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  1. At the moment, I'm more worried about the K holder than the punter.
  2. If it has an HDMI you should be able to get the Amazon Prime Video app on a phone or tablet, and connect that to the TV via an HDMI cable. Or you can add Roku, Chromecast, etc, to your TV (in the HDMI port) and use it like a smart TV. Yes, for this particular purpose, the Fire Stick is probably the best bet. I typically recommend the Roku stick as they are often the first to carry any new streaming network. A Chromecast stick is interesting as you don't need to install apps on it, as long as they are on the computer/mobile device. And it's very easy to mirror Google Chrome.
  3. I agree, IF you aren't the real touristy type. If you are that type, then NF Ontario is far better. Since I grew up in NF (and was a tour guide) lived in Boston, SF, LA, NYC and now St Augustine, I've almost always lived in touristy spots. But when I travel, I'm the anti-tourist, for the most part. I look for places the locals go. I like to get a feel for what it's like to live in an area.
  4. Correction to my correction. The Canadian boat is called Niagara City Cruises. It is run by Hornblower: https://www.cityexperiences.com/niagara-ca/city-cruises/niagara/voyage-to-the-falls-boat-tour/
  5. Minor point of clarification. The Maid of the Mist used to run from both the US and Canada by the same company. But now the boat ride in Canada is called Hornblower and run by that company. They changed their boats first, to a more modern and larger design. Starting last year (or the year before) The Maid of the Mist switched to all electric, and very large, boats. I have yet to be on one of the newer vehicles. I hear good things. But I always thought the rather rickety nature of the older boats made the ride a lot more interesting. Maybe I'll have a chance to take a ride on the new ones in a couple weeks when I go back to WNY.
  6. I have not. I hope to in a couple weeks though. I've heard it hasn't changed. But I will say the person who told me that isn't the best judge of pizza, IMO. As a former tour guide (both sides of the border) The Maid of the Mist is one thing that is definately worth the money, IMO
  7. Indeed. I used to go all the time as a kid. It really is pretty cool. Was free. I wonder if it still is.
  8. It's just one of the reasons I got out of working in television. This fake reality crap was taking over programming, and it was too much BS for me. But I get it, they are fairly inexpensive (compared to most scripted shows). And , with so many new outlets and programing hours, quality comedy writers, show runners, etc are pretty hard to find. Game shows have traditionally filled the cheap garbage programming hole, but it was mostly in daytime TV. Now reality, game shows, reality game shows seem to make up a good portion of primetime TV programming. And to answer an earlier question, no I really don't watch game shows or reality programming. I will watch College Bowl if it happens to be on. Same with Treehouse Masters.
  9. Just FYI, while a very nice restaurant, you don't have to dress up for Fortuna's or just about any restaurant in Niagara Falls. While you don't necessarily NEED a passport to enter Canada (I might be wrong about that if things have changed in the past two years or so) it tends to make it easier. You will need some other proof of identity/residence, If you are thinking about crossing the border (which I recommend) do a Google search for what ID is acceptable. You DO need to complete ArriveCan within 72 hours of entry to Canada. https://www.canada.ca/en/border-services-agency/services/arrivecan.html
  10. I'm just shocked people watch this crap. Even more shocked they would watch Rex.
  11. I think to a large degree being a decent blocker is as much about will, as skill. If you don't crave the contact, you might never be good at it. Just a thought.
  12. Unfortunately, Niagara Falls NY (my hometown for many years) is a real disaster. And as many have already said, you would probably be better off staying in Lewiston or even perhaps in NF Ontario. With that said, Fortuna's restaurant is really good, and owned by a good friend of mine. Tell Joe Fortuna "The Dean" sent you. There are also some pretty decent bars for wings and stuff. Mister B's is one as is Judi's Lounge. If you like good pizza, try La Hacienda on Pine Ave (not associate in any way with the La Hacienda in Buffalo). And Viola's makes one of the great steak and cheese subs in America, IMO. The one on Elmwood is probably the best, but in a bad neighborhood and closes very early. The one on Military road is fine though.
  13. Yes they are. But I just checked in to see if I was mentioned in this thread. Alas the thread isn't awesome enough for that. 🙃
  14. The rule you quote says the team who franchised the player can't extend/re sign the player. It doesn't say anything about another team doing so. With that said, I'm not certain if they can
  15. Does anyone really know how Hodgins plays? But given there salaries and the Bills cap space (and the players they should extend), I'd roll with Hodgins. But I disagree with those who don't believe he's a valuable pass catching TE
  16. Same here. I thought I read it somewhere but can't find it now. Something about him not being happy with the coaching staff/how he's being used.
  17. Probably why he still on the trading block. But I don't consider anything 5th round or better "a bag of peanuts and a roll of tape". I think they might get a 4th...which is a pretty valuable draft pick, IMO
  18. I tought I read Gesicki wanted to be traded. Is that not the case?
  19. So you're simply assuming. Gotcha. Let me ask you this question. If they are only asking for a 6th or 7th for him, wouldn't you expect the deal to be done already? I'm assuming it would.
  20. Where did you hear/read the Fins are looking to essentially giving him away? They could be asking for something a bit more substantial.
  21. Note that he did NOT cut and paste the entire article. Just the part that pertained to the Bills.
  22. Too comprehensive? Do you prefer your analyses be less comprehensive?
  23. Still not sure how I got that idea, but #89 might be a possibility. Has Cablelady passed? I had not heard that. I hope not. My best guess is I thought of Lori when I read that her "mentor", the sportswriter from the Olean paper, had passed away. Now I'm wondering if he actually passed away or just retired.
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