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  1. ctk232

    Wyatt Teller?

    The better answer than simply saying Ducasse has regressed would be a combination of things. To put this in perspective, he wasn't this known stud waiting to be given a chance - he was a 5th round pick that showed flashes of physical power, especially in the preseason. Even among first and second round OL picks - while most contribute immediately, they don't start to really understand the game until their second and some even third years. For a 5th round OL pick to be starting this early in his career indicates a couple things: 1) the season is all but over at this point and we're testing depth, 2) our OL is just that bad that we're willing to give a 5th round rookie some reps to see what we have. But it likely took our staff until now as he needed to learn the position, and while I would like to see Ducasse retire five years ago, it's still hard to justify starting a 5th round rookie over every other guard on your team. That being said, it could also have something to do with Ducasse not doing well in the run game, and Teller would be more effective in getting Shady the holes he needs to run and develop a run game we haven't seen all season long. The other reason I think you're seeing it now, specifically, was when Ducasse went down against the Bears, Teller and Sirles came in to fill out holes. I imagine they liked what they saw and decided to give him the go against the Jets, supported by the fact that the season was all but over at that point. Simple matter of played well when given the chance and is now getting rewarded. There are also speculative rumors that Castillo sets the starting OL - which to me seems ridiculous if I'm Daboll or McD, even with the personal connections. Guy needs to be the first of our OL department to be shown the door. Ducasse shortly thereafter. I always liked Teller and I'm glad he was given the chance to show what he has right now. He still has much to learn, especially in pass pro but to have him perform at that level as a 5th round pick in his first year? Ridiculous.
  2. There's a lot of good here. But especially the point that if Peterman showed us more in the preseason than AJ, how exactly does anyone expect that retaining AJ would have gone any differently/better? I get going into the season with NP and JA only was an issue and we likely should have picked up DA at that time if we could have, or someone else for contingency, but the fact that NP beat out AJ in preseason says everything. Caveats? One game from Barkley doesn't all of a sudden prove this all to be true. Our OL is still atrocious and our WR corps depleted - I'm not sure we've seen an NFL TE on the roster for quite some time either. The other point in reference to this post - it's still too early to tell whether it was good or bad. We haven't picked our guy in the 5th yet with the raiders pick so long term we may actually end up being okay and it'll be a complete non-issue when we create a perennial playoff contender. Even if we don't, there's no pointing to this as the exact reason why as keeping AJ wouldn't have set us up in any different a position as a result. Short term? Likely hurt us only because we didn't replace him and put too much faith in Peterman to carry the team. But even then, I wonder exactly just how different things would've been if we kept him on the roster. My guess is not much at all.
  3. Funny you say that as that's how my ideal draft would go as well - however, I don't know if N'Keal will creep up draft boards in round 1 which would take him out of consideration of the trade back option. The other piece also being with a top 5 pick, and if they are there, can you for sure pass up on Oliver or Bosa? Even the hypothetical where they are off the board before we pick, do you still trade down if Little is there? Imagine drafting Little to be the franchise LT - swing Dawkins to guard with Teller, address C in FA, and RT in FA. Plan B is get a LG/RG in FA and swing Dawkins to RT but feel like he may be more wasted there. Lot of ways this gets patched up in an ideal world - just wonder where this goes in actuality.
  4. I don't disagree, I see the lack of effort and performance and I too don't think he's worth 9mil or a roster spot on any team. But given the current state of our offense I'm wondering if there's an effective way to use him at all that would be worth resigning over other options out there. This is just one scenario where he could be utilized, but is entirely dependent on that roster having a set WR1 to demand coverage (something we desperately need and don't have), as well as other talent filling out the roster (like Zay, and Foster from yesterday - Pryor I think we were just too desperate but hope he gets his game back). Beyond other measures, we are severely hurt by not having that WR1 and I would like to see this filled by N'Keal Harry in my ideal world. But given our OL demands as well, not sure the likelihood this happens. KB's issue isn't so much the catching as it is completing the catch - I know semantics. But should he have those more favorable matchups, maybe he comes down with those contested jump balls on key third downs and in the red zone. That only gives a raw, underdeveloped Allen all the more options to use without too much added risk. One could argue that especially with Allen, the only receivers you should be drafting are those with catch radii of over 5 feet until his accuracy improves... It's all just curiosity but the most likely scenario is we don't resign him at the end of the year.
  5. I get you posted before I responded elsewhere in the thread, but without repeating too much - it's not that I want him to stay over anything else, and I don't think he's earned the right to stay either. All I'm saying is that I'm curious if he'd produce in a more role-specific spot on the roster given that the only WR worth paying for in FA is Funchess, and we can realistically add only one WR talent in the upcoming draft that could actually demand coverage in their rookie year. Objectively speaking it's hard to argue as you would have to resign him after this year and he's already making 9mil/year. He wouldn't be worth resigning at that price, but if no other team wants him for that price either, could his use in a specific role outweigh the amount we'd overpay for another FA WR? Especially in this year's group.
  6. Not arguing he's actually a WR1 and being misused. Far from it and I'd even argue he's being overpaid. But he would be useful in a role scenario where he can contest jump balls in favorable matchups - hence being misused. He can still be misused in either argument of whether he should be kept or dropped.
  7. It's probably best to rephrase my concern by saying it's not so much losing KB as it is what else do we have to work with and in a year where we need to continue to build out the OL and have much more than one hole in the WR corps? But who's there to even overpay for in the first place? Beyond Funchess I can't agree with bringing in anyone and saying they'll be a positive contribution for the contract - which will matter when it comes time to pay our young talent.
  8. I'm not blind to the lack of effort and would certainly be contributory to me not caring if he goes. And I'm not trying to make the case to keep him either - I don't think a one-dimensional WR is worth ~9mil in the least, which is the larger, other reason I'd let him walk. But I just don't see us adding enough depth at WR without overpaying in FA outside of Funchess (who is looking to stay it would seem), and a draft pick (hopefully Harry), that would let us feel the least bit comfortable saying to Allen that these are the options he has to work with...
  9. ctk232

    Wyatt Teller: Pancake Papi

    Beane's only had one draft fwiw. As for Teller, give him time to establish himself as that type of player first. We still have no idea how his development will go, but I'm thrilled for it to be trending positively. This guy is a late round rookie and by any NFL average standard wouldn't see the field this year. Our OL play has been atrociously below average which has led to him seeing time this year. He's an absolute monster in the run game, but his pass pro still needs much work against the NFL stunts and blitzes, but he's shown he can handle himself for the most part. His footwork still needs work in pass pro, and needs to work on his recovery/switches, but otherwise has shown the framework for potential. For him to be playing, at all, is remarkable and says a lot about our team at present. And for him to be playing as well as he is right now given that context is nothing short of amazing. Our OL is by no way or means set after one full game from a 5th round rookie. But if we do end up hitting on him, what a blessing it could be.
  10. ctk232

    Remember when we had an offense .......

    The offensive line...every offense starts and stops with the offensive line. You need a good QB to make the passing game, but it all starts with the OL. Board refreshed so apologies for the redundancy. I do wonder about the QB position, but I do think you'll see a difference in Allen's play with a more stout OL. Granted it won't solve all the issues, but it will hopefully give him more of the mindset to work within the pocket and find the open route.
  11. Honestly I'm back and forth, but couldn't care either way. Given the amount of holes we have on our roster, though, you can't expect us to fill them all out in one year. At least not realistically. I know he's about to be an FA, and he hasn't contributed this year. But if he can be resigned for cheap on a one year prove it, or even two year with low cap repercussions, I'm all for giving our WR corps all the help it can get, even if it is KB. I wouldn't make it a priority, but I'd honestly rather have him than Pryor. I think we got the wool pulled over our eyes on that one as well. As for KB - he's a one-dimensional receiver being misused. His issue isn't his hands on the catch so much as it is protecting the ball through the catch. He could be very useful in 3rd down and red zone areas for those contested jump balls in more favorable matchups. But looking ahead to the offseason, if he can be had for cheap, I don't feel like any other WR is worth the price we'd have to pay in FA outside of Funchess. And even if we somehow are able to land someone like N'Keal Harry in the first or second, who else is there to fill out the corps roster? Zay and then...Foster? Pryor? Ray Ray? McKenzie? Having a true 1 like Harry would be great, but all he would do is eat their DB1 and the rest of our corps would be just as worse off. We don't just need a WR1, we need a guy in addition to Zay to be able to contribute and give our developing QB some real options. If we land Funchess in FA then I'm more willing to part ways with Benjamin, but name another FA receiver worth the money we'd have to pay that would put us in an overall better situation.
  12. And between two different regimes - which is not easily done, nor often seen. In all honesty I wonder how long we can keep this up with landing late round picks. I also wonder if my perception of us landing late round picks (i.e. teller and phillips) is slightly skewed by just how bad the rest of the roster is, but can't help but be thrilled for Taron and Milano panning out thus far. I'd really love for the trend to continue, but it's not something to rely on. Landing the late round picks will more or less determine whether McD and Beane are given another year. More so McD, but with all the holes in our current roster, we really need to hit on the late round picks so we have internally developed, cheap talent that can contribute on a serviceable to average level and support the overall cast.
  13. ctk232

    2019 Offensive Line

    The first move they should make regarding the OL this offseason? Let go of Castillo. Starts and stops there. So once the train has started: If he can be had for cheap due to poor play, I'd rather they keep Miller than Ducasse for depth just simply for youth. But in all honesty, having Teller pan out into a serviceable starting guard would be amazing. Though it would slightly screw with the offseason plans. Best case scenario depends on what they are able to bring in, but would include cutting both Miller and Ducasse, and having Bodine/Groy for depth fill out. Next, my hopes are for us to sign both Paradis and Saffold in FA buckling down Center and RG/LG respectively. I wasn't especially impressed by the FA market for RT, but not sure if anything is also better than Mills at this point. It would be preferable to get at least two, my priority hope being Paradis to land someone capable of anchoring this line in the middle like Wood did. But with OL, if you don't start with LT the most important line position is Center. Saffold would give us much needed interior help as well, but not sure if we're better off going RT here instead. With a top pick, I was hoping we would take Greg Little for LT, swing Dawkins into LG because of his crazy mobility/though Teller might even be able to fill this role and swing Dawkins out to RT but that would almost be a waste of a talent there. Say we don't end up signing a guard in FA, but do land a starting LT. Swing Dawkins in at LG and hopefully Teller's path continues to RG for next season - both are crazy mobile and physical guys; would love to see them get to the next level and pancake some backers, or pull on screens. Either way, I don't see us being able to bring in more than two OL in FA, and maybe one high pick in the draft outside of our depth picks later on. But trying to find four starters in one offseason would be a challenge, even for the sexiest of FA destinations.
  14. I'd say we're having exacerbated receiver by committee syndrome, but it's more like WR1 Deficiency... KB and Zay are being forced into roles their talents aren't suited for. KB is misused as a WR1, Zay a 2, and Pryor at least doesn't give us too many formation penalties. If we can draft N'keal Harry or a similar WR1 talent, move KB to a hybrid receiving TE role, zay to the slot, and pryor/foster/whoever can fill out the 2's and depth of routes in various concepts. Having the 1 will allow KB to have those more favorable matchups where DB1's like Claiborne can't knock jump balls out of his hands when he brings them to the ground...Zay can finally get separation from nickelbacks and linebackers in mismatched sets and mesh concepts gouging teams for 10-15 yards if done right. And our WR1 can demand coverage and open the field for the rest of the roster. Watching N'keal Harry almost makes me want us to draft him over OL in the first for these reasons...but then there's the rest of the board thinking we're going to win the super bowl this year after beating the jets and sitting at 3-7 so maybe I'm the one getting ahead of myself...
  15. ctk232

    Wyatt Teller: Pancake Papi

    Not to detract from this but the Jets DL is most certainly not good anymore. Always watch the Jets games with a buddy of mine who is a Jets fan and one thing I asked him is "guy, what happened to your DL? Our OL is not this good." To which he said with the exception of Leonard Williams, they don't generate a pass rush and only do well on runs with 7/8 man boxes. Since losing Mo Wilk, they've lost an identity upfront, but more importantly he said Bowles isn't getting the job done and his seat is one of the hottest in the league. Again, he isn't an expert, but just from being with them week in and out, I saw what he was saying. I think the OL played well yesterday, and I'm just as excited to watch Teller's All-22 to see if we hit something there. But either way, let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet.