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  1. I was at the Big House yesterday. Didn't see many players I'd want from either team. Michigan's WR's were big recruits, but they haven't done anything. Black can't stay healthy. Peoples-Jones has trouble with health and disappears in games. It's hard to tell, because Shea Patterson has been pretty terrible, but the receivers haven't really developed.
  2. I'm not a huge fan of the move towards indoor stadiums that resemble shopping malls more than football stadiums. Having said that, I've always hated the infield look at the baseball/football stadiums. Particularly when playing Miami on grass for years and years. I won't miss this at all.
  3. Does he know how to catch long snaps? That alone should put him above Bojo.
  4. My problem with this theory, solely as it relates to this year, is that it over-emphasizes the salary implications in 2019. An "over-investment" in RB money means that Beane is paying too much proportionally for RB's that the rest of the roster is suffocated of talent because not enough money is spent elsewhere. This is looking at the Salary Cap as a pie chart: people see a large slice of the pie being spent on RB's; therefore, this must be pared back. However, this is only relevant if the money being spent on McCoy is instantly reallocated to other position groups on the roster. In reality, this money is going to not be spent this season. Further, the Bills had amongst the largest unspent money in the NFL prior to cutting McCoy. This means that the Bills could have balanced this "over-investment" by spending closer to the cap without releasing McCoy. I'm not going to argue that the Bills haven't over invested on the running back position in the past; however, this wasn't a concern this year, considering the salary cap position of the team. McCoy meant nothing to that.
  5. Lots of out-of-towners would love to see this sale online -- hopefully they can someday.
  6. I remember being super excited to read the D&C on Monday's after a game, because the Sports section was usually 3-4 pages of Bills coverage. Back then, it was Sal, Leo, Scott Pitoniak writing about the Bills and Bob Matthews would usually write a little bit, too. Now if I'm in Rochester for a Monday after a game (usually around Christmas), the coverage is max 2 pages. it seems the paper has already cut back their Bills coverage quite a bit... Hopefully not too much more.
  7. Also live in GR (We're 2 of about 10 Bills fans in West Michigan that I know of). I would say most people are Michigan/Michigan State fans out here and the Lions are a distant second.
  8. Actually, Mr. Wilson wasn't behind this at all. He was a cheapskate with no loyalty to WNY, of course. He and his cronies had to be strong armed into having anything to do with this. Mark Poloncarz was actually the one who spearheaded and funded the whole thing. He will be humbly releasing these details in a book sequel scheduled for release in Summer 2023: right before his next political campaign.
  9. I'm amazed that people are taking a politican's word as absolute truth. Especially because the people that could dispute this story are: deceased (RCW) and discredited (Russ Brandon) or the same political party (Cuomo/Schumer). Isn't there a potentially competitive Congressional seat up in Erie County next year? Build some street credit, try to establish yourself as a hero, and then try to win the seat. Sorry, I don't trust politicians. Regardless of political party. Especially not politicians whose only career work is in government.
  10. I haven't seen this posted anywhere and I think it's an interesting list and relevant to this discussion, so here's CBS Sport's list of the NFL's top-10 coaches: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/top-10-head-coaches-in-nfl-bill-belichick-still-reigns-but-who-fills-out-the-rest-of-the-list/ I think there's a much higher perception in "league circles" of McDermott than Bills fans have. At any rate, should we be discussing firing a top-10 coach?? 9. Sean McDermott, Bills The Bills are just 15-17 in two seasons under McDermott, but he earned a lot of respect around the league for coaxing a 10-6 campaign out of a subpar roster in 2017. The Bills' offense took a step backward last year amid a massive personnel overhaul and quarterbacking done by rookie Josh Allen and injury replacements, but the defense showed significant strides, and that's the side of the ball McDermott calls home.
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