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  1. To be fair, pretty sure the Nsekhe rumors were all internally generated (without naming names 🙃). Don't think anyone has speculated/rumored anything linking his name outside of TBD to a potential trade, but I just want to know why he was sitting in pads all day...forget the Clowney rumors.
  2. I have no idea but we did trade for Ryan Bates who's listed at OT - can't speak much to his ability. It's definitely a concern, and I am honestly excited to see Nsekhe get his start at RT and have both him and Ford out there. I'd feel much better about that right side and giving Josh real protection. I'm sure it'll be worked into the consideration, but with Tre's contract coming up, along with Milano and Zay if they look to keep him, I wonder what this will do to our ability to retain talent in the next couple of years, including Edmunds and Josh after that. If it's just a one-year holdover I would think next year would be the year to make a move like this. Not to mention Beane giving up draft picks for a big name signing would kind of conflict with his build through the draft mentality - I get the big name opportunity here, but at what cost?
  3. It's not impossible he gets cut, just improbable. It's also questionable to place any real emphasis on a pre-season depth chart, and TC performance. Previous in-season game-time performance very much carries weight in the discussion. Not to mention you have to look at the WR roles more than you do a standard depth chart that doesn't reflect the roles employed by the offensive system. Ray Ray and McKenzie might be having a better camp than Foster, but Foster isn't a slot WR. Nor are Ray Ray and McKenzie a WR2 in this offense. Right now Foster's biggest "competition" is with Zay and Brown, less so of the latter. With the slot role just about on lock with Beasley on the roster, I'd say it's either Ray Ray or McKenzie playing for that 6th spot (if we even keep 6). Daboll has shown thus far he's really only needed one utility guy. And based on last season, McKenzie was used much more in this capacity, and to greater effect than Ray Ray. Given that gametime evidence, Ray Ray is the one that has more to prove to take over that role that McKenzie already won at the end of last season. Especially considering Ray Ray was with them all the way through camp last year, too, and McKenzie was added mid-season. That said, coaches may meet and say they value the utility role that opens up the sweep packages and motion plays versus a "redundant" WR2, in which case you'd likely see either Zay or Foster leave. But that's not something the depth chart, or our armchair analysis of TC will provide. Again it's not impossible that he ends up a cut, but it is fairly nonsensical to provide that judgment based solely on this year's TC and preseason so far, and not take into account the myriad other variables that actually play a part of the ultimate roster decision.
  4. When compared to last year, even now, it's infinitely better in many aspects both within the roster and without, including the coaches and even FO. That said, I'm not setting many expectations for this year, and think we're at least another year of current roster development, system continuity/coach consistency, maintained cap management, and a 2020 FA/draft class away from seeing this team become the perennial playoff/SB contender we're all hoping for.
  5. Appreciate the summary OP - I've always been more up on McKenzie than McCloud, but I'm not entirely surprised by the discrepancy in "game" performance - that seems like more of an extension from last year. While clearly not in the discussion for top 3 WR on the roster, he's always had better game performances, runs great routes, and has greater utility that really forces opposing defenses to take the extra time to scheme against it. As for Wade, never sleep on a rugby player that transitions to RB. He literally has nothing to lose and all of the physical ability necessary. His style will look very unorthodox, and will have to get used to pads and hand offs versus the lateral pass, but there isn't that much he'd be unable to do in a support role. Even though he doesn't count toward the roster this year, I wouldn't be surprised, nor hate, if he carved out a roster spot for himself in the future.
  6. I never hated the Ford pick, especially in the 2nd, but I never felt the kid had quick enough feet to play NFL tackle. The position knowledge and physical strength attributes are there, but his ability to cover the edge rush to the outside worried me. Would love to see him start this year, and Guard may actually be where we can maximize his current skillset. We definitely wouldn't be settling for Nsekhe at RT - I think we'd see consistent, noticeable improvement on the right side with those two.
  7. My thinking was the same as Sal's - pretty sure Neal passed him on the depth chart before this, but either way I was, and still am, more excited to see Neal fill this position. Bush was primarily used in big nickel for QB/backfield pressure, and while he held the fort, I think Neal has more of the traits needed to fill that role - he's always been a big hitter and equally contributes on ST.
  8. While not a tremendous number of plays, Allen showed growth in the short game with McKenzie in the last two games last season. Obviously this doesn't present any kind of discernible pattern just yet, but I imagine Beasley filling the route responsibilities McKenzie did last year (outside of jet sweeps and misdirection motions). There were a few key first downs against the phish, and even Lions and Pats, where Allen hit a 10 yd hook on the outside hash pretty well, as well as a couple crossing routes. Fwiw, I agree it's a part of his game that needs growth and refinement, however, I do see Beasley contributing in this aspect as well. While not the largest target, he does have the ability to provide substantial windows as a slot WR, something severely lacking last year as Zay's routes aren't/weren't crisp and was asked to fill more of the WR2 role, and where McKenzie could run more slot routes, his hands and separation weren't quite there. Beasley introduces both, and I expect his highlights to be minimal the first couple of weeks until he and Allen gain rapport - but I can certainly see him as the 3rd down passing option for Allen in the short yd game.
  9. I'm trying to recall the board's voice last time he was on the roster - weren't we all unhappy with the fact that he was a one-dimensional player who could only really block, so every time he was on the field we were telegraphing our formations? While I'm not arguing against the necessity of blocking TEs, or in this pick up specifically, I'm not quite sure what signing him really adds to the roster that we didn't already go through before with him...I think he left us all wishing we had that top TE that could both block and receive.
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