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  1. The rule includes "and no player attempts to possess it" inbounds (that is, not in the end zone) even after it "comes to rest". That should never happen -- both teams should be scrambling for an inbounds ball -- but I can imagine a quick whistle being blown when a ref thinks nobody's attempting enough.
  2. Thanks for this. And the restraining line is the line 10 yards from the ball that the receiving team has to stay behind before the ball is kicked, right?
  3. Thanks. I assume the rule was changed in the last few years to reduce kickoff injuries.
  4. I've noticed more than once in the first two weeks that kickoff returners will let a ball go into the end zone and take the touchback without covering the ball. At least it used to be the rule that that was a live ball and someone had to down it or the kicking team could recover. Did they change that rule and I just missed it? And as long as I'm asking: at one point Sunday CBS picked up Phillips (Jordan) standing next to Phillips (Harrison). Has everyone done away with first initials on jerseys? Is there any rule about this? Thanks for serious answers.
  5. Not quite the same, but when I was in high school we thought everyone we worked with on a summer job was named or nicknamed Waddell because on your first day whoever was in charge would come up to you and say, "Waddell's your name."
  6. Nice job OP. Thanks for the effort you put into this. One unnecessary addition: I sort of agree with your sympathy for the Giants. You see such a contrast here in North Jersey to the clown show that the Jets always are; the Giants usually have a certain touch of class and even dignity. But my sense is that they made a mistake with Gettleman who in turn made a mistake with Shurmur, so nothing will get fixed too soon. Then again, the front offices in Dallas and Washington aren't much better so maybe they match up OK with any competition that isn't the Eagles. I also think that this Bills team collectively has its head in the game more than a lot of teams of recent years ever did. I give credit to McDermott for that.
  7. No surprise except I would knee-jerk always expect Seattle to travel the most. Giants and Jets are the only teams with a zero for a road game since they play each other. Absolutely true -- barring injury.
  8. The offense will be Barkley and Engram, which leads me back to what I want every week: some 7 or 8 minute drives and a two-score lead in the second half. That doesn't completely take Barkley out of the game but it makes him a receiver instead of a RB.
  9. What I take from this is that current Bills players want to play on this team. That's not a small thing. We've had a lot of players like Stephon Gilmore and Sammie Watkins who for whatever reason (good or bad) were ready to move on. Plenty of posters here will criticize or defend them, and I don't feel like starting that rehash again. But you can't get around that for plenty of years -- under Meathead, Gailey, Jauron, Rex, etc. -- a player had to wonder WTF he did to deserve getting drafted or waiver-claimed to the Bills. I love hearing guys talking about what amounts to a commitment to be here.
  10. Good post. I'll add: I know Bell is tough to bring down but I thought the tackling -- for everyone, not just Bell -- could use some work. I saw a lot of arms and reaches by guys who were in position to make a play but didn't finish. One of Gannon's few valid points was that with starters and second-stringers not getting much PT in preseason, they don't get the game reps to put them into rhythm. Maybe that's what I saw on tackling.
  11. Years ago when the Bills were wearing Donahoe navy blue, a buddy owed me a payoff on a bet and gave me a Bills jersey with my name on it. I've worn it to watch games on TV over the years, usually with the Bills losing, but I tended to blame the Bills and not the jersey. Today I got fed up enough to change into a Bills T-shirt late in the second quarter. After the change Vedvik missed his FG, the Bills didn't have another turnover for the rest of the game, and JA, Brown and Singletary got hot. Obviously the jersey is cursed. Anybody have any ideas? Can a jersey curse be lifted? If not, do I burn it? (I don't know if burning would work since it's mostly polyester -- do I melt it?) Do I bury it? Boil it in garlic? Donate it to a third-world orphan?
  12. As bad as Gannon was, it started when Harlan said the opening kickoff touchback would come out to the 20. How long's it been since they changed that rule? Harlan is OK, but maybe he should switch to decaf. Not every play deserves his OMG doomsday excitement voice. For example, I liked the four sacks but it's not the most incredible performance in the history of football -- "that's the FOURTH SACK TODAY by the BUFFALO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My wife suggested today that instead of the regular network color guys they should hire a homer of the week for each team (yes, a three-person booth) so there are guys who know each team and can talk intelligently about who's playing. It's not the worst idea I've ever heard.
  13. It's my fault for wearing an unlucky Bills shirt. I changed just before the Jets missed that FG so I'm optimistic the karma's been fixed.
  14. I was just thinking how when I was a kid in the 60's, when football players got offseason jobs and didn't stay in condition all year round, the all-whites made a lot of Bills look like overstuffed pillows. And I was thinking, at least today for whatever reason everybody's trimmer and looks better. Then you post this picture with O linemen in front . . . Regardless, I like the current uniforms. Plus I think white helmets with white jerseys and blue pants looks pretty sharp.
  15. The important thing to remember is that this is a set of scientific evaluations made by unassailable experts at the peaks of their analytical powers. Is everyone's sarcasm detector on and working?
  16. I like the Webb pickup too. FWIW before Gettleman got to the Giants you always heard around here in North Jersey how much they liked Davis Webb. Gettleman has a reputation for insisting on his guys and his ways so don't hold that cut against him. Or the Jets cut -- there's only room for one young/developing QB there and it's Darnold.
  17. Sounds like he was born to play in Dallas. Or Cincinnati.
  18. I agree and this doesn't bother me at all the way it would if he stayed in the AFC East. Good luck to him.
  19. Interesting (to me anyway) comparison: today we're talking about two coaches who want(ed) to build their locker rooms just so. Kelly wanted Shady gone from his locker room and thought he was getting a player he could use in Kiko. Meanwhile, there's no way no how McDermott would want a Kiko (mediocre skill set, dirty reputation) in his locker room so any speculation about him coming back here is just us fans having fun talking about it. McDermott will keep a Lorax or a DiMarco around longer than other coaches because he wants them in his locker room and he'll let Kyle Williams score a touchdown because he wants to recognize leadership and character. Kiko's not that kind of individual. I wouldn't be surprised to see Kiko cut by Miami and end up in Dallas or Oakland. They have different theories about who you want to keep around.
  20. What are the chances he pulled a hammie on that last kickoff and goes straight to IR until 2020? And a slightly more serious question: suppose something like this happens and then a team lets the guy go with an injury settlement. What are the rules on re-signing someone like that? Are you banned for the rest of the year?
  21. So the door is now wide open for Conor McDermott.
  22. Everyone knows this but I'll say it anyway: a lot of guys with no prayer of making 53's (or at least the 53's of the teams they're in TC with) will be kept around this week so teams have bodies to run out Thursday night when they're not going to play people they want to protect. Otherwise I suspect it would be snowing cuts today and tomorrow because there's not much point keeping so many players around (90) when you're trying to prep for the season.
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