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  1. It’s maddening to recognize it from your own screen and not know what other variables are in play, if any. But that was hard to watch. Rewatching the wildcard game currently as well, and I have SO many questions for Daboll (as I did that day, but even without emotion factoring in now the questions are still there). Without trying to dig any of it back up - once the 2nd half hit I had a difficult time explaining, understanding, and frankly watching the play call strategy on almost every drive. The drive in OT was the most glaring in this regard by abandoning the run/DS going MIA, lack of Beasley in the pass game, and minor calls like the quick pass to Duke with prevent D rather than scripting that to DS instead to gain more chunk yards. We seemed to ignore the very obvious reality that we had almost an entire quarter to drive ~30 yds and kick a FG...that’s all we needed. Let’s also ignore the fact DS was having a career game. All this quarantine self-induced stress to say, while I’m anxious to see how Allen develops this year, I’m exceedingly more curious to see what Daboll does, especially in his third year. I’d hope to see his playcall approach markedly improve, especially given his new offensive additions.
  2. To play devil’s advocate - Moss was an exceptional athlete for his entire career, but his twilight success had very little to do with his speed compared to his ability to recognize coverages and run his routes accordingly. Having Brady certainly helped as well. Thomas very much has the speed still, but he plays physical and with a similar acumen for identifying soft zone coverage, and playing against his DB and FS in man. Brees throwing the ball has also helped. For Hodgins, it’ll be more than just his size that determines his success, and adding weight isn’t always a solution even when the frame permits it. His hands are his greatest asset presently, and does have athletic ability to contest for the catch. Just a fun tidbit regarding his speed fwiw - a friend (Bills fan and US Track coach based in Portland, OR) actually pointed out something interesting. Hodgins actually loses power in his running stride b/c his feet naturally face outward in a “V” shape, and loses “vector drive” and “planting power” to generate speed as a result. I’m not going to pretend to understand the science behind it, but the logic is that you generate optimal speed on a single vector so it’s otherwise wasted movement/energy in the direction of his stride, and doesn’t aid in propelling him forward. Not to say “that’s it” in regard to his lesser speed either, but it’s at least visible in his highlights and combine. Apparently, correcting this otherwise “natural” motion that his body and muscles have developed around isn’t an overnight process either.
  3. Only thing is Jefferson is more a 3T DT/DE, and I have a feeling Harry will be seeing more time as a 1T to spell Star - so I’d flip those two in your breakdown. Can’t go wrong either way. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Butler worked in more than we expect if either Star or Harry aren’t able to sustain. Of course, there will be the one-off snap where we see Epenesa, Oliver, Jefferson/other pass rush DT, and Hughes in obvious passing situations. Lots of ways they can work the rotation.
  4. The one variable being the potential for a shortened offseason due to COVID if it happens. If, for whatever reason, they aren’t able to hold OTAs/TC, or even partially, I’d like to see Josh get plenty of work in with his new WRs, and have the offense mesh. All up in the air as of now, but it could be an issue for what we see on the field this year.
  5. I’d give him the season on the PS to develop that and show progress at the next level. Everything within the UDFA context, no harm if nothing comes of it, and an excellent bonus if something does.
  6. For a case study, here’s his film from the OSU game this past year to give a taste how he’d do against elite rushers (Adams #72, Chase Young #2) - note, not all his snaps go against Young at LT, and he does get spelled at times during the game. Quite a few cut blocks, and being caught off balance and flat-footed during speed rushes to the outside. Long reach comes in play, and difficult to move off his spot, but I can see him struggling with speed rushers at the next level, more so than Ford currently. For an UDFA though - fantastic zero risk signing. Not an expert in the least, but being local I fortunately saw him play every week, and never doubted he’d be on an NFL roster at this point. Overall, he has the size and physicality, but if you hated Ford’s feet this isn’t going to make anyone feel better. Agreed, hopefully strength and conditioning helps him with agility and balance when attained. But given where he was in his recovery for this game last year, many pros and cons are visible:
  7. Damn, I kinda really wanted Myles Bryant as a UDFA - real cerebral zone DB/Safety for the Huskies. Captained the secondary and would’ve been a zero risk high reward Hyde understudy.
  8. Agreed - I think they keep Andre as our avg return YDs/Att greatly improved on STs, and I believe McKenzie would beat Foster out for being the more consistent option as mentioned. Daboll seems to favor him in the sweep packages and slot option to spell Beasley, so barring a 180 from Foster that might do it. Granted, all this assumes they keep 7 WR on the roster - I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hodgins on the PS this first year to keep it to 6, but I like his potential for the value pick he is. Great hands and solid route running, never hurts.
  9. 👍 - just curious if there was something about him that stood out to you in particular, beyond the other guys? Admittedly didn’t watch his film as much, and only just now digging in.
  10. Half a second can matter, sure - five minutes worth of film so far he actually almost fits the hybrid pass catching TE role too; physicality is evident. Also seems like given our current depth chart he may stretch the defense more than Gandy would here.
  11. After the spelling mishaps with the Sabre's Alumni jerseys probs for the best....clearly Beane wanted the guy, and that's good with me, just wondering why is all.
  12. Not disagreeing with you - it's clear he did, just wondering why. Right, I get how it happened, but just curious why Davis might edge the other two. I liked Peoples-Jones and Gandy, but don't hate this pick in the least either - all for it, just wondering why we may have gone this route versus others still on the board given what info is out there. Trying to look more into Davis, but wondering what stood out about him more than others if the physical part of the game is what people are saying he's known for.
  13. If the argument is for a physical receiver, why not Gandy? And for that matter, why not Peoples-Jones? Not saying this is a bad pick, but why not the others?
  14. I was waiting for this^ 👍 To be relevant - good vision, solid acceleration, and like that he can catch on third downs. Still think there are better guys to pair with Devin, but wouldn’t mind this in the least.
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