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  1. Saratoga Leo

    518 lunch will be June 22 at Ripe Tomato.

    I plan to attend. Look forward to meeting you all.
  2. Saratoga Leo

    Sign Jay Cutler Now

    A QB with a positive attitude second to none.
  3. Saratoga Leo

    The Bills rebuild with a trade-down after an early run on QB

    Many people want to trade down to get one of the four coveted QBs. Coveted by who? Is it possible or even likely the Bills "covet" less than all four QBs? Allen has many issues. Some scouts say he should not even be a first round pick. Rosen may be a medical risk Mayfield's personality may not mesh My point is, the trade up many on this board are jumping to do may not be something the Bills are willing to do if the one to four QBs they covet are off the board. This isn't a pick the last of the four QBs because we covet them all as a value at the top of the first round.