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  1. Lots of rich and famous and one A Hole
  2. I am going the Jersey game. $96 per ticket third level. I live in Saratoga which makes this a day trip. Save on ticket, hotel and meals. Be better in Buffalo but the numbers don't work. Jets fans are for the most part tolerable. I am going to the Miami game this week - solo. Got premium seats ($400) where I can go inside as it would be tough to sit in the sun for 4 hours. I expect the Miami fans to be rowdy as they finally have something to look forward to. Going to the Steelers game in Highmark but it is business. No cost for the seats.
  3. You are exactly right. Everything is moot except Garrett swinging the helmet. The point of this thread is Kitchens. I would like someone to name a head coach past or present (besides Rex who we all know is a complete a-hole) who would wear the shirt Kitchens wore no matter who was at fault. Kitchens is a F***ing moron. No other way to put it. Cleveland and Buffalo fans have gone through many of the same trials and tribulations over the past several decades. I really believe we can understand them and they can understand us. They thought this was their year. Kitchens has strained their loyalty with this being the cherry on top. They are realizing they may have 'Rex Jr". Not a good feeling as we know. I am so glad we have McDermott. Sean is class plain and simple.
  4. Ravenswood in Clifton Park is also a Bills Backer bar. They do a great job.
  5. Exactly. The better the seat, the less trouble. I have been to the last 4 or 5 Bills at Jets games. Many night affairs. We have always sat around the 30 yard line and basically no issues. No matter where you go, you will get a wise guy once in a while. Before the game in the parking lot, it has always been cordial wherever I have seen an away game - Jets included. After the game, leave and don't look to mingle. To put it in perspective - Would you recommend someone go to a Bills home game wearing the other team colors and sit in the end zone?
  6. Making the decision to cut the players who should be cut and make a lot of money, does take a fair amount of skill. I haven't seen many go on to be stars elsewhere.
  7. If White is available, the Bills draft him. Edmunds goes outside. Edmunds showed very good ability rushing the passer last year. This is a no brainer. On another note - how many moronic low class replies does one have to read regarding going to 3-4 defense. OK, not a good idea. But then, Half the big time posters have to prove how smart they are with halfa$$ cynical responses. Classless.
  8. I agree with you except this week the Bills game was bumped in Syracuse, Utica etc. Doesn't make much sense to bump the game there. Especially when the game is put on in Albany. I have been told the decision is made out of town. One other thing - If we polled the bar owners in the Albany market, they would want the Bills to bumped as often as possible. Bar owners in Central NY most likely had a banner Sunday afternoon.
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