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  1. I was in WNY on Thursday and needed a place for a group of people to watch the game. Because of its location and size, we choose a place called Tully's on NF Blvd. For viewing and drinking purposes, it was just fine. It wasn't overcrowded and the service was great. However, they have the absolute worst wings I've ever tasted in WNY, and perhaps anywhere. A complete disgrace!
  2. The Frank's brand has passed through some parent companies. At one point it was owned by Durkee. My recollection is at one time they may have just labeled it Durkee, but eventually changed it to Durkee's "Frank's" Red Hot Sauce. I think it has remained the same recipe. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank's_RedHot
  3. Why would any Bills fan give one rats behind what Ramsey thinks?
  4. The Bills bar has been Riptides, which is actually in Ormond Beach, just north of Daytona. I stopped in for lunch a week or two ago and asked if it was still the Bills fans gathering spot. The bartender said she thought so, but she was new. You may want to check before going: https://www.riptidesrawbar.com/menu The year DTV first announced the Sunday Ticket, my friends The Senator, Charlie and I convinced the former owners of the North Star to plunk down the cash for DTV and the Ticket, and open by 10 am (they used to open at noon on Sunday). They only took about a minute to agree, but they demanded I bartend every Sunday during football season. I bartended the first season, then moved to LA. The Senator took the helm for a year, as did Charlie. Nearly 30 years and at least two ownership changes later, it's still going strong!
  5. Me too. I know the big parks have a lot of regulations and safety precautions and probably follow the rules. But I'm very suspicious of small fairs and carnivals. Have you gotten a look at the people tending the rides? Do they look like the types that check all the bolts (for example) every day? I wouldn't be surprised if they loosened them half a turn every day, just to see what happens. Probably be the most exciting day they have all summer, should their ferris wheel crash mid-ride. Plus they'd probably get the rest of the day off.
  6. Outstanding. Congrats!! I can't say I care for the host of that show, though.
  7. October 10/ 2021. Buffalo Bills 38 KC Chiefs 20. That game slip your mind? The Bills know how to beat the Chiefs. They just didn't do it in the playoffs. Knowing how wasn't the issue. Not getting it done was.
  8. Ha, Doesn't even make sense. For the record, I'm not anti Ozzy (or pro Ozzy for that matter). I'm anti halftime music shows.
  9. Since the earlier reports Google has entered into the discussion (as noted in the NPR article from yesterday). Will make things more interesting, IMO.
  10. But isn't Josh striving to improve every year? So it's "nothing different ". Business as usual. THAT'S your takebaway from this? 🤣
  11. The box itself is perfectly legel. Streaming out of market games on it, not so much.
  12. Sweet. I'm sure it was a blast. Congrats.
  13. Pretty sure that it is not legal. Anytime you have to "spoof" a location to view something you are barred from seeing legitimately otherwise , you can almost be certain you are violating an agreement somewhere in the chain.
  14. You do know the Bills don't typically plan man coverage, right? And since Kupp typically lines up in the slot, wouldn't Taron be the primary cover CB if they WERE in man coverage?
  15. Welcome to TBD.😂 And be thankful it didn't turn into a Edmunds thread. Or perhaps a Zach Ertz thread. D'Oh! I just screwed up. Definitely isn't the first time and probably not the last.
  16. I'm with you on that. If they need music, I'm sure there's a good college marching band around somewhere.
  17. Like some others, I'm surprised the Bills are favored---and definately shocked that it's by more than a point. I suppose if I was a neutral sports' betting type, I'd bet the Rams. With that said, I don't bet Bills game. PERIOD. Then again, I'm not a football/sports book better for the most part. If I have a pool where you pick every game, I always pick the Bills to win. I can't imagine the self torture if I lost because I picked against the Bills. Winning a bit of cash can't save my soul! Then again, I'm not really a gambler. I love the horses, but rarely bet if I'm not at the track.
  18. Just tell the truth: You have a sleeve allergy.
  19. Maybe. But it was a direct question to what he posted. Should he have DM'd the comment? Not quite sure of your point.
  20. A terrific match. Serena did herself proud. And Tomljanovic was extremely tough, and very classy in her post match remarks.
  21. Very sorry to hear that. I figured out later in life I'm a bit dyslexic (which explains a lot from earlier in my life). I also have some ADD/ADHD and (according to an old boss) perhaps a touch of Tourette's syndrome. 😄. These are spectrums after all, and we may find ourselves on it somewhere, even if it is at the lower end of that spectrum. I'm extremely happy I wasn't diagnosed earlier in life, as I probably would have been medicated and experienced a completely different life. But I do understand (depending on the diagnosis and severity of it) one would want to find out earlier in life. BTW, I just found out today I have throat cancer. I don't think it's anything too serious, but when I get back from vacation I guess I'll have to figure it out. I guess my point it, try not to worry. Worry doesn't help anything, as far as I'm concerned. It only takes. Healthy concern is fine (making sure you are following the doctor's instructions, taking care of yourself, etc) But worry only make things worse, IMO. When the PA said "try not to worry too much", I basically said to her what I just said. Her response: "I'm not there yet. I'm trying, but I haven't gotten to that point." I told her, medical marijuana helps a lot!
  22. My question was, and remains, "If I recall correctly he was viewed as a 3rd round pick, by many/most. Were you vocally upset the Bills didn't pick him AT THE TIME?" That was my question IN ITS ENTIRETY. I never even commented on whether I thought picking an RB was a good or bad move. I simply asked a direct question. As you don't know that answer, you did NOTHING to answer the question. I have no clue how you thought you addressed that.
  23. That has Nothing to do with my question.
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