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  1. ctk232

    Devin White - Luke Keuchly, Patrick Willis, Ray Lewis

    I wouldn't say it would be a waste, but important point here is scheme. Given our primary base, we only really ever play 2 LB packages - wouldn't make sense to make the impact pick there. That being said, I don't disagree with OP and the evaluation of White - he's a special talent for the position. I just don't see us going here at 9 unless they do so as early contingency and decide to let Milano walk (not necessarily something I'm for), but they would have to be pretty high on a Edmunds/White duo to bypass other greater potential value added at 9 along the DL.
  2. ctk232

    Ziggy Ansah to visit bills

    For some reason I'm not as concerned with his injuries as I am simply for the cost/benefit analysis for what he'd likely sign for. If Beane laid out a "judicious" offer and is okay if Ansah ends up taking it as the best offer at the end of the day, or goes elsewhere, I'm thrilled with that. Selfishly, I'm still hoping for a marquee trade with our remaining cap whether it be for a WR or DL. Tangentially, watching how much a lot of these players are getting [over]paid this year, I'd really like to use our considerable cap situation this year and next to either extend or re-sign some of our younger as well as foundation guys before Josh is up. Inflation is going to be crazy in the next few years under the cap, depending on the upcoming CBA too.
  3. ctk232

    Hockenson at #9 Change My Mind

    Unpopular opinion around here: I would not be okay with Hock at 9. There is much better value to be had still at positions of need, and while FA helped us to address quite a number of holes in the roster - far more than I honestly expected in one off-season - this does not make TE our number one priority. While Hock may be the best TE in the draft to most, I don't believe he is the 9th best player overall, nor will he likely be the BPA at a position of need for us at 9. We can address this need in myriad ways and doesn't warrant us spending a 9th overall on him. I'm constantly wary of drafting TEs in the first, as many do not have the experience to directly translate their skills to a first round pick value level and contribute in their first year. The TE position plays very differently in the NFL than in college, and while Hock may very well have the skills to make that transition, I don't see it happening in the first year. For the value, there are many more options in an otherwise unprecedentedly deep TE draft where great potential value can be had as late as the 3rd and 4th rounds. Not opposed to it in the 2nd again if the value is there, or in a trade back scenario, but be wary of TE's in the first.
  4. ctk232

    bills must be eyeing a DT

    They re-signed J-Phil, not that that should be any indication they are done with the position, but would doubt their eyeing it as a high need. ^This - regardless of how the rest of FA goes, or doesn't
  5. Truth - not to mention I think this was calculated before the Nsekhe "signing." It will also need to be adjusted for players cut once FA actually opens up.
  6. Money and wins. That's how you attract players.
  7. Thank you. Lawd we go through this every year it's like watching goldfish. The more active you are in FA is not directly proportional to number of W's - ever, at all.
  8. It would seem that way, but the more active you are in FA is not directly proportional to how many games you win the subsequent season. It all still has to come together, and I think there will be plenty of growing pains in that first season altogether. There also seems to be politics at play among the coaching staff. Honestly, the Jets can sign all of these guys because they are absolutely deplorable at drafting. Just look back at their history and see how many first and second round guys are still on the team - since 2009, 4 of a total 18 first and second round picks are still on the team. Shiny FA signings are shiny, but they aren't sustainable in terms of building team success; you need a strong cohort and profile of talent through the draft to build anything remotely stable and affordable. It essentially looks like MacCagan is both feeling the hot seat and cashing in on Sammy's five-year rookie deal to get it done for the new regime; a lot of these massive contracts will be up by the time they need to extend Sammy. It also seems like this is the only year they're looking to fill FA holes and have cashed out on the next two years at least. But the piece to the puzzle that would concern me is how well will they draft in the interim? Until they are able to build an development pipeline through the draft, I will not be afraid of the Jets becoming perennial contenders in the Division.
  9. Because DJax was a trade and Malik took a paycut to win making it not about money? It's not even the first day, and regardless of how you feel about our four* "signings" thus far it's not even close to over. We do the same thing with FA every year here, it's like we forget...let it all play out. Regardless of our needs, or the "sexy" signings by others like the Raiders and Jets, FA participation and activeness doesn't correlate to in-season success in any proportionate measure. You can make tons of splashes in the overpay sweepstakes only to end up with a worse record/performance the following season. There's nothing wrong with not overpaying for players that won't be worth it, retaining talent currently on the roster, and having the ability to make big signings in FA when you want to. We're currently on track to have the most cap space in 2020/2021, when most of our big names are coming up for renewal, and we can likely make a bigger signing in the same time frame for potentially better players in an overall better pool. I'm honestly not sure anyone signed today (outside of Malik) is actually going to be worth what they are being paid for... *edited from three, cuz Morse...
  10. Don't forget his ST potential, too - and you should always look to draft a DB in the late rounds no matter what, but I wouldn't hate hitting on a late round prospect for the value, or seeing if we can make a streak out of our UDFA hauls.
  11. ctk232

    CB Kevin Johnson (Texans) to the Bills

    I get it's not going to constitute a marquis FA signing - but can we at least try not to forget about ST contributions, too? For how especially deplorable they were last season, it's going to take more than a new coordinator to turn that part of the team around. Why not go after guys that we need for depth, can push starters, AND contribute effectively on ST? KJ fits this role, it's a nice move. Just b/c he's the first inkling of news our way doesn't mean he'll be the last, but FA expectations should be tempered accordingly - money talks and we're likely not going to land much of what we've all been clamoring for these past couple of months.
  12. What would get me rull excited is if this goes down, we keep our second round, we're sitting at 21 w/ Clark and our second - I wouldn't put it past Beane to package our late round picks to move up again into the 2nd or 3rd with an added pick, and all the options that would provide us...things my brain does before 3/13 and while reading this board
  13. For sure - I'm not saying I would spend the 21st on a DL pick - that was more in response to the hypothetical situation being discussed. But I would very much consider our BPA of what OL/WR are on the board at 21. Still not as up on TE in the 1st as many others here, but I would rather be sitting at 21 w/ Clark if we can.