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  1. I'm trying to recall the board's voice last time he was on the roster - weren't we all unhappy with the fact that he was a one-dimensional player who could only really block, so every time he was on the field we were telegraphing our formations? While I'm not arguing against the necessity of blocking TEs, or in this pick up specifically, I'm not quite sure what signing him really adds to the roster that we didn't already go through before with him...I think he left us all wishing we had that top TE that could both block and receive.
  2. Does this mean we dropped Peko? Or just that he changed his number?
  3. The fact that that's how the NFL ranks defenses isn't what "blows my mind," albeit a flawed measure. I should've clarified, what blows my mind is more in relation to the discussions had this past season about our own defense and in the media in general, where the logic attempted by "experts," as well as a few on here, that because of our yards against totals (as well as other various like-metrics) that our defense was truly "elite" or "best in the league." While I never felt our defense to be anything less than stout overall, our red zone defense was deplorable and there was/is plenty of room for improvement in that regard, as well as against the run. Again, many factors to consider, but the use of yards against as a metric of defensive performance is truly limited as an evaluative measure.
  4. It blows my mind how everyone prioritizes yards allowed as if that is a catch all marker of a defense. Is it helpful in assessing performance? Sure, but the scoreboard doesn't reflect yards gained, it reflects points - and on the most basic of levels, it's a defense's literal job to prevent the other team from scoring. In my mind, whichever defense does this the best, regardless of yards allowed, is the top defense in the league.
  5. Thanks, Yolo! I love the upside Oliver gives our D heading into the next year. And for those thinking our Defense was set sitting at #2, you wouldn't be entirely wrong, but we were still left wanting more along the DL in terms of consistent pass rush and run stoppage. Investing in an already successful defense, regardless of whether they finish first in the league this next year, can only help Allen take the next step in his development. Especially going into his sophomore year - we've set him up pretty well in terms of passing options, and he's had a year to get a feel for the league. But having a stout defense that can keep the score close can only benefit Allen in keeping the pressure off of him, and keep him from reverting to type and make forced errors trying to lessen scoring disparities. My only hope in regards to Oliver, specifically for this next year, would be to keep it as simple as possible in terms of his role within the defense. Like the article mentions, let him simply create pressure and not have to "read" too much in his first year. Cut him loose, let him develop confidence maximizing what he does best, and slowly begin to integrate him into the overall scheme. I think we see much more impact from an Oliver that isn't asked to do too much in his first year, than we would be from piling on him. I get the argument to this is Edmunds and literally dumping the entire defensive scheme on him in his first year, but I would give Oliver at least his rookie season to do what he does best, and begin to fit that into the DL scheme.
  6. Been having this same train of thought since we signed Roberts. I'd love to see McKenzie on the roster next year, but I also just see him being the odd man out unless they keep an extra WR. That said, I agree and feel McKenzie to be the better WR fit in Daboll's offense over Roberts, and outside of Foster was one of the key receivers for us last year simply for the utility purposes you mentioned. Cover 1 did some great All-22 summaries where McKenzie's use in the sweep/reverse game set up and led to scores and key first downs. He even progressed as a pure WR option in the short game for Allen in the last couple of games. His biggest downside, unfortunately, was also the primary reason they picked him up mid-season last year - for the KR pieces. He just never really developed into that role last year. Who knows how much of it had to do with our ST overall last year, but his hands were infinitely better catching passes than punts, and it's hard to argue a chance for him in the KR role with Roberts now signed. Selfishly, I'd like to see him on the roster to provide those sweep/reverse looks that help open up our offense - his speed is enough that defenses have to consistently honor it when we line up in those formations. But given our FA signings, he's looking to be the odd man out here.
  7. Agreed 100% - Duke is the only reason I was more or less okay with not taking a WR at all in the draft. While not a true rookie, I appreciate the attitude he's bringing and the motivation would rival that of anyone looking to prove themselves in the league. He's shown the talent and ability at multiple levels thus far and now needs to take the next step. We can say this from the comfort of a solid FA haul with Brown and Beasley giving Allen the more consistent support, but for people wanting that big fast DK type receiver, you may not have to look further than our current roster with this guy. Time will tell, but I think we see a great option emerge for Allen here.
  8. To preface this, I was neither pleased nor displeased by this pick, but rather felt there may have been better value talent available. Clearly Beane thinks differently and I can't argue in that regard. To be honest, I'm still not sure where I stand on this pick, especially given the fact I didn't see much of a difference between drafting an RB this year versus next. However, that being said - things I like: -Uses size to advantage to evade line pressure and squeeze through gaps -Combined with his size, he is able to accelerate to hit closing window gaps and stretch the defense to the sidelines on outside runs -Good vision to identify running lanes and second level openings while keeping focus on momentum of defense to switch direction at key points -His initial instinct (as far as I can see) is to go North/South when possible, and lateral to extend plays and as worst case scenario - doesn't always play this way, but his first moves do seem to be N/S versus McCoy's backfield jump cuts and Bell's wait and see styles. Bit more on this below. -Doesn't fumble - at least, as far as I could see and per his stats, though these won't ever really make highlights either -Great attitude - speaks for itself as a key component for the Bills org Things I don't like/need to be convinced on still: -Level of competition - I won't argue the kid plays at a level above, and certainly doesn't have celebrity-esque issues - nor is this a marker of busting at the next level as plenty of D2 and a handful of D3 guys have had success in the NFL. However, I do wonder how much of what we see is a reflection of the defensive talent in the conference in which he played. I get that he had better offers and chose to be where he is, but his play is a reflection of other factors as well, the opposing level of competition being one of them. Especially when it's concerning his ability to shed tackles and shift plays. -OLine Blocking - this being the other external variable to RBs. In the highlights, it did seem that he had ability to produce when independent of the line, and worked well between the Tackles as well. However, his line looked very stout in the run blocking schemes they were employing for the most part which allowed him to exploit the D. While we've invested heavily in upgrading our offensive trench, I'm curious to see how he adjusts to NFL front sevens in this regard. -Speed - he has it, don't get me wrong. But his top gear separation speed isn't exactly what you would hope for, and yes, that is okay. But given his play style and size at the next level, every position on the opposing defense will be infinitely faster than in college so I do wonder how he will fair when he does break to the next level on runs. Overall, I see him as a smaller, ultimately slightly slower, less shifty Shady-lite, but without the head scratching backfield jump cuts and proclivity for E/W runs. There were a few plays right out of the Shady book on misdirections to the right where he reverses field - but overall plays hard with demonstrated potential for development, which is the piece that has me more up on him than down. In the end, this is the pick so there's no point in getting upset about missing out on anyone else, but I honestly can't say he's the 3rd/4th round Kamara or other late round gem or ever will be. But hey, here's to hoping I'm wrong, like I most often am.
  9. Could've been a Day 3 pick... I'm okay with the safety depth considering I don't find Bush to be a great replacement, nor is Siran Neal quite ready for the coverage safety role as much. But I really would've liked to have taken a flyer on Harmon as early as the 4th and I would've been okay with it. While I would've liked to have seen Butler, Harmon would've added a different profile of receiver to the corps that could push the benchmark for making the roster. That being said, to keep in the topic of this thread - I'm optimistic about this year's 5th round backer pick. Milano kicked that off and now hopefully Vosean keeps it up since he appears to have a similar motor.
  10. For sure, but I'm not saying we should have addressed a hole here necessarily, just that there were players at other positions arguably of greater value, not just for their fit within the team but simply as a player at their position. You can plan for the future in next year's draft as well; I'm not sure what drafting an RB this year instead of next really does for us here. I'm not down on this kid before he even has a chance to prove himself, and I hope I'm wrong - but what exactly does he bring at the third round pick value that another guy can't in next year's draft, that we couldn't have used this year's pick on someone else potentially of greater value? Beane had his board set and was high enough on this guy, but I wonder what else we may have been able to do here particularly at TE and on the defensive side of the ball with edge rush or secondary depth.
  11. I think at least a few of us were surprised by the pick in the third given the WR options available, and remaining TEs as well. I'm not going to lament picking a player I admittedly know very little about, but for that simple reason alone, I was curious why we didn't feel that any of the other offensive skill position picks still on the board weren't worth the third over Singletary - or even remaining Defensive talent fwiw. The biggest reason being, despite the many supporters on this board, I honestly didn't and still don't believe we needed to add to the RB stable this year. While Shady and Gore aren't getting any younger, I'm not sure what Singletary might add for this year specifically and beyond that another third round pick couldn't also add more of at another position. Time will tell and I'm excited for young guys on the team, but I hope this guy out plays the flags concerning him at the RB position in the NFL.
  12. Idk, I like the kid (Johnson is quickly becoming the new Williams, dare I say). Overall, depth is fine and ST help is much needed, but I honestly would’ve rather taken a flyer on Kelvin Harmon here to add to the corps. I get next year has more depth of talent at the skill positions but for the value in the sixth he was there.
  13. I’m curious where they fit him in - he’s a talent that could start Day 1. But without considering time between now and then, I’ll be curious to see how he competes with Nsekhe at RT. A lot of people are sleeping on that FA pickup and I feel will be pleasantly surprised. That to say, I’d like to see what he can do at Guard, but for a team looking to fill its line out, and given the current roster following FA, I just get Risner to be the better talent for us at our pick (wouldn’t have had to trade up either). Could’ve been much worse (*cough DK cough*), and I always love me some OL picks - let’s get it.
  14. Hope they play him at Guard tbh - I'll be the guy with all the confused and sad faces here, but I was one in the Risner pool over Ford. I wasn't a fan of his lack of quick feet for being a Tackle in the NFL attempting to handle the new speed power based edge rushers, and I felt Risner was the much more complete Tackle with even greater utility value as well. My inclination is they will try and start Ford at RT as an immediate upgrade given the Guard depth we added in FA, but they may look to fill him in at both. Before I garner all the hatred of the board, Ford is a great OL talent that still needs refinement at the next level, but I must say that at the end of the day I'm still happy with this pick and even happier we didn't give up too much to move up two spots.
  15. ^This - player wise my preference would be for Butler and/or Risner as I feel we can keep our 2nd and still package picks to move back up to a similar spot to get both.
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