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  1. Kelly wouldn't have thrown it that late. Reed would've been angry if he had to make that catch under the same circumstances. I wonder if JB is regretting not coming last year.
  2. The title is a bit misleading even if quoted directly from the source. I assumed he was making a comment about JA's career, especially recently because Elliott had been watching highlights of games. Instead it was a critique of only one game. Josh has heart no doubt about that! But he needs to improve dramatically to take this team to Super Bowls.
  3. And nobody else has come close since. Sure there have been KR and PR who put up huge yardage in certain years and made the Pro Bowl but none have sustained it over an entire career! Steve was a helluva WR when he lined up but Marv refused to play him offensively.
  4. I don't think he's signed his rookie contract yet. Hence, he is not "NFL Property" yet. THIS! Don't give up keep trying to look for it at fanatics.com, and the stores at other sports news websites such as cbssportsline.com, foxsports.com, and other.s
  5. NO, I wholeheartedly disagree. I've seen that song and dance before. It only counts when the real bullets fly. Trophies and accolades are only won on the field. How many training camp HOF's came you name off hand?
  6. It's a damned shame we can't purchase these games outright. A few years ago iTunes was selling the 2012 and 2013 NBA Finals without ads (full complete games). I got them all.
  7. My own beef with VD is if he knew his heart wasn't in it to play for Buffalo WTF sign? That doesn't make sense at all!! Was his family in jeopardy or he himself under some kind of threat? It's beyond stupid.
  8. I wish somebody would put post entire games of the '90-'95 regular seasons. Most of those I've only seen once; the playoff games during that span I've seen multiple times. Are you listening NFL Network?
  9. i am going to give my opinion here without really answering the questioned posed. I believe we have other needs particularly at DE or OLB who can rush the passer; a DT(s) who can stop the run; or a backup at RB because I don't believe Yeldon is that back. For the immediate future is a WR in not a need, IMHO.
  10. I hope to be present at the upcoming niners game in SF with my nephew!! Sadly, he is not a Bills fan.
  11. Spot on!!! To the OP: Jordan had only 1 very good year and he wanted the moon for it! Forget that.
  12. Go back and watch a few games there buddy. Star was overpaid and brought here to stop the run! He cannot do this---if ever. Double teams are one thing but I can assure you that he can't beat 1 on 1's consistently. I have Game Pass and know what I'm talking about.
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