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  1. Wasn't his best year, but Feliciano was a large part of the exceptional time to throw for Josh this year - speaking strictly on his assignments in pass pro and handling line communications/stunts. That said, agreed DWill should be the priority OL signing this offseason, bar none. As much as Feliciano helped keep our interior together, DWill was a man alone on the right island holding court with every DE this past season. Our interior is where we were weakest, particularly in the run game with Morse and Ike. Love both, but could see investment there being most prudent should we be a
  2. ^this. Plenty to examine in the Bucs offensive approach, particularly when it comes to time to throw negating the Chiefs pass rush...but the tip of the cap goes to keeping one of the most complete offenses in the NFL to three FGs all game. That’s the perfect player execution and designed scheme approach - we had neither of that in the AFCCG from the defense.
  3. Tbf the Chiefs arguably have one of the most complete offenses in the league and it did nothing against a stout defense and, more importantly, an incredibly well-schemed gameplan and playcall. The Bucs were the more complete team, would likely be the better thread here. Their offense came out and performed, no doubt - perfectly balanced attack to get at the Chiefs weaknesses on the ground and through the air with screens and TE heavy use/production. Frankly, what the Bucs left out there was not as complete an offense in terms of tangible production. It was simply what was needed to be
  4. I love these narratives about moving players around - Oliver to DE, Edmunds to DE or OLB - without any consideration of defensive scheme, natural position, or accurate judgment on performance. Fwiw, Oliver graded out exceptionally for 3T and average or above at 1T despite it not being his natural position. I do believe we need to let him settle into a 3T only role and avoid the hybrid approach with him, but any idea of him transitioning to DE would remove his ability and results we see now. Losing Star and relying on the revolving door of Butler/Phillips made us weaker at 1T this y
  5. I'm sorry, but if people are going to keep beating this tired horse, could you please explain what exactly is the difference in their positions within McD's defensive scheme? It's been repeatedly stated by the coaches, players (i.e. Lorenzo Alexander, Milano, Tre, etc.) that there's absolutely little to no difference between their positions, assignments, coverages, etc. beyond the fact that Edmunds is captaining the playcalls from Frazier. By this logic, we would switch that responsibility to Klein and have no marked difference between them in positional assignment? Only asking be
  6. Would love to see OL picks, always. If DWill doesn’t come back RT will be a huge need, and arguably Center would be more of a need than OG unless they eventually plan to slide Mongo to the anchor. Though I’m still not sure who would be had there for the value comparable to other BPAs just yet. I wouldn’t be shocked to see us go defense here, even DB, depending on who is there at 30. KC exploited a lot of weaknesses in our defense, and frankly the entire unit regressed from prior years. Lots of reasons and variables going into that, but would hardly be surprised to see DB/LB (pendin
  7. This is what I mean by targeted investment - rather than commit cap, target where we need to spend on the DL. I think what we saw this season was a combination of one, preparing depth for covid complications and two, compensating for the rotation depth. Plenty of fat can be trimmed from the DL going into next season and I suspect they will. But there’s a difference between investing wholesale and targeted investment. As for the run scheme, it feeds into the outcome. I agree, could be attributed to straight performance, however there were numerous times where either Morse or even Mo
  8. ^this. Our OL was one of the best PassPro units in the league this year. A huge reason why Allen’s passing stats were so prolific. However, upgrading the RB while retaining the OL unit and scheme won’t yield much difference. If you want a run game start with the line. Our scheme and run blocking were atrocious. For that matter, both lines could use some serious targeted investment...
  9. Love seeing everyone hollering about RB when Singletary and Yeldon were our starters tonight. If you want more of that kind of offense what you actually want is OL - had a pretty poor showing of that tonight. Both in Run block and Pass Pro. DL and TE sure, why not. But even the best RBs couldn’t run or catch behind this line tonight. That said, don’t let this one game be what you take away from them this season overall. Lot to be positive about for the future.
  10. Hope you’re right, but vaguely recall Beane/Pegs saying they would only block horizontal moves to other teams and not vertical. If either were offered a higher position under Daboll they may not block. Though I believe that was in reference to Daboll getting other OC offers to interview...
  11. Fwiw there doesn’t have to be an “impact” for a player to get concussed - any jarring of the brain within the cranium can cause a concussion. His head snaps forward violently as he’s tackled around his neck, hell, his neck/spinal cord gets flexed over the tacklers arm too. Very violent motion that easily could concuss anyone.
  12. Yup - if there was an “OL” option I’d vote that #1, and QB #2. The OL allows every other position to do what it’s supposed to. Doesn’t matter who your QB is if you don’t have the pass pro to give them time to throw, or WR time to develop routes, or run block to give RBs lanes. The entire offense and ability to score points starts and stops with the OL - and if you had to pick one among them the Center would be the captain and most vital. Hard to argue, but unless your defense is constantly putting up points, gotta give the edge to the offense - among which OL is most vital.
  13. This is honestly one of my favorite sayings in sports - unfortunately, it's not actually always the case. But nice to say when it works out lol
  14. Honestly, the Colts did what they've done the entire season. We all of a sudden abandoned the E-P offense for a ground and pound approach against one of the best DL's and LB in the game. Everyone on here saying this would be a blowout got a bit of crow to eat, especially considering wildcard games are almost always a defensive slug. But frankly there's no reason for us to have abandoned our passing game plan the way we did in the first half. We resurrected the QB draw a la first few weeks of the season for whatever reason, but my only logic is that Daboll must be trying to sabotage his HC inte
  15. Long term? Totally - but I think there are other guys out first before Roberts that allows him to stay next year. I’d be curious whether he and McKenzie split PR/KR duties or not if that ends up being the case. Either way, I like having these problems rather than the usual “wtf are we doing on ST this year”
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