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  1. That's where my mind went.
  2. I'm not going to defend or criticize that decision. If it works, it may act as the spark to turn the entire season around. If he kicks and it ends in a tie, or loss, he could lose the team forever. You have to evaluate your team in the moment. It's a tough call IMO
  3. Yes, certainly some sort of illegal contact penalty. I think the officials were as ready for this game to end as anyone.
  4. Damien Woody on SportsCenter: ""That game set offense back 50 years"
  5. Has this been mentioned here. I didn't see it. In my defense, I didn't try very hard, either: https://billswire.usatoday.com/2022/10/05/buffalo-bills-sign-jaquarii-roberson-steelers/
  6. My immediate thoughts, exactly. And like you, I trust Poyer to stay professional and make the plays in front of him.
  7. What really bugs me about some grilled cheese sandwiches I've had lately is, they aren't pressed...or are barely pressed. I've been to a couple "grilled cheese specialty' restaurants, and the sandwich was served on Texas Toast (which is a terrible choice for grilled cheese, IMO) and was grilled, but not pressed. That completely undermines the appeal of the grilled cheese sandwich, IMO.
  8. Apparently, Bob Marley was a huge fan as well!
  9. IMO, take advantage of this offer. Download it for Chevy. Read it for yourself!
  10. Mayo doesn't belong in the same room as a grilled cheese, IMO.
  11. Mayo on a grilled cheese? Have you gone stark raving mad?
  12. Sermons are easy. Comedy is hard. I don't think I could listen to that guy for 5 minutes.
  13. I'm right there with ya, brother. Can I get an Amen?
  14. Seriously close? Where did you get that idea? Certainly not from the article you linked
  15. Very possibly. But, Mayer Brothers Apple Juice claims to be from 100% New York State apples. No clue about the cider: https://mayerbrothers.com/what-we-offer/branded-products/fresh-pressed-apple-juice/
  16. And last year's draft double dip seems to be working out nicely as well. Dontcha think? What is it that you are saying? Huh? I'm thinking nobody predicted the D line would have transformed THIS MUCH over one offseason, with most of the same players. I wasn't one who said 2 rookies couldn't work, but you should be able to understand the thinking. No? Going forward, I'm pretty sure having the two rooks as starters isn't the ideal plan going forward. But it's nice to see the system, and the players, can hold up if/when necessary. BTW, how about the play of Dane Jackson so far this year? Fortunately the D line, the linebackers and the safety tandem are really firing on all cylinders.
  17. Completely agree. I was very impressed. Bigger tests are ahead, but the confidence they are getting can only help, IMO
  18. Or perhaps the sugar. Well known for causing hangovers. Not added sugar, just the natural sugar. Drink enough hard cider to get really drunk, and you've consumed a lot of sugar. Then again, as you weren't real drinkers, it might just be the booze. 😂 I bartended at a place that fresh squeezed oranges/grapefruits/lemons/limes/etc. One thing that I noticed is that drinking too many fresh squeezed juice cocktails (which I love and are the best) gets a lot of people sick. Stomach issues, headaches, etc. I took to warning people after they had a few, to be careful of the side effects.
  19. I can respect that.
  20. Fantastic. I feel almost like I was there. Thank you.
  21. I'm fine with most anyone's PERSONAL religious beliefs. However when they start to talk about it (evangelize), it turns me off completely. OTOH, I have little issue with people spreading the basic tenets of most every major religion: Peace. Love. Acceptance. Charity. Stuff like that. It's in the details of organized religion where things go off the rails, IMO. And shouldn't this thread be moved? Or closed?
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