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  1. If ever there was a week to stack some Bills players, this is it. Actually a good chance to win some coin. Beasley or Williams may be a good under the radar move as well if Brown is hampered at all.
  2. His music is not allowed to ever play in my house or auto. It sucks anyway so I am better for it.
  3. He played awful against a great defense. I do not think he is solely to blame, the O Line had quite a few rough spurts. How long should it take to figure out to block Van Noy and Collins? Yeldon missed quite a few blocks as well. Even when Barkley got in, they were coming thru untouched. Even Brady would not have had time to intentionally ground the ball behind that line at times today. Josh had a few plays with time to run around and refused to let the ball go, has to get rid of that habit as well.
  4. WE have been hit with a few the past couple of years here in SC. Just hoping this slows even more and can somehow stay of the coast. I have a kid in school and it stinks when they are out 3-4 weeks due to the storm. I have a generator, fan, and smaller tv just in case. I wont miss my Bills no matter what. Unless it stalls and hits Sunday☹️.
  5. I hope we will pick up somebody better, which is about any other QB, once the cuts start happening. I do not think a spot on the PS is going to be there for him. He truly has no value to the team either as a 3rd teamer or to simulate another offense in practice as he does not seem to be able to pass the ball.
  6. Not sure yet, but there will be more than a handful of guys cut in the next few weeks. I would prefer we grab the best one of that group we can if we do keep one on the PS. If we kept Tyree, it would not be stashing since every other NFL team had a chance at him and passed.
  7. I doubt Tyree Jackson will be on the list. I would rather use the spot for someone who has a future at the NFL level, at least who showed in college that the possibility is there.
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