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  1. I agree with you except this week the Bills game was bumped in Syracuse, Utica etc. Doesn't make much sense to bump the game there. Especially when the game is put on in Albany. I have been told the decision is made out of town. One other thing - If we polled the bar owners in the Albany market, they would want the Bills to bumped as often as possible. Bar owners in Central NY most likely had a banner Sunday afternoon.
  2. I live in Saratoga county. There are more fans dressed in Bills clothes than Jets or Patriots. There are more cars with Bills plates or other Bills stuff on them than the others. You see very few Jets clothing or auto "stuff". No doubt the Giants are #1.
  3. I am not saying you are wrong, but where do you get the ranking information?
  4. It would be interesting if the people responding to this topic actually read the article and watched the video. Too many "The writer probably looked at the completion percentage without watching the whole game and thought he was throwing inaccurately and making poor decisions." or I didn't read the article but..... The writer actually had high praise for Josh - ability to handle pressure, running ability including breaking tackles, arm strength. For areas to work on here is what he wrote " But he’s not a perfect player, and I cover that in the video, too. My biggest concern with Allen are his slow eyes and accuracy. I have no idea if either will get better. While some say both can be improved significantly with reps and tweaking of fundamentals, there are others who say it’s easier said than done."