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  1. Not saying they are smart, but the entire UGA coaching staff liked Fromm over Fields as he transferred to OSU due to his inability to unseat Fromm as the starter.
  2. I would love for the Jets to draft Wilson at #2. That means they don't trade for draft capital and bring Wilson on to the current Jets team, 100% guaranteed disaster! The Jets trading the pick to build high end talent scares me more than any little string bean QB. Unless Wilson hits the roids for a few cycles, he will be beaten into an early retirement, if he is even NFL caliber, especially behind that Jets Oline as it looks now.
  3. So, if you had a Henry on your roster you should be on this list too? Brownies are limited by what they can and can't do consistently, which is pass. Allen is proving week by week that he was/is the big QB get of that draft. Lamar has been solved, at least for the moment. We will see tonight....
  4. It is so hard to be a Bills fan thee days, I have my phone blowing up with people telling me how bad we suck. Hard to live in a city with lots of Northeasterners in it who all hate the Bills. What really stinks is they are right, the Bills are tragically bad. History and time shows that, there is nothing to refute it, unfortunately. Yeah Monday!!!!
  5. Go Bills, wait, what???? You mean the Bills find a new way to lose? Is there any other team that could ever have these kind of losses???????
  6. Looks like Miami is gonna win the East. Shows what coaching and defense does for a team.
  7. Not much confidence in the O, gonna guess we turn it over or blow it in some Billsy way.
  8. Right now, any pick 3rd round or later. He just cant get it done, predict another early exit in the playoffs if we make it, Miami is gonna win the East.
  9. Well, defense shortcomings are too tough to overcome versus a middle of the road team today. Hope we can hold off the Dolphins.
  10. I would love to give him a shot at the very least. We already know our current LB's are trash at tackling. At least Beasley had a few years with quite a few sacks, what have ours done as far as getting to the QB as of late, other than whiffing on tackles? Scheme fit or not, what we have now is not working.
  11. I get it all the time in Myrtle Beach, SC. It happens so often, my wife will complain if we are going somewhere in a hurry that I will get stuck in a Bills conversation and we will be late!
  12. Edmunds, Edmunds, Edmunds! He is an absolute waste. I would rather we play with 10 men and keep him off the field. I am tired of seeing him unable to wrap up a tackle only to slide off and take another potential playmaker out. He backpedals almost every play, run or pass, but still manages to be 10 yards off the TE he should be keeping tabs on. I do not recall him making a solid solo tackle too often. Foe what we used on him in the draft I am to the point of sickness now. I would be fine if they jetted him to Philly or Dallas for a 7th and move on. Frazier also has to be bothe
  13. I am in SC, Myrtle Beach, and there is a large Bills group here. I have 3 other Bills fans in my neighborhood. On a side: I have some family in Raleigh and they claim there are more Bills fans there than Panther fans. I am sure a bit of a reach, but everyone I encounter from Raleigh mentions the high number of Bills fans.
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