former Bills. (Jake Arians kicked for us years ago.) I wonder what the record is for that.
  15. OC Rick Dennison Fired

    I'm sure this was in the works for at least the last month+, but calling that pass on first and goal from the 1 likely clinched it even without the penalty.