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  1. How can it be a “secret” if you just told us all who it is? 😂😂
  2. Maybe. Never saw them that much. Maybe C*** Robin? It’s all a blur. 😂
  3. I will admit I was never that into Uriah Heep, but I have loved this song since the first time I heard some cover band back in the late 70’s in Buffalo introduce me to it... RIP Ken. 😞
  4. Devastating? It’s a game. There is nothing devastating about it.
  5. I thought OBD cleared out leakers? Knowing that they probably have eyes here on a regular basis, I’d be worried about my future with the Bills if I was a birdey...assuming what is being posted has any truth to it.
  6. ...and this is despite having no decent NFL RB playing today.
  7. Comparing Tua to EJ, after one game? 😂😂😂
  8. This. Forget about a position change, he is garbage. The only way he is a starter on this team next year, is if Beane and McD don’t want the egg on their face from cutting a 1st round pick.
  9. So Beane isn’t a witch, or whatever the cools kids say about someone who is awesome?
  10. You got that right. Newton doesn’t fumble and the Bills probably end up losing. I know a win is a win...but that was very disappointing.
  11. Steady rain right now in Buffalo, but none of the ferocious winds predicted...at least not yet. PS Drove by the stadium about a 1/2 hour ago. Very strange feeling.
  12. One last thought...I don’t care what analytics say, at some point a manager has to trust his eyes, and throw the analytics out the window. Cash made a horrible decision and screwed his team out of a possible game 7 and WS championships. Why didn’t his analytics tell him that Anderson hasn’t been anywhere near effective in the last week or two, as he was in the regular season?
  13. It is reported that after MLB officials saw Turner back on the field after the game, he was told to leave, and he refused. Not a good note for MLB to end the season on.
  14. Justin Turner pulled from the game in the 8th because of a positive COVID test? What? When was it conducted?
  15. So how much will White cough up to make the lawsuit and the “other buyers” go away?
  16. That is one of the best punting performances I’ve ever seen. 👍👍👍
  17. I wasn’t suggesting changing kickers in-season. I was suggesting if his struggles continue, he may be replaced in the off-season.
  18. I guess maybe the better question would have been, how does the NFL eliminate the tie games(which the NCAA has figured out)? Nothing worse than a tie...unless your a soccer fan.
  19. The 3 misses from inside 40, along with the extra point miss are a problem...especially since they were over the course of only 7 games. If he can clean up that part of his game, he will have a bright future. If the misses on "gimmies" continue over the last 9 games, they will probably at some point cost the Bills a game this season, and probably cost him his job in 2021.
  20. I am not sure why anyone believes the Giants would trade Engram. He is their best option in the passing game, he is only 26, and is under contract for 2021.
  21. I don’t remember a time in the regular season where OT was “play until someone wins”? Looking through the old standings, there were ties in the 80's, 90's and 2000's. When OT was first approved, I am pretty sure, it was 1 OT period, and then a tie when that period ended. How could that be if they "played until someone wins"? That is what I was questioning.
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